KWFinder A Tool That Actually Works

KWFinder A Tool That Actually Works

If you’re serious about ranking your website in search engines, then you better know how to properly conduct keyword research.

For professional digital marketing experts, keyword research should be the first step in the process of any SEO campaign. Most of the time, using free tools will put you behind your competition.

Have you ever tried to rank for a specific keyword only to find out that it is more difficult than you think?

One of the major reasons why you should invest in a good keyword research tool is to avoid making costly mistakes. We’re talking about a tool called KwFinder.

Improper keyword research can lead to money down the drain and your precious time being sucked away like a vampire sucking blood from his victim.

The other reason why you’ll want to choose KwFinder is to start ranking faster than ever. If you don’t know what your customers or audience are searching for, it’s going to be a lot of trial and error.

That’s exactly why having this software can give you the edge you’re looking for.


KwFinder for Keyword Research  
Buy KWFinder
Buy KWFinder

If you value time, then you’re like any other internet marketer. Time is money, as they say, and that’s exactly what your return on investment will be.

Once you find this hidden gem of a tool, there will be no more time wasted and your money will be well invested in laser focused areas.

Good software tools are created to bring out the productivity in you. To be more creative with your time, and to use your energy more efficiently.


What can it actually do?

It’s one of the best tools on the market, and chances are your competitors are implementing this powerful tool.

Checking Keyword Research Difficulty Score

An incredibly accurate feature is the difficulty score. This is one of the main advantages that you need when planning your site out.

Provide Real Keyword Results

Most keyword research tools out there are very good in their own unique way. However, one of the main drawbacks to many of them is how accurate they actually are.

How bad would it be if you thought you had the right keywords, but you really didn’t? Wouldn’t it be worse if your competition already found what you were looking for?

Don’t worry, you are not alone when it comes to making mistakes. We’ve all been there before and that’s why we’re building awareness around this powerful tool. It literally changes the game.

Related Search Phrases and Monthly Volume

There’s nothing worse than creating content around your key words, then finding out that there are more related search phrases.

Learning that those related search phrases are profitable, and your competitors are already ranking for them can be a nightmare.

This tool can take care of that issue before it becomes a problem. The related search phrases and the amount of monthly searches are all there, right in front of you.

Now, you can plan almost any site before you decide to invest your time and money into the project.

If you do client SEO, you’ll be able to find the buyer-intent keywords. Their phones will be ringing off the hook.

Stop wasting time and unnecessary resources like we used to. Stay ahead of your competition. The solution is finally here. Choose KwFinder for keyword research along with the SEO service providers located on the SEO Service List page and see your rankings sky rocket.
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How To Use Medium For SEO

How To Use Medium For SEO

You have probably heard about Medium before, and if not, you will get the chance to know about this amazing platform shortly. Medium or is a online publishing content that hosts tons of amazing content created by users. It's a place where you can find technical, niche, long-form, thoughtful and promotional content from a wide variety of sources. Everyone from ordinary people to freelance journalists and even CEOs use Medium to share content with people from all over the world. As Medium has gained popularity in recent years, companies and businesses are increasingly using the platform for content marketing and SEO.

What Is Medium?

Medium For SEO
Recent analytics show that approximately 30 millions users visited every month. The platform was created by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams and was initially intended to be content marketing and sharing (CMS) community. Over the years, the website has undergone numerous changes and updates to make it work more seamlessly for both marketers and publishers. Today, many companies and businesses use Medium as their official company blogs. Also, many independent publishers use Medium to host and share their entire content library. Like any platform, Medium is not perfect. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as a digital marketing tool.

By getting to know more about the platform and examining the different features and capabilities that it has to offer, you can determine whether Medium can fit into your organic search engine optimization strategy.

Content Marketing

When it comes to using content for SEO purposes, it is important to really consider where you post your content in order to get maximum outreach. Coming up with the content is just part of the content marketing process. To get results from your content, you must make it discoverable by your target audience. Once your target audience finds your content, they can easily be directed to your website. Publishing platforms like Medium make this process easier for website owners and marketers.

When you publish content on Medium, your post will automatically rank high on organic search results due to their high domain authority. On top of this, platforms like Medium usually have millions of users that form a sort of pre-existing audience for the content you posts. There are robust search and tagging functions that make it easier for users to discover information and content on the website. Simply put, when you post your content on Medium, you get exposure to a larger audience that you would have if you posted on your website or company blog.

Medium has some pretty handy features that boost your overall SEO campaign and drive traffic to your website. Here's how you can use this platform to get more people to come to your website.

How To Use Medium For SEO

Medium is mostly used by website owners and marketers as a republishing platform. This means that the content posted on the site may already exist somewhere else. The intention of most publishers is simply to reach more readers.

1. Customize Your Profile and Interact With Users

From the onset, you need to position yourself as an expert in your niche. You can do this by editing your bio to introduce yourself to readers. You can include your website link in your bio as well.

The next step is to find content that's been posted by popular authors in your niche and post comments and interact with other users interested in the same content. Make sure you posts relevant and informative comments that will help you to get noticed by readers. If users like your comments, they will come to your profile and see what you have to offer.

2. Optimize Your Posts

As mentioned above, medium is a platform with millions of users. In order to stand out among such huge numbers, you need to use captivating headlines that attract readers' attention. Look at the headlines used on popular posts and adjust yours to suit your target audience.

You should insert links in your posts to drive traffic to your site for readers to get similar content or more information on a particular subject, product or service. If you wish, you can include a call-to-action that urges your readers to subscribe to mail list for more informative content and assistance from you.
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Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace
Legiit SEO Marketplace is an SEO marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Like any marketplace, it can have good and bad sellers. However, there is an overwhelming majority of good sellers on the marketplace which makes it a very compelling platform for those that are either directly looking for SEO help or those looking to offer SEO services. Below, we will be going over some of the things that make one of the best SEO marketplaces on the market.

A Review Of

1. Community Driven

Unlike some of the other marketplaces where you will find SEO services being sold, you are really going to have a much more vetted and community-driven platform with A lot of the other platforms have SEO sellers so spread out and there is such a mix of sellers that it can be very difficult to see which sellers are trustworthy and which are not. Whereas, with, virtually anyone selling SEO services on the platform is directly involved with and apart of the SEO community itself. Therefore, you are getting a much deeper connection with someone that is visibly involved with the SEO industry.

2. Easy To Use And Navigate

Another great thing about the platform itself is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use and navigate. You are gaining access to a platform that has a very user-friendly design with plenty of features that will allow you to properly navigate and find what you are looking for no matter if you are a buyer or seller of SEO services.

3. Seller Incentives.

Another extremely beneficial aspect of is the fact that they are so generous to sellers. Because the platform is designed to only take 10% in seller fees, it attracts some of the best SEO sellers on the entire market. After all, no top-rated SEO seller is going to want to sell on marketplaces that take high percentages off the top. Rather, they would be incentivized to move a lot of their high-tier services to a platform with lower fees. That is likely why has been attracting a lot of the most respected SEO sellers within the industry because they allow sellers to keep 90% of what they bring in. A majority of freelance platforms are nowhere near this mark.

4. Featured Services

Another good thing has going for it is its featured services section. Every week, the people at Legiit scour through their top sellers and individually select one service to be featured on the platform. Because of this, any seller that provides outstanding service has a chance to be featured on the entire platform and given tremendous exposure on all of Legiit's social media networks, through an email blast, and through a direct YouTube review. As a result, this incentivizes each and every seller to provide the best possible service to each of their customers in the hope they will be able to gain such exposure for being featured. It's truly a win-win-win for Legiit's marketplace, the service provider, and the consumer.

5. Review System

As mentioned previously, the review system in place does a good job of allowing a customer to vet through their options when it comes to finding a particular service. Because it offers such a comprehensive overview of a particular service and because it has a user review and feedback system in place, you should be able to select a good service provider each and every time based on your budget. This can keep buyers coming back for more. Legiit, like any other marketplace, knows that the money comes from repeat business. Therefore, they make every attempt to ensure that you leave completely satisfied.

In the end, stands out as one of the most compelling SEO marketplaces on the market. They are constantly updating the design and service offerings to appeal to their end-consumer. They regularly take in customer feedback in an effort to optimize their offerings and to really provide the best possible customer experience for not only buyers but sellers as well. If you are looking for the highest quality SEO services available online or if you are looking to provide them yourself, you will want to check out It is truly the most comprehensive and best platform on the market that has a delicate balance between keeping both buyers and sellers as happy as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read, "Legiit SEO Marketplace ."

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Pointers For Ranking Affiliate Sites

Pointers For Ranking Affiliate Sites

Ranking Affiliate Sites
Ranking Affiliate Sites
Affiliate sites rarely seem to break through to the top Google search rankings. It's not because Google doesn't like affiliate websites, but rather because those site owners don't put in the effort required to reach the top. If you want to run a high ranking affiliate site, then you need to be prepared to put in the time, research, and work required to reach the top. Here are a few pointers to help you along the


1. Publish Helpful Content

What is one major difference between high ranking affiliate sites and the rest of them? The high ranking websites also make an effort to publish useful and helpful content. John Mueller, a senior Webmaster trends analyst at Google has specifically stated that Google recognizes the helpful nature of some affiliate websites and that Google will gladly give such websites the ranking they deserve.

The problem with many affiliate marketers is that the idea of investing time and effort into useful content goes against their strategy. Many affiliate websites post the same information in the same categories and race to bring in as much traffic as possible. This results in poor rankings and websites that fizzle out nearly as quickly as they started.

Are you invested in your affiliate website for the long term? Do you want to consistently rank high while other affiliate partners are forgotten? If so, then you need to focus on creating a website that is useful by publishing important information.

Long gone are the days when quantity was the biggest deciding factor in a website's ranking. There are nearly 500 unique metrics used by Google to rank a website. Flooding the internet with low-quality content at a fast rate isn't going to help any of them.

2. Get People Involved

Google is more about the user than they have ever been: and rightfully so. Whether it's improving the user experience with faster loading times or letting users voice their opinion on Google business websites; the point is that Google cares about the people and likes it when people have positive interactions with businesses.

In the past, affiliate websites were not particularly interested in the interactions between business and customer. But such strategies are no longer going to work if you want to improve your affiliate site ranking. You'll need to pull out all of the stops to improve the user experience and ensure the majority of people who view your site have a positive experience. This means implementing some of the necessary features like easy-to-use navigation, mobile responsive design, and fast loading times.

In this day and age, it also means letting people share their experience. Let users add their voice and their value to your content when they view your site. This can be accomplished through comments, forums, and reviews. This has the added bonus of generating unique content on your website that isn't present on any other affiliate site, which is always a good thing as far as Google is concerned.


3. Don't Skimp On The Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with any SEO campaign is skimping on the analysis. In particular, many affiliate websites ignore it entirely. Under no circumstances can your affiliate site reach its potential if you don't put the effort into learning what the competition is doing, learning how effective your content is, and learning what keywords you should be focusing on.

Competitive content analysis should be at the top of the priority list. There is so much that can be learned from the competition regardless of whether or not they are successful. Start by learning whether they use keywords int heir titles, headers, descriptions, and URLs. If so, what keywords are they using and how often do they appear throughout their pages.

One of the great things about SEO is that if it's working for your competition, then it will probably work for you too. There's nothing wrong with adopting a strategy very similar to that of your competition. As a matter of fact, it's one of the smartest moves that you can make.

Leaving The Past Behind

The problem with many modern affiliate sites is that they are using the same marketing strategy they used in 1999. What worked then is not going to work now. The emphasis is on user experience, high-quality content, and diligent research. Keep these pointers in mind and you can surpass even the toughest of competition.

Check out this SEO Service List it can help you be successful in ranking website's
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