What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder?

What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder?

Studies show that a potential visitor takes seven up to nine messages before becoming comfortable with you. Eventually, he will contact or buy your services and products.

If you have only a single marketing tool, what will you retain? Many marketers will say either autoresponder or email list. It shows you the seriousness you should have when handling your autoresponder tool or your email marketing effort.

What is an e-mail autoresponder?
email autoresponder
Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder is a marketing tool that will allow you to follow up on your potential customers through emails automatically at a predefined time frame. You can acquire the system by installing a script on either your web hosting or through third-party service providers for autoresponder.

You should consider the below three criteria before investing in this crucial marketing tool.


The most important feature of an email autoresponder is excellent deliver-ability. Any internet user will receive several spam mails in their mail-box each day.

If you are using a poor autoresponder service, your emails are being streamed automatically into spam folders.

Third party or Self-hosted autoresponder service provider

Every business person or marketer has a mission of reducing his/ her cost of doing business. You should use a third-party email autoresponder service and not a self-hosted. A third party autoresponder service providers’ mission is to deliver emails.


You will find many free autoresponder services in the market. It would be best if you did not waste your time to find one. Why? Because you will end up promoting someone else’s products and services.

Those free services send out your emails with their embedded advertising. Your subscribers will read their ads before reading your messages.

Here are a couple of free sequential autoresponder

Send Free is a free service. It carries partner ads that will form part of every email it sends on your behalf. It does have an upgrade, of course, so that you can try it, and if you like it, you can upgrade.

Constant Contact is free...from 0 to 50 emails. After that, you’ll pay.

Mailerlite  send 12,000 emails/month for Free along with publishing five landing pages for the amazing low price of FREE

There are other free autoresponder, and indeed the list has grown in the last few years. If you want to try out the use of autoresponder or you have a limited budget, this is an excellent way to start.
If you’re ready, however, to get serious about your email marketing campaign, here are a few sequential email autoresponder that are affordable and have demonstrated their reliability.

Aweber  This autoresponder has been around for over ten years and advertises 99.34% email delivered. That’s pretty impressive. It’s the autoresponder I’m currently using, and I’m certainly a satisfied customer. They charge a monthly fee, have templates, unlimited autoresponders, and tracking services.

GetResponse  A newer entry into the autoresponder service and GetResponse, in addition to unlimited autoresponders, also make follow-ups, messages, broadcasts, broadcasts lists, and email campaigns. They also have a large number of templates.

Omnistar Mailer. Rather than a monthly fee, this PHP-based software is available for a one-time purchase price of $287 for a single license to sell unlimited emails. Their customer testimonials describe a large and well-satisfied base, who finds the software and programs easy to install and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

Everyone keeps talking about autoresponders, but how do they work? As soon as you start building a list, you want to create an autoresponder sequence. It allows interaction with your list and will enable you to gain their confidence by providing quality content. An autoresponder sequence is a term used to refer to a series of emails you send to your list over a predefined time frame. You will set the emails are set to be automatically sent, so once you set it up, you will have no more work. Your autoresponder will be taking care of the rest.

Let’s assume you have ten emails you want to send to your list of prospects. Remember, a visitor becomes a prospect when they sign up to your list. Upon joining, they will receive an email to thank them for joining and may also require they confirm their email address by clicking a link in the welcome email. When a visitor signs up, joins your list, and becomes a prospect, this will be known as day zero. It allows you to create the autoresponder sequence so that emails go out on a particular day for each prospect.

Suppose you have ten emails to send out over ten weeks. You might decide the first email in your series should go out on day seven and then one email each week after that. You would set up your autoresponder to send one email each week for ten weeks so that 1st email would be sent day 7, 2nd email day 14, 3rd email day 21, and so on. Each prospect receives precisely the same emails at the same time, depending on their joining date. This way, everyone on your list gets the same customer experience.

When creating the emails within your autoresponder, it’s a good idea to make sure the number of characters across the page is no more than 50. It will ensure the email is easy to read and is more likely to be read by a more significant majority of prospects. That is why newspaper articles are always written in columns because it’s easier to read. If you notice how all the top internet marketers format their emails, they never go far across the page.

Having an autoresponder sequence in place is vital to communicating with your list. However, there are sometimes you will need to mail to your list all at once. In such a case, you will have to send a broadcast. You prepare A broadcast in the same way as your other emails, but once you have finished, click send, and the broadcast will instantly go out to everyone on your list. Be careful to test the broadcast before mailing to your list to check the links in the email are working. Once you have tried the email and are satisfied with it, click send, and that’s it. You have just sent an email to your entire list at the push of a button.

The Benefits of Autoresponders:

These are several benefits of autoresponders—the reasons why the system is useful today in most businesses. You should use an autoresponder system if you are an entrepreneur. It is of great assistance to several business people already. So why don’t you try and use an autoresponder system now?

You will be able to convert anonymous website visitors to subscribers.

There are thousands of anonymous people who visit your website. Using an autoresponder system, you will be able to convert such anonymous visitors into your subscribers. You will attract the visitors to subscribe to your autoresponder by providing them something of perceived value. You will offer them something of a high-quality in exchange for their email address. After subscribing, you will send auto messages to them about your products as well as services. It will become your promotional tool.

You will have a Long-lasting Relationships with your Customers without investing so much time and effort. Your responder will be doing most of the work. In this emailing tool system, you will set time for sending your messages to your subscribers and clients. You will have to specify the day, time, and date it is to be sent. You can also send greetings messages to your clients on special days. Thus, you will make your subscribers feel very special.

You will save money since this system will help to automate your business. You will not need to employ more of marketing staff since the autoresponder will perform all the marketing tasks for you. You will be capable of sending your clients anything concerning your product at any time and day. For instance, if you are having something new in your company, then this auto-response system will send the messages to your subscribers and customers about the latest developments and happenings within your company. Instead of hiring a person to market your product or service, this system will do it all for you.

Excellent follow-ups. Using an autoresponder, you will have to include your contact details to all your subscribers. When you do a follow-up email, you will send emails to every client as well as prospective customers automatically. You will not miss anyone. There will have an efficient way to reminders of your list about special offers and future promotions. Autoresponder will ensure that your messages are received by all your subscribed.

You will be able to monitor your performance

with an autoresponder service, you will be able to store statistics on your site’s performance. Autoresponders have measuring devices that record your statistics about the performance of your website. It can compile statistics such as the number of new subscribers gained each day, the number of emails your recipient opened, the time of the day when they open your emails, etc. With this data, you will learn from your mistakes and improve on all these grounds. You will modify your messages in the future to have the additional information from other emails that showed the most interest. You can also change the time at which you should send out the maximum number of emails to your subscriber base.

You will get more sales on your website

It is not only efficient at regularly communicating with all your subscribers, but you can also use it to obtain more clicks for your website and increase repeat sales to bring in more profits. All you will are required to do is to paste a link to your website (or blog in the automated emails you send out. A simple sentence such as “Please visit our official website for more information” will compel all recipients to do precisely that, automatically generating more traffic for your website.

You can use autoresponders to remind your users of any expiring promotions or sales or shopping carts that were after you fill them in and later neglected or only new products and deals on your website. Any such reminder will get the customers thinking again, and may result in them making a purchase.

It can increase your sales

Due to constant communication made to your subscribers, autoresponders will help in doubling your sales. This system can remind your customers always the type of products they can buy on either daily or a weekly basis. You will help in meeting their needs more often by reminding them every day about this. Therefore you will get more sales.

No need for more employees

Autoresponders will replace the need or actual employees who will add more cost to your expenses. This marketing tool will do all forms of marketing, along with promotions. It will also send reminders and follow-ups to all your subscribers.

Brand your emails

With this system in place, you can brand your emails. You can add a tagline, add your logo and your contact details as well. You will add anything you want to emphasize.

You will have efficiency in mail deliveries

The system can send messages efficiently to every subscriber in your mail list. Autoresponder will never fail you, and it can never miss a contact. Thus, you will be sure that your messages are well delivered.


An autoresponder service can open your world of opportunities that will fine-tune and also enhance your business correspondence. It has many benefits over your marketing team that are overwhelming and multi-faceted. It will not only improve your marketing strategy but also give you enough room to concentrate your efforts on the growth of your business rather than worrying about staying in touch with existing customers.

One of the best strategies for making money for your business is to build an enormous email list. How extensive is your email list? If you try to manage this list manually, you will encounter deliverability problems and spam complaints. An email autoresponder is the best way to manage an email list.

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Are Question And Answer Forums Good For Web Traffic?

Are Question And Answer Forums Good For Web Traffic?

Q&A Forums
Q&A Forums
There are many ways to attract web traffic to your personal or professional website, but not all of them are equally effective, and sometimes it is necessary to take actions that we know will give a direct spin to our statistics. Google is becoming increasingly strict about web traffic as it seeks to better position pages that can truly provide quality answers to people's concerns. Knowing this can help you pull strings and start getting decent traffic. It does not interfere with the niche you are in because any web page, regardless of its purpose on the web, needs traffic to be seen by others.

People tend to search the internet for answers to their questions, about any subject. They will rely more on complete and elaborate answers, and they may want to know more about the person who has answered their question. Knowing this can become a tool for you to attract people to your website, either because you have the question & answer forum on your page or because you have written in the forums of other pages. We will show you practically and effectively these two possibilities so that you can decide what suits you best and get the traffic your page needs.

If you decide to create a forum, work with specific niches.

There is no point in creating a forum where many topics are discussed at once, even if they are about the same central theme because both people and the google search engine will only take into account those places where they will receive the answers they need quickly. If your platform is about baking and you have decided to create a question-and-answer forum about how to make the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, everything should revolve around this topic, so that people can find the answer they need in one place. To better understand this you have to understand that now google does not only work with SEO but also seeks to process longer and more complete questions.

Within a forum, anyone can comment, but you must stand out from the others with concise answers that effectively clear up the doubts of the participants. Creating a good image in front of other readers will make you a valuable figure and make others want to know more about you. This can also apply, for example, to those who offer programming services and can give a specific answer to a problem, demonstrating in a single commentary all the information they have to offer. It's all about working digital marketing, making it clear that you are a professional.

You can support yourself in other forums.

Even if it is someone else's forum that receives direct traffic, you will be able to create a presence on the web and attract people who are looking for your services and have found in you the knowledge they needed. A person will trust more in someone who can show that they know what they are talking about, and if you take the time to go into forums to answer questions and clarify the doubts of various people, you will most likely get a good position in the forum, which will translate into more visits to your website.

Before you start doing this you should create a good profile that will direct people to the right site. You see, anyone can write a reply in a forum, but it's no use owning excellent content if all the information will be hidden behind a "visitor" profile. You have to work on your profile so that when they click on your link they can easily get to your website. A good idea is to place your profile picture with your website's logo and make it clear that you are a professional and can be found on the web. Your knowledge is valuable but even more valuable is what you have to offer.

SEO also has an influence, although not directly.

You should not completely abandon the handling of SEO writing because although people will only look at those that offer them an excellent response, it is no less true that google continues to handle these parameters within its searches. Everything is in the subtlety and the correct use of the tools, so your main function should be to give an accurate answer without leaving aside the SEO writing. You cannot make indiscriminate use of keywords because people do not read this type of content, and a comment is not too long. What you need to worry about most is being able to capture the attention of potential customers.

However, SEO tools are sometimes a double-edged sword, as they do not always give you the traffic you need. It is useless to have your page full of visitors if none of them will become future clients, in the case of those who offer services. For example, a company that offers cooling maintenance services nationwide will not achieve anything by having a large number of foreign visitors, since they will never hire their services, so even if the statistics improve, the main function of the platform will still not be used. It is not only about finding people interested in your content but also about attracting the right clientele.

Collect useful information from the forums.

Creating a question and answer forum, besides offering you traffic, can help you improve your content and know what your readers want to know. You can take into account the topics that are most developed in these forums and work on them in the future because although the main intention is to keep the whole conversation focused on a specific topic, the variations can become a tool in your favor. Another valuable trick is to work together with other platforms that handle similar niches. Within the forum, you can discover platforms on which to make guest postings, so that you can easily attract new customers.

It's all a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the tools of the internet.
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Negative SEO Is It Real? | Am I Affected? | What To Do?

Negative SEO Is It Real? Am I Affected? What To To?

The SEO Industry is one of the most dynamic forms of online marketing. Over the past two years, the industry has changed so much that is hardly recognizable for those who used to be the Masters of competitive Google ranking

In this article, we explain what black SEO means and explore some of the dynamic changes that Google has had to perform on their algorithms in order to curb the vice. Negative SEO is a child of black hat SEO. Negative because black hat SEO (underhand methods) was getting harder and harder to execute with any meaningful results.
So what is negative SEO?                                                                                                 
Negative SEO
Negative SEO

Negative SEO may be defined as the practice of using unethical SEO techniques in order to negatively impact or sabotage a competitor’s google rank. It is a demonstration of just how far people are willing to appear first on search result pages by taking out the competition.
How do I know if it is negative SEO?

Oftentimes webmasters will not realize that they are being hacked because the fake modified sites are placed in other directories where only Google bots can see them. When your customers try to reach you they might be redirected to the fake website with modified content and spammy links.

Does Negative SEO Really work?

Yes, negative SEO is a real threat to many websites large and small. Ways in which malicious people can harm your rank include but are not limited to: hacking your website, buildings permalinks, copying your content, creating a fake social profile, and malicious damage to backlinks structure of your website.

Who Pays For Negative SEO?

When you think you are under attack, always ask who benefits and that ought to point you straight to the offenders. It could be a disgruntled customer, employee or the competition.

There have also been reports of White Hat and see all companies requesting that black hat SEO tricks be used on their behalf to squash the competition.

How To Prevent Negative SEO

As with many Internet-security problems, prevention is better than cure.

  • Do Set up Google webmasters tools email notification
  • Keep an eye on your backlinks profile
  • Guard your best backlinks with your life
  • Secure a website from malware and hacking
  • Constantly check for plagiarized content
  • Put your a-game on social media
  • Track your website speed
  • Consult your SEO expert before buying backlinks
  • Avoid making enemies online
  • What to do in case of a negative SEO attack?

When attacked you need to stay calm, it's important. These are internet hits men of some sort and you can be sure that they will try to cover their tracks. There are sophisticated techniques that you can use to trace the source of your attack but that is the kind of diversion that the attacker intended. First, you need to get back online. The following are steps that you can take to mitigate the effects of negative SEO and reverse your plight

Step 1: Know Thy Enemy

It may sound obvious but not every snarl-up of the traffic to your site may be related to negative issue SEO. It's only a probability and to be sure you have to check with special tools like SERPed.net and semrush.com to pinpoint the source of the upswing in your backlinks. If you receive a huge number of links to malicious sites containing scraps of your content blended with unrelated content, then it is highly probable that you are under attack.

Step 2: Remove Links

The Google disavow feature allows webmasters to pick out websites that are linking back to them and tell Google not to consider the links when ranking them. This makes a powerful tool that webmaster tools enjoy using but it comes at a price. If you disavow legitimate domain it is permanent such that no future benefits will be accrued from backlinks from the site.

Step 3: Report

It might actually be a good idea to report negative SEO in the webmasters' forum all directly contact John and see if they can help you resolve the situation at Google. However, a majority of cases reported as negative as you turn out to be a false alarm.

Step 4: Rapid Quality Content Cures Negative SEO

Sometimes the best defense is an offensive. To remain competitive you need to create high-quality content that is uniquely engaging for your audiences really fast. Picking up picking yourself up dusting and soldiering on is your best bet of getting back on Google's good books. You need to show your audience is that you are phenomenal and your contributions to the internet have positive impacts on livelihoods. There will always be bad guys out there who are willing to take shortcuts to get ahead but it is the masses the good ones that do nothing that is to blame.

Step 5: And A Strong Social Media Profile

A strong social media presence will help you recover faster from such an attack. Your profiles should help you reach your customers and assure them that you're back on track. It is small businesses that suffered the biggest blows but fortunately, they are also the ones that are able to connect with their customers on a personal level.

Why Negative SEO May No Longer Work

Negative SEO has no future in search result pages ranking. Google is working tonight to ensure that people who work hard at SEO get to keep their catch. Luckily for the average web user, Google has been at the forefront of developing the latest algorithms to suppress manipulative and malicious link building. Attackers hardly have the luxury of time when planning their attacks. Most of the linking work is unnatural and easily detectable. So Google remains vigilant in finding and suppressing such efforts.

The bottom line is that Google works hard to make sure that your competitors cannot harm your ranking. They are special tools built for this and included in every update since Penguin of 2012. Do you trust them? Do share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns below.

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The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Etsy e-commerce platform was created to provide effective communication between sellers and buyers so that a seller can offer a quality product with a human touch, and the buyer can purchase a product or service that actually meets their expectations. The most striking thing about this platform is that it shows search results that really meet the prospects of the potential buyer. This is not a superficial result, nor is it influenced by the number of buyers who have selected the product, but it is really what the person is looking for.
 Etsy E-Commerce

When you are a seller you want to reach as many people as possible and, although it is a little more complicated with Etsy, the reality is that you can always use keywords for your advantage. As long as you're completely sure of what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to, you'll be able to get results in no time. Inside the world of virtual purchases, there is a lot of competition but a well-created profile can stand out from the rest. The security that both sellers and buyers receive is just one of the great benefits that this platform offers above the rest, and with the right knowledge can be only the beginning.  This is where Etsy optimization comes into play.


Analyze your product in depth

The seller knows his product in profundity, but to sell it you must spread this knowledge in a way that is not invasive and stimulate the curiosity of others. Etsy offers a perfect space for handicrafts and antiques, as well as rare or collectible products, and best of all; it has a perfect market for this. If you want others to buy your product, you should seriously think about who it's aimed at and, based on that, create a product description that responds to potential customer searches. The most significant thing is to go in and fill out the profile, after this, it takes a little research to get the best results.

Select keywords that really go with what you sell.

While you can't choose keywords that immediately appeal to customers, you can analyze search patterns for free thanks to the searching bar. You have to move forward to be more and more specific and go up in the stats. If you sell handmade products, you must know that thousands of people do it too, but only you sell products made with copper wire, for example. If you add this to the keywords you use, you'll probably go up in the search and you'll be closer to making sales. Although it was previously recommended to use words that attracted the most buyers, this can be a double-edged weapon if you fall back to the bottom of the search, and this will only depend on how consistent are the words you chose with the product you sold.

Stay tuned for changes in search patterns.

Even if you have chosen the perfect keyword, this does not mean that it will stay that way for the rest of your stay on the platform. This page was created to keep commercializing with human warmth, this means that there will be daily changes as people grow, evolve and look for different things according to the dates, the seasons, and even depending on aspects of the national economy. As long as you're willing to upgrade and maintain a close relationship with SEO, you can survive people's changes.

Make an investment for your business

If you consider that there has been too gradual growth and that you will be able to perform in a superior way with the help of better keywords, the platform offers you a paid SEO called Etsy Rank, which has a free option and a paid option, where you can analyze your statistics and receive the advice that is limiting you. The page shows you which keywords actually work because they relate searches to purchases and give you that secret. As we said before, not all minds think the same but it is worth trying because if luck accompanied you once can follow you in the trail.

Marmalead is a definitive solution

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO and market research tool that use machine learning to take the guesswork out of getting found on Etsy, its a great tool for serious sellers.  Here are all the answers to your doubts. It is a complete analysis of the pattern of behavior of buyers, where you can see what they are looking for and how they are looking for it, offering a confirmed data that only needs to be implemented. Since that you can track a specific word for several days, you can understand in depth what customers think. If you're a seller of weather-dependent products, you can be absolutely sure of the perfect time to sell winter clothes and take advantage of Etsy's favorable positioning for new products, although for a limited time.

Let others know you.

Your product may be the best in the world but this will not be enough for it to be sold. If you started out as a physical store and decided to expand to this platform for its security or protection to sellers you should understand that unless you do a previous market study, your sales are unlikely to explode from day one. Where you live it can be quite a rarity to find someone who sells handmade gift cards, but within the search engine, you will find dozens of people who can also do it so don't be discouraged and work harder to get higher results in the shortest time possible.

Here are few tips to grow your Etsy shop 

  •  Create social media profiles 
  •  Create a Facebook page
  •  Start a blog and write post about your products
  •  Create a Youtube videos about your products
  •  Seek Advice from other Etsy Sellers- There are numerous tutorials online from successful Etsy sellers who have build their shop from the ground up.  One place you can find some informative tutorials is Youtube. 

SEO Etsy conclusion

SEO and Etsy should not be considered as antonyms, even if they do not work as you are used to. Don't get overwhelmed or discourage keep on creating, learning, and striving to grow you Etsy Shop , and before you know it, you will see success.

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SERPed Review | SERPed.net review

SERPed Review

Hello and welcome to our SERPed review. Without a proper investment in SEO tools for your online marketing campaign, you could be wasting money.

While there is a myriad of tools, some that work and some that don’t, there is only a handful, of software packages that can make the same amount of necessary noise online as the SERPed SEO tool.

In the following SERPed.net review, we will discuss in brief the features that are to like about the software and how to use and some demerits. After reading this, you should be in a position to make an informed choice to buy or not to buy the package.

Ours is to give you a highlight of the main SERPed features and leave the purchase decision up to you.

Why SERPed- Features of SERPed

You may be wondering why the hype surrounding this particular package. That could ow to the rich functionality of the tool incorporating some of the key features of premium SEO software like SEMrush, Moz and even Majestic.

A combination of these immensely powerful features on a single interface would be the holy grail of SEO tools. And that’s what makes SERPed such a great pick for beginner and pro SEO experts.
SERPed combines over 45 tools for Keyword Research, Backlinks, Lead Generation, Advanced Reporting and Ranking.

Keyword research

The golden words that customers use are perhaps the most important for any Search Engine marketing campaign.

  • Ultimate search-relevant keyword suggestions based on real-time research. Keywords returned are accompanied by useful numbers for CPC, traffic values, PPC competition, and search volumes.
  • What ranks where – useful for competitor keyword research? Enter a domain and get the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Long-tail keywords – do the work of google suggest. The feature delivers the same list of auto-complete keywords you get with Ubersuggest.
  • Keyword analyzer – pulls all relevant data on a keyword to aid analysis of its difficulty and competitiveness. This includes Alexa rank, social signals, MozRank, DA, PA, and referring domains.

The serped.net platform alone replaces many keyword and backlink research tools such as the Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz and many more.

Domain research

This feature will help the newbie and pro SEO enthusiast to know what mattes the most about each and every domain of interest. It is a great way to measure the value of any domain so as to save money that would otherwise waste worthless or harmful domain purchases. It pulls useful data from systems like Moz and Majestic and puts it side by side on a single screenshot for easier comparison.

Site explorer

This is the most useful feature of the domain research tools. It gives you the basic specs of each domain entered. You can use this on domains you own and also to assess the competition for your localized searches for instance. You can access data from both versions of each domain www and without ‘www’

Anchor text

The anchor text applet lets users acquire useful insights about the backlink information of any website. You get topical relevance, diversity, citation and trust flow. Visualizing these concepts makes it much easier for you to remain relevant around your backlinks and thus improve on rank.

Bulk URL analyzer

Bulk URL analyzer is a godsend when you have tons of URLs to draw your data from. It minimizes blunders when checking out metrics of several to many sites. This means you can get all your insights about your group of URLs of interest without having to burn the midnight oil and break the bank in the time-sucking exercise. Surely there are better ways to spend your time.

Domain finder

What this module of Serped does is getting you a detailed list of expired and expiring domains worth buying for your PBN. With billions of domains out there and a couple of hundred thousand that might relate to your niche, only premium filters can help you get the best ranking domains. auction master

Aged domain finder

The aged domain finder is the tool that can get you domains that expired recently. This interface now gets you all the stats you need such as domain age, DA, CF, TF MozRank, Price and the number of backlinks.

Expired scrapper

You can now easily find domains that have quality backlinks from certain authority sites with the amazing expired scrapper. This saves you the pain and hassle of having to search through each candidate expired domain for its backlink structure.

Auction master

The domain finder module would not be complete without a link to join the major auctions for top competitive domains. You can bid for all your domains on a single platform and review your various bids periodically.

Top expiring domains

Another category of search for useful domains is to look through the domains that are being expired. Domains for this search are returned according to their value based on age and DA.

Site management

Site monitoring tools are not inexpensive too and SERPed replaces them all with its neat and feature rich site management module. Here are some of its features:

Site manager

You can now add and monitor your sites and even those of your competition with all important metrics on the same platform. From social media shares to Moz and Majestic SEO data, there is no important detail about your monitored sites that is likely to pass you by. This should help you track your client’s progress and show value for money in the earlier stages of your SEO campaign.

Site statistics

With site statistics, you can keep track of all the measurable changes in the websites’ essential metrics. When sourcing your data from multiple tools, you will have a harder time interpreting and storing the information. With this single platform, you can easily see the correlation between the various streams of data for your measured site parameters.

SEO review

This is a useful revision tools that will go through your sites and find any harmful errors that may be dragging you behind. The SEO review tool encompasses error reporting relating to URL analysis, Meta tags, image analysis, headings and tags, mobile friendliness, social analysis and content review.

Other SERPed tools

Backlink management

You want to know when your backlink is removed so you can mediate the situation and avert a catastrophic rank deterioration event. The backlinks manager also embedded in the SERPed engine will track backlinks to your site from the other sites just so you won’t be struggling to check them manually.

Uptime monitoring

incidentally, your site may go offline for all sorts of weird reasons and you want to know. You will also get notifications when you site is taking too long to respond as this too impacts customer experience negatively.

The cash flow manager

Since your websites are your cash-cows why not throw in a spreadsheet like program that can help you keep track of your expenses and income from your online business? Financial reports can be exported to file and printed for clients if that is what you want to do.

Site backup

Site backup plugins are great but there is no reason to use them anymore when you have the same if not better capability for automated site backups on the SERPed interface. Again, having to manage several sites’ individual backups separately is hectic and a task we wouldn’t wish on anyone. With this module, you get all your eggs in one basket.

Rank tracking

SERPed supports local, global, amazon, YouTube and instant check rank trackers. With the local tracker you can forget about Whitespark and other local keyword rank trackers. The additional features maps tracker is a kickass solution to local SEO problems.

Client acquisition

This makes the last feature we will discuss here for the seemingly infinite capabilities of the SERPed platform. It is also arguably the most unique feature that the software package has to offer which delivers timely analysis of any site for clients in real time. My site auditor offers this same service but we have tested and proved this to be a more accurate version. Clients enter their email and credentials before getting their stats. A big plus as building an email list is very important for any online marketing campaign.

SERPed costs

A tool this good could be sold for top dollar one time or monthly subscription and everyone would be comfortable with it. Thankfully, the SERPed package is now available for only a fraction of what you would normally pay for only a single tool like Moz.

Our verdict

Since this is our candid review, it wouldn’t be complete without our opinion having checked out the software package in action. The main selling point of the application is the multitude of functional features that are neatly tucked into its interface. To find all these powerful features on the same platform means a lot in savings and ease of use.

As such, SERPed.net is the ultimate all-in-one SEO tool to replace traditional SEO tools; replacing them effectively. It’s like buying only one tool, say majestic or My Site Auditor and getting all other tools for free!
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How to Write Press Releases

How to Write Press Releases

 How to Write Press Releases?  When you are running a business, you want to be the first to get media attention whenever an opportunity arises. Writing good Press releases is a critical tool to use in getting the word out about your existence, purpose and your amazing line of products and services.

However, many professionals lack the skills to write a good PR with the proper hook that makes a newsworthy article. In this post, we will train you on the importance and qualities of a good press release to grab the attention of peers, journalists and eventually customers.

Posting A Press Release
Posting A Press Release

Are you a marketer?                                          

Every online and offline business needs the extra attention that a press release can draw to its amazing line of products and services as well as the milestones along the way to success. This puts pressure on every marketer to understand the inner workings of a press release. Press releases are often mistaken for fake news but they are not that at all.

On the contrary, good press releases are awesome media to make the public and media digest your latest news. Writing a good press release gets you more coverage and readership and is the first step to making a cost-effective and successful online marketing campaign.

Press releases are great but only when you do them right. 

They only cost the time spent writing them but the can cost your business dearly when poorly done. Mainstream media and the best bloggers receive so many of these but only respond to the best formatted and engaging pitches.

 Read through the following and be well on your way to writing something for front pages and avoid the delete button. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get your press release right. Here are a few tips you can make use of to turn things your way.

Let’s see if you can get all the tips and tools you need to get your company and business the attention it deserves by writing a press release that drives results.

How to identify a newsworthy topic for your press release

Hours spent downloading press release templates can go to waste if the article cannot be tied to a news item and a current development. It is true that sometimes it just easier to replicate successful press releases with examples to follow but when you cannot make the press release your own then it will not be an effective part of your campaign.

It is obvious that every good news and the newsworthy story has a hook to it. Readability only complements the content of a press release. Getting your first line read is the ultimate goal of writing any copy of a kind.

Simplicity is the universal key to getting your content read each and every time including your very first try. A press release would be useless if it is not read and digested and therefore you should channel all your energy into making it newsworthy and readable.

So, what is a press release anyway?

A press release is a two-page document sharing some breaking news with the public. Well, sometimes the general public will encounter a press release but they are meant to disperse information to journalists and media houses for publishing. 

Press releases take after the news article on a regular daily newspaper. The reverse pyramid writing techniques ensures that the most important information is presented first.

Why do we need press releases?

Companies and businesses around the world whether large or medium-sized will write press releases for a range of benefits. Common objectives include the primary one discussed above of getting media coverage. Apart from media attention which is always for driving profits and captivating goodwill, here are some common benefits of writing good press releases.

  • Popularize new products and services
  • Building an authoritative brand image
  • Crises management and mitigation
  • Building backlinks to authority media sites
  • Cost-effective marketing
So whether you are looking to relaunch your brand image or you simply want more people in your sphere of influence to learn about your amazing line of products, an old fashioned PR will do the trick.

When is the best time to send a PR?

Any time you have something newsworthy to share about your company and brand then its PR time. It could be breaking news announcements, the official position of your company on a matter or you are launching this revolutionary new range of products.

Upcoming events, new partnerships or going public, or winning awards and pretty much all achievements that you think your customers need to know. For larger entities, hiring new executives makes the news. Media outlets want to be the first to cover new developments and welcome the favor of making their reporting work a lot easier.

When something that could potentially harm your reputation happens, it’s best to get your story out before someone else does.

Better yet, find a good excuse to write an amazing press release piece and go ahead and write a fantastic one.

What to include in a press release

The standard format for writing a press release includes the following features:

Heading: you can go for a catchy heading that pretty says clearly why your story is news worth reading.

Press contact: provide a means for the press to get in touch with you.

City-state, location: every good news story has a setting with location and date

Body copy: Your amazing story goes here with the important details put first.

Boilerplate: This section describes what your organization is all about. Good public relations wouldn’t hurt.

7 Tips to Writing an Amazing Press Release

  1. Understand the format

The structure of press releases is what makes it a unique and effective tool to spread the word about your achievements. Adherence to the correct format and readability will earn you more media opportunities. As a rule of thumbs, your opening should answer the five W questions namely;

ü  Who
ü  What
ü  Where
ü  When
ü  Why

  1. Keep it brief

People hardly have the time to follow through a novel in the form of a news column. Think of the press release as an announcement that must communicate all the important information within a limited word count. If the media want to know more about your copy then they will contact you.

  1. Use a professional tone

The press release is a professional document and the tone you use must reflect the same. The press release is read by journalists and colleagues and therefore needs to sound professional and intelligent.

  1. Write for press

When writing your press release, think like a reporter too. You need to have a hook to the story and the must-have facts. Only when you can appeal to the journalist and editor that you will be awarded a greater audience.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

Today, it’s important to make sure your article is not only neatly written but also readable with large fonts for optimal reader experience on all screen sizes and types. When you are posting your press releases on your blog then the buttons should also be clickable in addition to responsive web design. Contact information should be easily reachable and you can make it easier for your readers to reach your social media handles as well.

  1. SEO optimization for press releases

Like any other copy, good PR requires proper keyword research and optimization to be found on search engines. Search engines' news searches should effectively broaden your reach and impact of your press release.

  1. Use quotes

Quotes are a powerful ingredient to use in your press releases. They not only draw out the important points but also make your writing stand out as authoritative. The media requires these to publish and they will reward you for making their work easier.

Where to send press releases?

If you are just starting out, you might be wondering where to submit your first PR in order to get the much-needed media attention. For this, you will need to make a list of your local outlets and their contacts which you can get online. These include industry publications, local newspapers, general news sites, industry partners and bloggers. It is best to start small and build your list of media contacts from scratch. Soon enough, you can have major publications highlighting your achievements.

Write an amazing Press release

Now, you are all set. Go and write an amazing press release that journalists will find irresistible to use in their next big story. We believe that the above summarizes the most important points to bear in mind when writing a press release that will eventually get published and enjoyed by your readers.

Remember to answer the great W questions and include some must-have facts while avoiding fluff, its one of most important features of a press release

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