My Brutally Honest Superstar SEO Academy Review

My Brutally Honest Superstar SEO Academy Review

Are you wondering how to learn seo at home or are you starting out in SEO? Are you in another SEO group, if you are paying a lot of money per month or maybe you’re frustrated and in need of the best possible option? How are you sure that the next course you are about to buy will get you results? This is my honest Superstar SEO Academy Review.

Superstar SEO Academy Review
Superstar SEO Academy
Superstar Academy offers you every training material’s you require to launch a successful and profitable career online in internet marketing. If you are interested in learning SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, or anything else. Your training needs are covered by Superstar academy.

Is your website generating leads by high ranking, driving relevant traffic, enhancing the user experience and increasing the presence of brand over the internet? Long gone are the days when spam activities were done to get a higher ranking. Presently there are no other ways for businesses (especially local business) to get good ranking over the internet. Therefore, the earlier you learn SEO the better it is for you.

Chris M. Walker (Superstar SEO) and Jeff Coseo will literally help you rank for anything. All you have to do is follow their step-by-step process. If you are a student, business owner or marketing head of any company, Superstar Academy is for you. SEO has become a need of the hour for everyone in the digitally connected world.

From its humble beginnings, Superstar SEO Academy an online marketing academy offers an affordable way for SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Small Business Owners, eCommerce Store Owners to learn valuable business skills.

Today, superstar academy is a full-blown, intelligence-driven with an SEO learning platform that revolves heavily around career development ultimately giving you more powerful SEO skills with less work.

The academy has become one of the biggest SEO training platforms on the market, and it’s also one that I use on a daily basis whenever I want to learn a new skill in SEO. Let’s face it, if you keep paying over $200 per month and you aren’t making any money, you’ll be out of this game so fast.

I was in the same position a few months ago. If only I knew about Superstar SEO Academy, headed by Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo sooner!

What’s the price? Affordable…you can either do the $67 per month or do a $1 trial offer.

I have attended several SEO courses, out of which, I will tell you that superstar academy courses are super affordable. With no doubt, it pays itself off when you follow the training. The price is $67 per month or you can try it for 14 days for $1. The only drawback with that is the price goes to $99 if you try it.

If that price is too high, then all “learning how to rank your website” courses are too much for you.

I followed Chris on his Youtube channel for months. He provided an incredible amount of free material that actually worked. I was hooked. My first piece of success, I owe all to Superstar SEO.
He made a video on his cold emailing script, basically providing a blueprint of what worked for him.

I took the template, made it into my own words, sent out about 40 emails per day. I had more opens and responses than I have ever seen. I was on the phone with real-life prospects. I also landed my first client in about a week of cold emailing. It was unbelievable.

I found a good SEO teacher that was willing to share his knowledge with his following. Jeff Coseo creates all the videos in the academy, and he is the real deal.

The Best Part About Superstar SEO Academy?

Chris M. Walker team up with Jeff Coseo to offer a dynamite SEO course. The best part is the support. If you’re stuck, you can go on Facebook and Chris or Jeff will literally respond so fast. Unlike other courses that I’ve been involved with these guys provide 24/7 support.

The group itself is awesome too. Why? Because there are a lot of knowledgeable SEOs in the group. So, you might get a few different solutions to solve your problem.

What This SEO Course Teaches You

When writing this review, my main goal is to let you know what you will learn out of this course. First, since there are hundreds of videos online, you will learn at your own pace. Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo are creating many videos majoring on SEO courses. In this training you will master:

Local SEO. This is the main focus on the course. You will scale your SEO agency by following Jeff Coseo’s and Chris M. Walker step by step ways of finding as well as ranking of clients’ websites. This is a real fool-proof A-Z guide. You just have to literally follow the directives given and you will rank anything! This is the reason why I decided to create this Review.

As an agency owner, you will receive everything you require to start and grow your SEO agency including how to start your business from scratch and be prepared to manage it effectively, In-person marketing and networking, Free Client Getting Methods (Email, Cold Emailing, Cold Calling, Social Media and more), and Paid Client Getting Methods such as PPC Advertising, etc.

You will also learn A - Z SEO training in order to rank your National, State, own business and Local clients, how to rank any site in Google maps, how to turn your agency into a client getting engine and many more.

Affiliate SEO. This is a hidden gem in this course. Most people who are in Superstar SEO Academy have the purpose of getting clients and building their agency. But the way Chris M. Walker explains keyword research is how you will make money with affiliate SEO.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will find everything you need to start ranking affiliate sites and making passive income including finding winning niches, determining the best affiliate offers, determining the best type of affiliate site for your goal (authority, eCom store, sniper), In-depth keyword research techniques not taught anywhere else, and how to write high converting sales copy that will enable your site to turn traffic into sales.

Through the academy, you will know how to structure your website for proper user experience in order to make it convert traffic into sales, how to structure your site for maximum ranking potential, and setting up an Amazon affiliate store.

E-Commerce SEO. You will get to know how to set up your e-commerce site properly, you will also learn how to optimize pages and products. Get it from the horse's mouth, Jeff Coseo is an expert in e-commerce. He has several successful websites that he shows on his teaching videos. All you have to do is follow what he teaches.

Do not rely on paid traffic to get sales on your e-commerce store. This course will enable you to know how to drive search engine traffic to your store including picking the right platform to run your store, setting up your categories for optimal search engine visibility and Choosing the right theme as well as customizing your personality, products, and brand.

You will learn how to choose the right products and how and when to add them, the importance of a blog, Choosing the right apps, Doing linking and off-site SEO, What to do after the site has built.

Additionally, in Superstar Academy you will get:

  • DEEP Discount on DFY Link Building Service,
  • 1 Free Year Of Audit On-Site SEO Software,
  • Advanced SEO training (Link outreach, advanced on-site and link building, PBN setup, Google Analytics training)
  • High-level mindset training to help you know the right path for you and get you in the Superstar Mindset
  • A private Facebook mastermind group with direct access to all 4 of superstar academy expert coaches as well as all the other professionals in the community,
  • Monthly content updates,
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A webinars

What more can I say? This is one of the most reasonably priced and complete SEO training course available anywhere, any time. Try it now and you will not regret.

Final Thoughts

Superstar SEO Academy is by far the best full SEO course I have ever been in. I have experienced real results and a comfortable style of living. I want someone else to experience this awesome course.
If you’re just starting out in SEO or if you’re looking to get better results, jump at this now. Don’t waste an amazing opportunity. I’m sure the price won’t be as low as it is much longer. Take action. I did, and it paid off. Surround yourself with the best and you have a chance to become the best. I believe that my Superstar SEO Academy review has covered that.

 >>>Try Superstar SEO Academy $1 Trial

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