Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace
Legiit SEO Marketplace
Legiit.com is an SEO marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Like any marketplace, it can have good and bad sellers. However, there is an overwhelming majority of good sellers on the marketplace which makes it a very compelling platform for those that are either directly looking for SEO help or those looking to offer SEO services. Below, we will be going over some of the things that make Legiit.com one of the best SEO marketplaces on the market.

A Review Of Legiit.com:

1. Community Driven

Unlike some of the other marketplaces where you will find SEO services being sold, you are really going to have a much more vetted and community-driven platform with Legiit.com. A lot of the other platforms have SEO sellers so spread out and there is such a mix of sellers that it can be very difficult to see which sellers are trustworthy and which are not. Whereas, with Legiit.com, virtually anyone selling SEO services on the platform is directly involved with and apart of the SEO community itself. Therefore, you are getting a much deeper connection with someone that is visibly involved with the SEO industry.

2. Easy To Use And Navigate

Another great thing about the platform itself is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use and navigate. You are gaining access to a platform that has a very user-friendly design with plenty of features that will allow you to properly navigate and find what you are looking for no matter if you are a buyer or seller of SEO services.

3. Seller Incentives.

Another extremely beneficial aspect of Legiit.com is the fact that they are so generous to sellers. Because the platform is designed to only take 10% in seller fees, it attracts some of the best SEO sellers on the entire market. After all, no top-rated SEO seller is going to want to sell on marketplaces that take high percentages off the top. Rather, they would be incentivized to move a lot of their high-tier services to a platform with lower fees. That is likely why Legiit.com has been attracting a lot of the most respected SEO sellers within the industry because they allow sellers to keep 90% of what they bring in. A majority of freelance platforms are nowhere near this mark.

4. Featured Services

Another good thing Legiit.com has going for it is its featured services section. Every week, the people at Legiit scour through their top sellers and individually select one service to be featured on the platform. Because of this, any seller that provides outstanding service has a chance to be featured on the entire platform and given tremendous exposure on all of Legiit's social media networks, through an email blast, and through a direct YouTube review. As a result, this incentivizes each and every seller to provide the best possible service to each of their customers in the hope they will be able to gain such exposure for being featured. It's truly a win-win-win for Legiit's marketplace, the service provider, and the consumer.

5. Review System

As mentioned previously, the review system in place does a good job of allowing a customer to vet through their options when it comes to finding a particular service. Because it offers such a comprehensive overview of a particular service and because it has a user review and feedback system in place, you should be able to select a good service provider each and every time based on your budget. This can keep buyers coming back for more. Legiit, like any other marketplace, knows that the money comes from repeat business. Therefore, they make every attempt to ensure that you leave completely satisfied.

In the end, Legiit.com stands out as one of the most compelling SEO marketplaces on the market. They are constantly updating the design and service offerings to appeal to their end-consumer. They regularly take in customer feedback in an effort to optimize their offerings and to really provide the best possible customer experience for not only buyers but sellers as well. If you are looking for the highest quality SEO services available online or if you are looking to provide them yourself, you will want to check out Legiit.com. It is truly the most comprehensive and best platform on the market that has a delicate balance between keeping both buyers and sellers as happy as possible.

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