An In-Depth Look At Guest Posting For SEO

An In-Depth Look At Guest Posting For SEO

Guest Posting For SEO
Guest Posting For SEO
Guest Posting For SEO has been considered as a black hat or grey hat SEO tactic since Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam announce to SEOs its death way back in 2014. It can be considered as a black hat SEO tactic when you article directories and spun articles that have no value to readers. Using such a method for purposes of SEO (either to get backlinks to improve your rankings or increase traffic to your website) is frowned upon by Google. And for the most part, updates to Google’s algorithms have killed off such methods of guest posting for SEO purposes.

That being said, you should note that guest posting is not dead entirely, you can still guest post. 
For SEO many SEO's still consider even this form guest posting as grey hat owing to the fact that Google does frown upon guest posting in the general sense, regardless of the quality of a website. With this in mind, you should appreciate this statement; “guest posting for SEO does work, but only when done the right way”.

Guest Posting Done The Right Way

#1. Guest Post On Relevant And Trustworthy Website ONLY ?" Remember the website you link to influence your overall reputation. As such, only guest post on high-quality websites that are relevant to your website’s niche. To ensure that the website is of quality to ensure that it is indeed and ranking on Google. Thereafter use Semrush to find out the amount of traffic a website receives ?" it should substantial. Finally, explore the domain profile and authority of the website using both Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

#2. Write Content For Your Audience ?" As Google continues to insist, write content that is valuable to their users. Do not write content with the intention of tricking Google’s search algorithm. This is to man do not keyword stuff or write poor quality skinny content that does not help readers.

#3. Balance Your Use Of Anchor Texts ?" Do not use exact keywords for every single link you get from the guest post. Build a natural anchor text ratio that meets your branding needs while at the same time isn’t of putting to the reader (and to Google).

#4. Write For Blogs/Website That Already Curate Content ?" In following this tip, you ensure that you guest post on websites that have an intricate understanding of high-quality guest blogging for the benefit of both parties. In fact, where possible shun away from posting your guest post with no vetting or no questions asked.

Other golden tips to follow include diversifying your backlink acquisition strategy and always using unique content (try not to re-purpose content often).

The SEO Benefits Of Guest Posting

When you follow the aforementioned golden tips of guest posting, you should expect some referral traffic. It is important to note that while guest posting does generate direct traffic, studies have revealed that the traffic is not as great as one might think. A study by Ahrefs where they sampled 500 bloggers, they found out that the average traffic from 239 guest articles was 50 visitors, which is not an encouraging statistic.

However, guest posting yields better results with regards to getting exposure. While not everyone who reads your article will click the anchor text, a well-written guest post will get your blog’s/website’s name into their minds.

Furthermore, the backlinks generated by guest post are well worth the effort. When an authority website links to your website, it improves your reputation and hence it improves your ranking on search engine results pages.

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