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How to Write Press Releases

How to Write Press Releases   How to Write Press Releases?   When you are running a business, you want to be the first to get media attention whenever an opportunity arises. Writing good Press releases is a critical tool to use in getting the word out about your existence, purpose and your amazing line of products and services. However, many professionals lack the skills to write a good PR with the proper hook that makes a newsworthy article. In this post, we will train you on the importance and qualities of a good press release to grab the attention of peers, journalists and eventually customers. Posting A Press Release Are you a marketer?                                           Every online and offline business needs the extra attention that a press release can draw to its amazing line of products and services as well as the milestones along the way to success. This puts pressure on every marketer to understand the inner workings of a press release. Press releases are often

SEO Is Not Dead

SEO Is Not Dead SEO Is Not Dead , right?  Just posing this question to any SEO guru makes them cringe or agitated or both. Just the same, the question of whether SEO even works anymore might as well be just as old as the practice itself. So where did the idea that SEO is dead and what proof is there to show that good old Search Engine Optimization is alive and well? Let us find out.                                                                                                                                   For decades now, people have been cheering the death of SEO for no apparent cause. Might this be the curious case of the proverbial Hare? He could not reach some fruits on a tree and consoled himself by saying how the fruits were not even delicious SEO Is Not Dead Proof SEO is not dead Case study. You just typed in ‘SEO is dead’ or ‘Is SEO dead?’ which by all standards is a competitive keyword. Definitely you will get arguments supporting and against SEO. Now, on