Negative SEO Is It Real? | Am I Affected? | What To Do?

Negative SEO Is It Real? Am I Affected? What To To?

The SEO Industry is one of the most dynamic forms of online marketing. Over the past two years, the industry has changed so much that is hardly recognizable for those who used to be the Masters of competitive Google ranking

In this article, we explain what black SEO means and explore some of the dynamic changes that Google has had to perform on their algorithms in order to curb the vice. Negative SEO is a child of black hat SEO. Negative because black hat SEO (underhand methods) was getting harder and harder to execute with any meaningful results.
So what is negative SEO?                                                                                                 
Negative SEO
Negative SEO

Negative SEO may be defined as the practice of using unethical SEO techniques in order to negatively impact or sabotage a competitor’s google rank. It is a demonstration of just how far people are willing to appear first on search result pages by taking out the competition.
How do I know if it is negative SEO?

Oftentimes webmasters will not realize that they are being hacked because the fake modified sites are placed in other directories where only Google bots can see them. When your customers try to reach you they might be redirected to the fake website with modified content and spammy links.

Does Negative SEO Really work?

Yes, negative SEO is a real threat to many websites large and small. Ways in which malicious people can harm your rank include but are not limited to: hacking your website, buildings permalinks, copying your content, creating a fake social profile, and malicious damage to backlinks structure of your website.

Who Pays For Negative SEO?

When you think you are under attack, always ask who benefits and that ought to point you straight to the offenders. It could be a disgruntled customer, employee or the competition.

There have also been reports of White Hat and see all companies requesting that black hat SEO tricks be used on their behalf to squash the competition.

How To Prevent Negative SEO

As with many Internet-security problems, prevention is better than cure.

  • Do Set up Google webmasters tools email notification
  • Keep an eye on your backlinks profile
  • Guard your best backlinks with your life
  • Secure a website from malware and hacking
  • Constantly check for plagiarized content
  • Put your a-game on social media
  • Track your website speed
  • Consult your SEO expert before buying backlinks
  • Avoid making enemies online
  • What to do in case of a negative SEO attack?

When attacked you need to stay calm, it's important. These are internet hits men of some sort and you can be sure that they will try to cover their tracks. There are sophisticated techniques that you can use to trace the source of your attack but that is the kind of diversion that the attacker intended. First, you need to get back online. The following are steps that you can take to mitigate the effects of negative SEO and reverse your plight

Step 1: Know Thy Enemy

It may sound obvious but not every snarl-up of the traffic to your site may be related to negative issue SEO. It's only a probability and to be sure you have to check with special tools like and to pinpoint the source of the upswing in your backlinks. If you receive a huge number of links to malicious sites containing scraps of your content blended with unrelated content, then it is highly probable that you are under attack.

Step 2: Remove Links

The Google disavow feature allows webmasters to pick out websites that are linking back to them and tell Google not to consider the links when ranking them. This makes a powerful tool that webmaster tools enjoy using but it comes at a price. If you disavow legitimate domain it is permanent such that no future benefits will be accrued from backlinks from the site.

Step 3: Report

It might actually be a good idea to report negative SEO in the webmasters' forum all directly contact John and see if they can help you resolve the situation at Google. However, a majority of cases reported as negative as you turn out to be a false alarm.

Step 4: Rapid Quality Content Cures Negative SEO

Sometimes the best defense is an offensive. To remain competitive you need to create high-quality content that is uniquely engaging for your audiences really fast. Picking up picking yourself up dusting and soldiering on is your best bet of getting back on Google's good books. You need to show your audience is that you are phenomenal and your contributions to the internet have positive impacts on livelihoods. There will always be bad guys out there who are willing to take shortcuts to get ahead but it is the masses the good ones that do nothing that is to blame.

Step 5: And A Strong Social Media Profile

A strong social media presence will help you recover faster from such an attack. Your profiles should help you reach your customers and assure them that you're back on track. It is small businesses that suffered the biggest blows but fortunately, they are also the ones that are able to connect with their customers on a personal level.

Why Negative SEO May No Longer Work

Negative SEO has no future in search result pages ranking. Google is working tonight to ensure that people who work hard at SEO get to keep their catch. Luckily for the average web user, Google has been at the forefront of developing the latest algorithms to suppress manipulative and malicious link building. Attackers hardly have the luxury of time when planning their attacks. Most of the linking work is unnatural and easily detectable. So Google remains vigilant in finding and suppressing such efforts.

The bottom line is that Google works hard to make sure that your competitors cannot harm your ranking. They are special tools built for this and included in every update since Penguin of 2012. Do you trust them? Do share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns below.

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The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Etsy e-commerce platform was created to provide effective communication between sellers and buyers so that a seller can offer a quality product with a human touch, and the buyer can purchase a product or service that actually meets their expectations. The most striking thing about this platform is that it shows search results that really meet the prospects of the potential buyer. This is not a superficial result, nor is it influenced by the number of buyers who have selected the product, but it is really what the person is looking for.
 Etsy E-Commerce

When you are a seller you want to reach as many people as possible and, although it is a little more complicated with Etsy, the reality is that you can always use keywords for your advantage. As long as you're completely sure of what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to, you'll be able to get results in no time. Inside the world of virtual purchases, there is a lot of competition but a well-created profile can stand out from the rest. The security that both sellers and buyers receive is just one of the great benefits that this platform offers above the rest, and with the right knowledge can be only the beginning.  This is where Etsy optimization comes into play.


Analyze your product in depth

The seller knows his product in profundity, but to sell it you must spread this knowledge in a way that is not invasive and stimulate the curiosity of others. Etsy offers a perfect space for handicrafts and antiques, as well as rare or collectible products, and best of all; it has a perfect market for this. If you want others to buy your product, you should seriously think about who it's aimed at and, based on that, create a product description that responds to potential customer searches. The most significant thing is to go in and fill out the profile, after this, it takes a little research to get the best results.

Select keywords that really go with what you sell.

While you can't choose keywords that immediately appeal to customers, you can analyze search patterns for free thanks to the searching bar. You have to move forward to be more and more specific and go up in the stats. If you sell handmade products, you must know that thousands of people do it too, but only you sell products made with copper wire, for example. If you add this to the keywords you use, you'll probably go up in the search and you'll be closer to making sales. Although it was previously recommended to use words that attracted the most buyers, this can be a double-edged weapon if you fall back to the bottom of the search, and this will only depend on how consistent are the words you chose with the product you sold.

Stay tuned for changes in search patterns.

Even if you have chosen the perfect keyword, this does not mean that it will stay that way for the rest of your stay on the platform. This page was created to keep commercializing with human warmth, this means that there will be daily changes as people grow, evolve and look for different things according to the dates, the seasons, and even depending on aspects of the national economy. As long as you're willing to upgrade and maintain a close relationship with SEO, you can survive people's changes.

Make an investment for your business

If you consider that there has been too gradual growth and that you will be able to perform in a superior way with the help of better keywords, the platform offers you a paid SEO called Etsy Rank, which has a free option and a paid option, where you can analyze your statistics and receive the advice that is limiting you. The page shows you which keywords actually work because they relate searches to purchases and give you that secret. As we said before, not all minds think the same but it is worth trying because if luck accompanied you once can follow you in the trail.

Marmalead is a definitive solution

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO and market research tool that use machine learning to take the guesswork out of getting found on Etsy, its a great tool for serious sellers.  Here are all the answers to your doubts. It is a complete analysis of the pattern of behavior of buyers, where you can see what they are looking for and how they are looking for it, offering a confirmed data that only needs to be implemented. Since that you can track a specific word for several days, you can understand in depth what customers think. If you're a seller of weather-dependent products, you can be absolutely sure of the perfect time to sell winter clothes and take advantage of Etsy's favorable positioning for new products, although for a limited time.

Let others know you.

Your product may be the best in the world but this will not be enough for it to be sold. If you started out as a physical store and decided to expand to this platform for its security or protection to sellers you should understand that unless you do a previous market study, your sales are unlikely to explode from day one. Where you live it can be quite a rarity to find someone who sells handmade gift cards, but within the search engine, you will find dozens of people who can also do it so don't be discouraged and work harder to get higher results in the shortest time possible.

Here are few tips to grow your Etsy shop 

  •  Create social media profiles 
  •  Create a Facebook page
  •  Start a blog and write post about your products
  •  Create a Youtube videos about your products
  •  Seek Advice from other Etsy Sellers- There are numerous tutorials online from successful Etsy sellers who have build their shop from the ground up.  One place you can find some informative tutorials is Youtube. 

SEO Etsy conclusion

SEO and Etsy should not be considered as antonyms, even if they do not work as you are used to. Don't get overwhelmed or discourage keep on creating, learning, and striving to grow you Etsy Shop , and before you know it, you will see success.

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SERPed Review | review

SERPed Review

Hello and welcome to our SERPed review. Without a proper investment in SEO tools for your online marketing campaign, you could be wasting money.

While there is a myriad of tools, some that work and some that don’t, there is only a handful, of software packages that can make the same amount of necessary noise online as the SERPed SEO tool.

In the following review, we will discuss in brief the features that are to like about the software and how to use and some demerits. After reading this, you should be in a position to make an informed choice to buy or not to buy the package.

Ours is to give you a highlight of the main SERPed features and leave the purchase decision up to you.

Why SERPed- Features of SERPed

You may be wondering why the hype surrounding this particular package. That could ow to the rich functionality of the tool incorporating some of the key features of premium SEO software like SEMrush, Moz and even Majestic.

A combination of these immensely powerful features on a single interface would be the holy grail of SEO tools. And that’s what makes SERPed such a great pick for beginner and pro SEO experts.
SERPed combines over 45 tools for Keyword Research, Backlinks, Lead Generation, Advanced Reporting and Ranking.

Keyword research

The golden words that customers use are perhaps the most important for any Search Engine marketing campaign.

  • Ultimate search-relevant keyword suggestions based on real-time research. Keywords returned are accompanied by useful numbers for CPC, traffic values, PPC competition, and search volumes.
  • What ranks where – useful for competitor keyword research? Enter a domain and get the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Long-tail keywords – do the work of google suggest. The feature delivers the same list of auto-complete keywords you get with Ubersuggest.
  • Keyword analyzer – pulls all relevant data on a keyword to aid analysis of its difficulty and competitiveness. This includes Alexa rank, social signals, MozRank, DA, PA, and referring domains.

The platform alone replaces many keyword and backlink research tools such as the Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz and many more.

Domain research

This feature will help the newbie and pro SEO enthusiast to know what mattes the most about each and every domain of interest. It is a great way to measure the value of any domain so as to save money that would otherwise waste worthless or harmful domain purchases. It pulls useful data from systems like Moz and Majestic and puts it side by side on a single screenshot for easier comparison.

Site explorer

This is the most useful feature of the domain research tools. It gives you the basic specs of each domain entered. You can use this on domains you own and also to assess the competition for your localized searches for instance. You can access data from both versions of each domain www and without ‘www’

Anchor text

The anchor text applet lets users acquire useful insights about the backlink information of any website. You get topical relevance, diversity, citation and trust flow. Visualizing these concepts makes it much easier for you to remain relevant around your backlinks and thus improve on rank.

Bulk URL analyzer

Bulk URL analyzer is a godsend when you have tons of URLs to draw your data from. It minimizes blunders when checking out metrics of several to many sites. This means you can get all your insights about your group of URLs of interest without having to burn the midnight oil and break the bank in the time-sucking exercise. Surely there are better ways to spend your time.

Domain finder

What this module of Serped does is getting you a detailed list of expired and expiring domains worth buying for your PBN. With billions of domains out there and a couple of hundred thousand that might relate to your niche, only premium filters can help you get the best ranking domains. auction master

Aged domain finder

The aged domain finder is the tool that can get you domains that expired recently. This interface now gets you all the stats you need such as domain age, DA, CF, TF MozRank, Price and the number of backlinks.

Expired scrapper

You can now easily find domains that have quality backlinks from certain authority sites with the amazing expired scrapper. This saves you the pain and hassle of having to search through each candidate expired domain for its backlink structure.

Auction master

The domain finder module would not be complete without a link to join the major auctions for top competitive domains. You can bid for all your domains on a single platform and review your various bids periodically.

Top expiring domains

Another category of search for useful domains is to look through the domains that are being expired. Domains for this search are returned according to their value based on age and DA.

Site management

Site monitoring tools are not inexpensive too and SERPed replaces them all with its neat and feature rich site management module. Here are some of its features:

Site manager

You can now add and monitor your sites and even those of your competition with all important metrics on the same platform. From social media shares to Moz and Majestic SEO data, there is no important detail about your monitored sites that is likely to pass you by. This should help you track your client’s progress and show value for money in the earlier stages of your SEO campaign.

Site statistics

With site statistics, you can keep track of all the measurable changes in the websites’ essential metrics. When sourcing your data from multiple tools, you will have a harder time interpreting and storing the information. With this single platform, you can easily see the correlation between the various streams of data for your measured site parameters.

SEO review

This is a useful revision tools that will go through your sites and find any harmful errors that may be dragging you behind. The SEO review tool encompasses error reporting relating to URL analysis, Meta tags, image analysis, headings and tags, mobile friendliness, social analysis and content review.

Other SERPed tools

Backlink management

You want to know when your backlink is removed so you can mediate the situation and avert a catastrophic rank deterioration event. The backlinks manager also embedded in the SERPed engine will track backlinks to your site from the other sites just so you won’t be struggling to check them manually.

Uptime monitoring

incidentally, your site may go offline for all sorts of weird reasons and you want to know. You will also get notifications when you site is taking too long to respond as this too impacts customer experience negatively.

The cash flow manager

Since your websites are your cash-cows why not throw in a spreadsheet like program that can help you keep track of your expenses and income from your online business? Financial reports can be exported to file and printed for clients if that is what you want to do.

Site backup

Site backup plugins are great but there is no reason to use them anymore when you have the same if not better capability for automated site backups on the SERPed interface. Again, having to manage several sites’ individual backups separately is hectic and a task we wouldn’t wish on anyone. With this module, you get all your eggs in one basket.

Rank tracking

SERPed supports local, global, amazon, YouTube and instant check rank trackers. With the local tracker you can forget about Whitespark and other local keyword rank trackers. The additional features maps tracker is a kickass solution to local SEO problems.

Client acquisition

This makes the last feature we will discuss here for the seemingly infinite capabilities of the SERPed platform. It is also arguably the most unique feature that the software package has to offer which delivers timely analysis of any site for clients in real time. My site auditor offers this same service but we have tested and proved this to be a more accurate version. Clients enter their email and credentials before getting their stats. A big plus as building an email list is very important for any online marketing campaign.

SERPed costs

A tool this good could be sold for top dollar one time or monthly subscription and everyone would be comfortable with it. Thankfully, the SERPed package is now available for only a fraction of what you would normally pay for only a single tool like Moz.

Our verdict

Since this is our candid review, it wouldn’t be complete without our opinion having checked out the software package in action. The main selling point of the application is the multitude of functional features that are neatly tucked into its interface. To find all these powerful features on the same platform means a lot in savings and ease of use.

As such, is the ultimate all-in-one SEO tool to replace traditional SEO tools; replacing them effectively. It’s like buying only one tool, say majestic or My Site Auditor and getting all other tools for free!   







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How to Write Press Releases

How to Write Press Releases

 How to Write Press Releases?  When you are running a business, you want to be the first to get media attention whenever an opportunity arises. Writing good Press releases is a critical tool to use in getting the word out about your existence, purpose and your amazing line of products and services.

However, many professionals lack the skills to write a good PR with the proper hook that makes a newsworthy article. In this post, we will train you on the importance and qualities of a good press release to grab the attention of peers, journalists and eventually customers.

Posting A Press Release
Posting A Press Release

Are you a marketer?                                          

Every online and offline business needs the extra attention that a press release can draw to its amazing line of products and services as well as the milestones along the way to success. This puts pressure on every marketer to understand the inner workings of a press release. Press releases are often mistaken for fake news but they are not that at all.

On the contrary, good press releases are awesome media to make the public and media digest your latest news. Writing a good press release gets you more coverage and readership and is the first step to making a cost-effective and successful online marketing campaign.

Press releases are great but only when you do them right. 

They only cost the time spent writing them but the can cost your business dearly when poorly done. Mainstream media and the best bloggers receive so many of these but only respond to the best formatted and engaging pitches.

 Read through the following and be well on your way to writing something for front pages and avoid the delete button. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get your press release right. Here are a few tips you can make use of to turn things your way.

Let’s see if you can get all the tips and tools you need to get your company and business the attention it deserves by writing a press release that drives results.

How to identify a newsworthy topic for your press release

Hours spent downloading press release templates can go to waste if the article cannot be tied to a news item and a current development. It is true that sometimes it just easier to replicate successful press releases with examples to follow but when you cannot make the press release your own then it will not be an effective part of your campaign.

It is obvious that every good news and the newsworthy story has a hook to it. Readability only complements the content of a press release. Getting your first line read is the ultimate goal of writing any copy of a kind.

Simplicity is the universal key to getting your content read each and every time including your very first try. A press release would be useless if it is not read and digested and therefore you should channel all your energy into making it newsworthy and readable.

So, what is a press release anyway?

A press release is a two-page document sharing some breaking news with the public. Well, sometimes the general public will encounter a press release but they are meant to disperse information to journalists and media houses for publishing. 

Press releases take after the news article on a regular daily newspaper. The reverse pyramid writing techniques ensures that the most important information is presented first.

Why do we need press releases?

Companies and businesses around the world whether large or medium-sized will write press releases for a range of benefits. Common objectives include the primary one discussed above of getting media coverage. Apart from media attention which is always for driving profits and captivating goodwill, here are some common benefits of writing good press releases.

  • Popularize new products and services
  • Building an authoritative brand image
  • Crises management and mitigation
  • Building backlinks to authority media sites
  • Cost-effective marketing
So whether you are looking to relaunch your brand image or you simply want more people in your sphere of influence to learn about your amazing line of products, an old fashioned PR will do the trick.

When is the best time to send a PR?

Any time you have something newsworthy to share about your company and brand then its PR time. It could be breaking news announcements, the official position of your company on a matter or you are launching this revolutionary new range of products.

Upcoming events, new partnerships or going public, or winning awards and pretty much all achievements that you think your customers need to know. For larger entities, hiring new executives makes the news. Media outlets want to be the first to cover new developments and welcome the favor of making their reporting work a lot easier.

When something that could potentially harm your reputation happens, it’s best to get your story out before someone else does.

Better yet, find a good excuse to write an amazing press release piece and go ahead and write a fantastic one.

What to include in a press release

The standard format for writing a press release includes the following features:

Heading: you can go for a catchy heading that pretty says clearly why your story is news worth reading.

Press contact: provide a means for the press to get in touch with you.

City-state, location: every good news story has a setting with location and date

Body copy: Your amazing story goes here with the important details put first.

Boilerplate: This section describes what your organization is all about. Good public relations wouldn’t hurt.

7 Tips to Writing an Amazing Press Release

  1. Understand the format

The structure of press releases is what makes it a unique and effective tool to spread the word about your achievements. Adherence to the correct format and readability will earn you more media opportunities. As a rule of thumbs, your opening should answer the five W questions namely;

ü  Who
ü  What
ü  Where
ü  When
ü  Why

  1. Keep it brief

People hardly have the time to follow through a novel in the form of a news column. Think of the press release as an announcement that must communicate all the important information within a limited word count. If the media want to know more about your copy then they will contact you.

  1. Use a professional tone

The press release is a professional document and the tone you use must reflect the same. The press release is read by journalists and colleagues and therefore needs to sound professional and intelligent.

  1. Write for press

When writing your press release, think like a reporter too. You need to have a hook to the story and the must-have facts. Only when you can appeal to the journalist and editor that you will be awarded a greater audience.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

Today, it’s important to make sure your article is not only neatly written but also readable with large fonts for optimal reader experience on all screen sizes and types. When you are posting your press releases on your blog then the buttons should also be clickable in addition to responsive web design. Contact information should be easily reachable and you can make it easier for your readers to reach your social media handles as well.

  1. SEO optimization for press releases

Like any other copy, good PR requires proper keyword research and optimization to be found on search engines. Search engines' news searches should effectively broaden your reach and impact of your press release.

  1. Use quotes

Quotes are a powerful ingredient to use in your press releases. They not only draw out the important points but also make your writing stand out as authoritative. The media requires these to publish and they will reward you for making their work easier.

Where to send press releases?

If you are just starting out, you might be wondering where to submit your first PR in order to get the much-needed media attention. For this, you will need to make a list of your local outlets and their contacts which you can get online. These include industry publications, local newspapers, general news sites, industry partners and bloggers. It is best to start small and build your list of media contacts from scratch. Soon enough, you can have major publications highlighting your achievements.

Write an amazing Press release

Now, you are all set. Go and write an amazing press release that journalists will find irresistible to use in their next big story. We believe that the above summarizes the most important points to bear in mind when writing a press release that will eventually get published and enjoyed by your readers.

Remember to answer the great W questions and include some must-have facts while avoiding fluff, its one of most important features of a press release

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SEO Is Not Dead

SEO Is Not Dead

SEO Is Not Dead, right?  Just posing this question to any SEO guru makes them cringe or agitated or both. Just the same, the question of whether SEO even works anymore might as well be just as old as the practice itself. So where did the idea that SEO is dead and what proof is there to show that good old Search Engine Optimization is alive and well? Let us find out.
For decades now, people have been cheering the death of SEO for no apparent cause. Might this be the curious case of the proverbial Hare? He could not reach some fruits on a tree and consoled himself by saying how the fruits were not even delicious
SEO Is Not Dead
SEO Is Not Dead

Proof SEO is not dead

Case study. You just typed in ‘SEO is dead’ or ‘Is SEO dead?’ which by all standards is a competitive keyword. Definitely you will get arguments supporting and against SEO. Now, on a separate tab, please take count of all results that are for SEO and those that are claiming that it’s obsolete for the first page of SERPs.

Not surprisingly, you will discover that nearly all the top results for these two search phrases are in supporting SEO. Now, the answer to your query is already staring you right in the eyes. Every problem eventually resolves itself. People who don’t care to include good SEO in their marketing plans never make it to the top organically. The above is our first proof that SEO works.

How Search Engine Optimization Drives Growth

While SEO is still alive and well, it is a dynamic area and most of the original stuff is now obsolete. With each new update of Google’s algorithms, SEO has been proclaimed dead more times than we care to count.

Each passing year brings new developments to the SEO industry and there is no monopoly of knowledge here. The rapid change in what works for SEO and good practices for that matter is what has skeptics screaming at the top of their lungs.

Technology is growing in leaps and the trends in which people interact with the internet have gone through several metamorphoses. Just the same, the Search engine remains the custodian of the vast resources of the web. Website owners who want to found organically must unravel their riddle and SEO aids with that.

As long as ranking on Search results remains relevant, one surefire way to fail is to practice bad SEO or not to care at all.

Age of the AI takeover is upon us and we have algorithm-driven algorithms and so much more to comprehend. But SEO still remains a vital part of making money online today.

People argue that with the advent of the IoT, machines will not require SEO to navigate the web. It is hard to imagine how SEO could help with M2M communications once every device on the planet is connected to each other.

On the contrary, SEO is even more important to machines than to humans. Our eyes and brain have the incredible power to decipher meaning from virtually useless scraps of information. Machines have to iterate over content searching for clues from the contextual meaning of keywords and match up the best results. It is almost like finding a date online with millions of possible matches.

SEO for the future

Moving forward, Search engines are strategically even more relevant. The use of voice picture searches will be on the rise. Therefore optimization for algorithms will be a dire need for every business.

Optimizing for humans still remains relevant because when we use voice searches we tend to say more words. A conversational tone in a post will make it more natural and an irresistible hit when speech is converted to text.

The new generation of search assistants is now taking over with greater precision. In the future, even being on the first page will not matter because the search assistant is keen on getting that perfect hit that users want.

Leaders in the search industry including Google, Apple, and Bing now want to discard irrelevant first page results and present one best fit. This makes most niches especially local searches even more competitive.

As unsettling as this whole discussion might be for webmasters, it’s important to emphasize that
content is still king. Real users and search engines are still the main targets for web content. Methods of search my vary but you will be found for as long as you have high quality, original content optimized for finding.

Google vs Bing and Yahoo

The search engine industry is more of a monopoly with Google owning about 96% of the market today. There are other players like DuckDuckGo which have been struggling to stay competitive or at least afloat. Reportedly, DuckDuckGo has been on the upward trend even with the decline of Yahoo and Bing. Just the same, search traffic outside of the three most dominant search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing remains just under 1%.

According to Merkle Inc., a Columbian based performance-marketing agency and big data company, Bing and Yahoo lost their share in the total search engine traffic from 0.8% to 0.6% in 2018.

This explains why ranking for Google is synonymous with driving organic traffic. Google Ads drive a giant share of the giant as if an assurance that organic results will always have their place. Buyers are constantly becoming aware of the need to click on an organically ranking website rather than Ads for more solutions that are credible. Search Engine Optimization has actually just become even more relevant than ever.

New trends that are driving growth from Organic results

Internet searches for stuff performed by people are not going anywhere. Rather than search directly by punching a keyboard, we might prefer having our phone or watch or car listen. Without intuitive and well-optimized content, getting hits will become increasingly difficult with the following new and emerging trends in searches.

Mobile and smart devices

People often assume that the use of new and emerging technologies and the departure from desktop environments to mobile devices means the end of searches. This is not the case as mobile space is one of the largest sources of search engine traffic. Websites that are not mobile ready with responsive themes and intuitive web designs are doomed to fail.
It is important to understand that searches are the business Google is into and they are also the main proponent of the continued growth of the mobile space. Further, as much as mobile is growing in leaps, the desktop environment is not going anywhere because it is still a favorite for students and researchers.

Answers driven search results

Google may have started out as a result-driven operation but the focus is shifting from results to answers. The company has updated its results page design and presentation to make search results answers and solutions to users.

Voice search and search assistants

Voice searches and many other search modules only emphasize on the need for a naturally flowing piece of content for each post.  Also, long-tail search queries are an area webmasters need to polish up on and a good SEO team will help with that. An average voice search query is a sentence that is 7 to 8 words long which specifies the user’s intent.

Sites only providing the information many not profit much from targeting Voice assistants. These assistants are only in their infancy but the rapid integration into smart devices will see them spread faster than android ever did.

The projected growth of the sector is over 40 billion US dollars by the year 2022 worth of sales in the US e-commerce alone. In the future, there will no longer be the ‘10 blue links’ phenomenon of search results. With increasing searches and fewer money sites getting the lead, SEO is an excellent channel for making your case.

TheStreet predicts that by 2022, up to half of all searches could be hands-free. Any website that enjoys huge traffic today from organic searches and paid ads would be negligent to ignore such numbers.

A Deja vu

History repeats and especially with developments on the web. Anybody who has been monitoring the industry over the last decade will agree that the growth curve for voice searches is strikingly similar to that of mobile commerce seven years ago.

With the inevitable internet of things up and coming, the winners of tomorrow’s online business are entrepreneurs and firms that choose to make the best engaging and SEO tweaked the content.


Yes, the world of SEO much like the tech world around is growing and evolving at a fast-paced speed. Just a couple of decades ago, it was hard to picture how cellphones and smartphones could take over the world. Today, the smartphone has been benched by smart-almost-everything-else. Cars, microwave ovens, fridges, houses and such now have a ‘brain’ of their own.’

All-new smart technology relies on searches to make decisions which in turn increases the search traffic to prepared websites. Now smart devices are expected to rule the next decade with increased access to high-speed internet with 5G. Whether for man or machine, good content and best SEO practices are paramount to achieving any rank.

Some people who have been skeptical of SEO from the start tend to think that new technology will do away with a nicely written web copy but that is untrue. In fact, it could not be any further from the truth as good content will win today and tomorrow’s traffic.

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My Brutally Honest Superstar SEO Academy Review

My Brutally Honest Superstar SEO Academy Review

Are you wondering how to learn seo at home or are you starting out in SEO? Are you in another SEO group, if you are paying a lot of money per month or maybe you’re frustrated and in need of the best possible option? How are you sure that the next course you are about to buy will get you results? This is my honest Superstar SEO Academy Review.

Superstar SEO Academy Review
Superstar SEO Academy
Superstar Academy offers you every training material’s you require to launch a successful and profitable career online in internet marketing. If you are interested in learning SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, or anything else. Your training needs are covered by Superstar academy.

Is your website generating leads by high ranking, driving relevant traffic, enhancing the user experience and increasing the presence of brand over the internet? Long gone are the days when spam activities were done to get a higher ranking. Presently there are no other ways for businesses (especially local business) to get good ranking over the internet. Therefore, the earlier you learn SEO the better it is for you.

Chris M. Walker (Superstar SEO) and Jeff Coseo will literally help you rank for anything. All you have to do is follow their step-by-step process. If you are a student, business owner or marketing head of any company, Superstar Academy is for you. SEO has become a need of the hour for everyone in the digitally connected world.

From its humble beginnings, Superstar SEO Academy an online marketing academy offers an affordable way for SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Small Business Owners, eCommerce Store Owners to learn valuable business skills.

Today, superstar academy is a full-blown, intelligence-driven with an SEO learning platform that revolves heavily around career development ultimately giving you more powerful SEO skills with less work.

The academy has become one of the biggest SEO training platforms on the market, and it’s also one that I use on a daily basis whenever I want to learn a new skill in SEO. Let’s face it, if you keep paying over $200 per month and you aren’t making any money, you’ll be out of this game so fast.

I was in the same position a few months ago. If only I knew about Superstar SEO Academy, headed by Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo sooner!

What’s the price? Affordable…you can either do the $67 per month or do a $1 trial offer.

I have attended several SEO courses, out of which, I will tell you that superstar academy courses are super affordable. With no doubt, it pays itself off when you follow the training. The price is $67 per month or you can try it for 14 days for $1. The only drawback with that is the price goes to $99 if you try it.

If that price is too high, then all “learning how to rank your website” courses are too much for you.

I followed Chris on his Youtube channel for months. He provided an incredible amount of free material that actually worked. I was hooked. My first piece of success, I owe all to Superstar SEO.
He made a video on his cold emailing script, basically providing a blueprint of what worked for him.

I took the template, made it into my own words, sent out about 40 emails per day. I had more opens and responses than I have ever seen. I was on the phone with real-life prospects. I also landed my first client in about a week of cold emailing. It was unbelievable.

I found a good SEO teacher that was willing to share his knowledge with his following. Jeff Coseo creates all the videos in the academy, and he is the real deal.

The Best Part About Superstar SEO Academy?

Chris M. Walker team up with Jeff Coseo to offer a dynamite SEO course. The best part is the support. If you’re stuck, you can go on Facebook and Chris or Jeff will literally respond so fast. Unlike other courses that I’ve been involved with these guys provide 24/7 support.

The group itself is awesome too. Why? Because there are a lot of knowledgeable SEOs in the group. So, you might get a few different solutions to solve your problem.

What This SEO Course Teaches You

When writing this review, my main goal is to let you know what you will learn out of this course. First, since there are hundreds of videos online, you will learn at your own pace. Chris M. Walker and Jeff Coseo are creating many videos majoring on SEO courses. In this training you will master:

Local SEO. This is the main focus on the course. You will scale your SEO agency by following Jeff Coseo’s and Chris M. Walker step by step ways of finding as well as ranking of clients’ websites. This is a real fool-proof A-Z guide. You just have to literally follow the directives given and you will rank anything! This is the reason why I decided to create this Review.

As an agency owner, you will receive everything you require to start and grow your SEO agency including how to start your business from scratch and be prepared to manage it effectively, In-person marketing and networking, Free Client Getting Methods (Email, Cold Emailing, Cold Calling, Social Media and more), and Paid Client Getting Methods such as PPC Advertising, etc.

You will also learn A - Z SEO training in order to rank your National, State, own business and Local clients, how to rank any site in Google maps, how to turn your agency into a client getting engine and many more.

Affiliate SEO. This is a hidden gem in this course. Most people who are in Superstar SEO Academy have the purpose of getting clients and building their agency. But the way Chris M. Walker explains keyword research is how you will make money with affiliate SEO.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will find everything you need to start ranking affiliate sites and making passive income including finding winning niches, determining the best affiliate offers, determining the best type of affiliate site for your goal (authority, eCom store, sniper), In-depth keyword research techniques not taught anywhere else, and how to write high converting sales copy that will enable your site to turn traffic into sales.

Through the academy, you will know how to structure your website for proper user experience in order to make it convert traffic into sales, how to structure your site for maximum ranking potential, and setting up an Amazon affiliate store.

E-Commerce SEO. You will get to know how to set up your e-commerce site properly, you will also learn how to optimize pages and products. Get it from the horse's mouth, Jeff Coseo is an expert in e-commerce. He has several successful websites that he shows on his teaching videos. All you have to do is follow what he teaches.

Do not rely on paid traffic to get sales on your e-commerce store. This course will enable you to know how to drive search engine traffic to your store including picking the right platform to run your store, setting up your categories for optimal search engine visibility and Choosing the right theme as well as customizing your personality, products, and brand.

You will learn how to choose the right products and how and when to add them, the importance of a blog, Choosing the right apps, Doing linking and off-site SEO, What to do after the site has built.

Additionally, in Superstar Academy you will get:

  • DEEP Discount on DFY Link Building Service,
  • 1 Free Year Of Audit On-Site SEO Software,
  • Advanced SEO training (Link outreach, advanced on-site and link building, PBN setup, Google Analytics training)
  • High-level mindset training to help you know the right path for you and get you in the Superstar Mindset
  • A private Facebook mastermind group with direct access to all 4 of superstar academy expert coaches as well as all the other professionals in the community,
  • Monthly content updates,
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A webinars

What more can I say? This is one of the most reasonably priced and complete SEO training course available anywhere, any time. Try it now and you will not regret.

Final Thoughts

Superstar SEO Academy is by far the best full SEO course I have ever been in. I have experienced real results and a comfortable style of living. I want someone else to experience this awesome course.
If you’re just starting out in SEO or if you’re looking to get better results, jump at this now. Don’t waste an amazing opportunity. I’m sure the price won’t be as low as it is much longer. Take action. I did, and it paid off. Surround yourself with the best and you have a chance to become the best. I believe that my Superstar SEO Academy review has covered that.

 >>>Try Superstar SEO Academy $1 Trial

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How To Do Digital Arbitrage

How To Do Digital Arbitrage

How to do Digital Arbitrage?  Has it been challenging to get that white-collar job you have been looking for, and you cannot keep up with your bills? If you are in this situation, then this article is tailored to give you a solution that will help you make money without having to work for someone.
With the internet revolutionizing almost every industry, it is now possible to make money by offering digital services to customers. Every company is struggling to establish its presence on the internet for them to compete favorably in the market. As a result, you are guaranteed that the demand for digital services will always remain high.
One way that you can make passive income is by trying out digital service arbitrage. Read on to understand how you can do digital service arbitrage and what it takes for you to succeed in it.

Digital Arbitrage Business
Digital Arbitrage Business

What Is Digital Service Arbitrage?

In business, arbitraging a service or product refers to a situation where you take advantage of the difference in prices of a product in two different markets, to make profits. Digital service arbitrage therefore refers to buying and reselling digital services to make profits. For example, you look for a company that wants a website designed for them for $1000, you then find a web designer that can do the job at $700; the $300 difference becomes your profit, no effort applied.

One advantage that digital service arbitrage has is that you do not have to be an expert in every service that you resell, you only have to ensure that the whoever you are buying the product from is an expert. Additionally, you owe no one an explanation regarding your involvement in the business, i.e., the one you are buying the service from does not have to know that you are not the one in need of the service. Some of the common digital services in demand that you can buy and resell include:

i. Web design- in the modern day where the internet rules, it is crucial for every business to have its website for purposes of establishing their brand. You can rest assured that you will always find new companies that require website creation services.

ii. Graphics design- using visual materials to communicate is an effective way of marketing that every business wants to tap in to. You can find newly registered companies and offer to create a logo for them, then contact a logo designer to do the job for you at a lower price.

iii. SEO content- you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization very many times. SEO can break or build any business that has its website, and that’s why companies take it seriously. Providing high-quality SEO content for websites is a good idea you can try out.

It is essential to point out that the three digital services highlighted above are not the only services that you can offer. There are several other services that you can leverage on. They include:

Social Media Marketing
Podcast Setup
Blog Content Writing
Programming Editing & Proofreading
Advertising Management
Analytics Tracking
Video Editing,

How to get cheap services that you can arbitrage

Your success in digital service arbitrage lies in being able to get affordable services that you can resell. Therefore, going for services that are already expensive will make it less profitable and in the worst-case scenario, you might find it difficult to make profits at all. So, where can you get this cheap service from?

The best place to find cheap services is from students that want to gain experience in their area of study. i.e., if you are interested in selling articles that cover engineering topics, you can contact engineering students and have them write it for you.
You can also get cheap services from digital service market places. With the rapid and significant growth of the freelance industry, the number of people that offer digital services has gone so high, and this has forced most of them to lower their prices. You can leverage this market factor and hire the freelancers to write content for you, and you sell it to direct clients that are willing to pay more for it.

Four tips that will help you succeed in your digital service arbitrage business
Just like in any business, there are some practices that you should uphold for you to succeed in digital service arbitrage. They include:

i. Provide Quality work

Providing your buyers with quality work should be your number one priority. No buyer would be willing to buy from you a second time if you provided shoddy quality work the first time. Additionally, the quality of the work has to be consistent. Therefore, you should ensure that the person you are buying from is good at what they do for you to be assured of consistent good quality work.

The good thing with providing consistent quality work is that your buyers will be more likely to recommend you to other buyers and as a result, your business will grow.

ii. Deliver on time

If you have provided digital services before, you understand that every project has a time frame. Time is of great value, and no business or individual will want to work with you if you cannot keep it. One way that you can always ensure that you get quality work on time is by giving your seller a shorter deadline to beat compared to the one your buyer gave you.

iii. Employ effective communication

Remember that you are the middle man in digital service arbitrage. It is therefore your role to ensure that correct information is passed between the seller and the buyer. If your buyer makes a special request while the project is ongoing, ensure that you make the seller aware of the same. On the other side, if your digital service seller informs you of some possible delays, you should also ensure that the buyer is fully informed about it.

iv. Utilize social media

As a business, marketing yourself is the best way to establish your brand and boost your profits. If you want to sell a logo service, web design service, or any other digital service, advertise on your social media platforms that you can deliver such services. More than 3 billion people make use of social media, and this provides you with a large customer base that you can tap into.


Digital Service Arbitrage can make you great profits if you carry it out properly. It will allow you to travel and enjoy life without actually doing any real work. Follow the tips discussed above and start your arbitrage business today.

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The SEO 101 For Beginners by Chris Walker

The SEO 101 For Beginners by Chris Walker

Take a look at this  great video series titled ,"The SEO 101 For Beginners'' by Chris Walker the founder of, a SEO Martketplace.

In this video Chris will discuss a few seo basics that Google and other search engines look for when deciding what websites it is going to rank on the first page.

Go check out Chris Walkers other videos to learn more valuable SEO tips to get your website ranking on the search engines.

If your still looking how to learn seo at home, Chris Walker-
the ultimate SEO guru has his own online academy where you can start learning the basic to advance ranking techniques to take your website or Youtube videos from the
bottom of the search engines to the top organically.

 Learn More Here: Superstar SEO Academy

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What Is Parasite SEO And How Do You Do It?

What Is Parasite SEO And How Do You Do It?

What Is Parasite SEO, And How Do You Do It?  One of the most effective ways of tapping into the profitable search engine traffic for both beginners and advanced marketers is through parasites, which are pages on authority sites that allow users to post content.

In most cases, this strategy requires more time than money.
With this in mind, if you’re just getting
Parasite SEO
Parasite SEO
started or you only have a limited budget to work with for your SEO, you can open some floodgates to organic traffic without waiting for your site to gain authority or blowing through large amounts of money to acquire high authority links.

In this post, you're going to learn more about Parasite SEO in 2019, what it’s all about, how to find the best platforms to posts, and the best approaches to use. Lets jump right in!

What is Parasite SEO?

Just as the name suggests, parasite SEO involves relying on a host platform to provide you with the kind of authority needed to rank high in the search engines. Your page ideally acts as a parasite, and sucks the authority out of the host domain.

Luckily, there are tons of such high authority websites that let you submit user generated content. And when you've practiced the strategy for a couple of times and see how it can be effective for ranking your site for low to medium competition keywords, youll be amazed by its strength.

Nonetheless, the strategy isnt for low to medium competition keywords only. These sites have an in-built strength that can be leveraged towards helping you rank for the highly competitive keywords as well.

How it Works?

Simply put, you create a high quality piece of content or video with at least 500 to 1000+ words on an authoritative website, and blast social signals and links at it. Its that simple. If you do it correctly, you can get to the first page of Google rather quickly for some competitive keywords.

There are a number of reasons why you'd want to do this:

  • These platforms are highly trusted by Google, and even without links, your post might still rank.

  • They help you avoid the sandbox period especially for new websites.

  • It lets you build rankings and links in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Its much safer to point links at a page on an external authority site without having to worry about getting penalized by Google. It’s a bit like going back to the pre-2010 days where ranking was more dependent on the amount of money you’d spend on purchasing links.

  • The brand equity of a popular site can help you achieve high CTRs (click-through rates) in the SERPs.

  • With an authoritative site, you’re quite safe using high amounts of exact match and LSI keywords anchor text with no risk of penalties. Doing this on your site can be quite risky; avoid it at all costs!

If you're wondering whether this is still relevant in 2019, keep in mind that as the authority sites grow in age, the more of their pages get indexed, and the more the strength they hold (ranking power) which increases over time.

Currently, the strategy looks like its only going to get stronger in the coming years, unless a major update in its algorithm changes how Google sees large brands. For now, you can rely on parasite SEO to rank your site and bring in some more traffic even in the highly competitive niches.

Best Parasite SEO Platforms

Finding quality platforms Google deems as authoritative is easier than you might think. Alexa (in case you’re unfamiliar) tracks the global rankings of so many websites on the internet. What you should be looking for is a website that ranks within top 100,000 in terms of traffic numbers. Of course, you want to start from the top of the list and work your ways down.

The best platforms for you will vary based on your niche, and the keywords you’re targeting. But to make things a bit easier for you, here are some of the highest performing platforms for Parasite SEO.

For nearly all niches, blogs and forums tend to work quite well. Consider using platforms like:

  • Medium

  • Reddit

  • LinkedIn (from a personal profile)

  • Vimeo

  • YouTube

  • Quora

If you'e looking for local SEO results, citations websites such as those listed below tend to work best:

  • Yelp

  • Google Sites

  • YouTube

  • Houzz

  • Manta

Keep in mind that some of these platforms can remove your content in case they see you pointing lots of links on your pages, and you should try to avoid them. While it hard to point out all of them, it would be best to avoid sites like BuzzFeed and Reddit, as they’ve been known to be highly regulated.

Don' forget that the role of Google is to match the search user to what they believe that they intended to find. In a lot of cases, YouTube and WikiHow seems to be a solid option for ranking; how toposts, since they tend to match the user intent.

As a tip, if you can find a relevant topic to tackle about a given platform on the platform, like “how to change the URL of your Medium article”, the ranking will most likely be biased towards ranking medium articles, since the term is in the search phrase. You can also parasite off a forum topic that's already ranking in search by posting a thorough reply on the thread with one or multiple links to what you want to rank.

What About the Strategy?

There are two key strategies you can use to develop your parasite pages: creating them by yourself of outsourcing the entire process.

Building them yourself is highly recommended if you're just getting started with SEO. With some basic keyword discovery and on-page optimization techniques, you can easily rank at the top of search results.

Outsourcing is ideal if you really have other important things to do and you can afford hiring a person to do the job for you. As it is, SEO isn't exactly a fun process, and its quite difficult to motivate yourself to focus on cranking out those parasite pages. Nonetheless, the potential of profit from parasite SEO is absolutely insane, and can leave some room in your budget to outsource the process without eating much of your profits.


If you're interested in doing Parasite SEO, you should first learn basic SEO to help the process of ranking your site much easier.   I would suggest purchasing services from Legiit SEO Marketplace
such as: keyword researchexpired web 2.0, get content written or write it yourself, social profiles, social signals, other web 2.0, pbn links, .edu and .gov links, along with link diversity.  Treat your parasite site as a real website by building it out with unique content and good on-pages SEO to see the best success.
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Ultimate SEO Tools

Ultimate SEO Tools

Which Ultimate SEO Tools To Use To Rank Websites? No matter how you look at or your opinion of it, SEO has become of a mandatory endeavor for businesses across the world than an optional marketing strategy you make use of occasionally. The numbers show that not only is it important for businesses to have an online presence but being ranked high among the links in any given search engine results page (SERP) is critical as well. For instance, about 60% of business to business marketers reckon that SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation.

Ultimate SEO Tools
Ultimate SEO Tools
This is where SEO comes in; when done right, it helps businesses attain an online presence. Moreover, a good SEO strategy can help your business’ website rank high in the SERPs for the keywords you are interested in and targeting. This is an important consideration to have in mind as research shows that the click-through rate falls by about 25% between the first link and the fifth link on any given SERP ( Additionally, only a dismal 8.5% of traffic goes beyond the first page of any given SERP. As such, it is not just a matter having a web property, but it is also about ranking as high as possible – the higher the better.

However, competition for the top ranks in search engines is ever increasing. This means that trying to rank among the top website is getting harder by the day. To aid in your quest to be the top-ranked website in your target keywords, you will have to use SEO tools. Although they are designed for a wide variety of functions and purposes, SEO tools are all intended to provide users with data, information, and insights that will website owners develop more potent SEO strategies.

Herein we will explore the top SEO tools that have proven capabilities and effective at what they do by providing insights that help website owners rank better on search engines. For better understanding, the tools have been group according to their functions and purposes

All-In-One/Multipurpose SEO Tools

These tools incorporate a wide variety of features and capabilities. Essentially, these tools are designed to help you conduct every aspect of SEO, from keyword research, link building, competitor analysis to tracking the performance of your website. That being said, it is important to note that these tools are not created equally. Every tool under this category has its own strength and weaknesses.

#1. SEMrush – SEMrush as an SEO tool is one of the most popular tools on the market. It filled to the brim with features that allows SEOs to conduct website audits, link profile analysis, website traffic analysis, link building, content optimization, keyword research, competitor analysis and much more.

#2. Ahrefs – Ahrefs has built a reputation in the SEO industry as one of the most comprehensive and effective SEO tools. SEOs use Ahref for link building, backlink analysis, position tracking, and competitor analysis.

#3. Moz Pro – This tool has been designed for simplicity but effectiveness. Users can carry out competitor analysis, keyword research, link profile analysis, on-page SEO optimization, and much more.

Other popular multipurpose SEO tools include:

#4. Raven Tools
#5. All in One SEO Pack (for websites that use WordPress as their content management system)
#6 - All in one ninja suite of SEO tools

Link Building And Tracking Tools

#1. Linkody – Linkody is a stellar link tracking tool. It is designed to help you track your backlinks, notifying you when you gain or lose backlinks. However, you can use these capabilities to track your competitors’ link building endeavors.

#2. Ontolo – While this tool comes with plenty of features, the link building features are the most prominent and popular. For instance, it allows users to unearth high-quality link building opportunities, giving users a spreadsheet full of link building opportunities.

#3. Majestic – Majestic is a great link building and link analysis. This tool allows you to audit your backlinks and, thereafter determine their quality and trustworthiness. Moreover, the tool allows users to analyze their competitors’ link history and link profile

 Other link building SEO tools to use include:

#4. Buzzstream
#5. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
#6. Muck Rack
#7. AuthoritySpy

Competitor Analysis

#1. SpyFu – SpyFu is designed as a simple means to get the scoop on your competitors. Simply enter their domain and you get the keywords they are targeting.

For the most part, most SEOs use all-in-one tools to conduct competitor analysis.

On-Page SEO Tools

#1. GTmetrix – This tool covers all aspects of on-page SEO including speed
#2. PageSpeed Insights – This tool is used for speed testing your website’s pages.
#3. TinyPNG for image optimization.
#4. Botify
#5. Browseo
#6. DareBoost

Keyword Research

These are the popular keyword tools that SEOs use for keyword research.

#1. Google Keyword Planner
#2. KWFinder
#3. Answer The Public
#4. Bing Webmaster Tools
#5. Long Tail Pro
#6. Google Trends

Rank Tracking Tools

#1. Pro Rank Tracker
#2. Google Search Console
#3. Advanced Web Ranking
#4. SEO Monitor
#5. Authority Labs
#6. GeoRanker

While this list is in no way comprehensive, the above-listed tools are some of the most popular tools. Importantly, they are very effective at what they are designed to do.

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Local SEO For Beginners

Local SEO For Beginners

local seo for beginners
Local SEO For Beginners
If you own a local business, having a website is essential. But what good will it do if your local customers can’t find you online. You need to constantly appear at the top of the local search results, since customers are always searching for the best products and services neat them, and don’t bother going past the first page of the search results.

In that case, if your business isn’t showing up on the top of the search results, then you are missing out on important traffic, phone calls, physical location visits, and therefore sales and revenue. What’s the fix to this problem? Well, SEO, specifically Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?


In layman terms, SEO is the art and science of ranking websites on search engines results. Local SEO is the part of SEO that deals with optimizing a website so that it can rank high for local search results. Local search is a collection of the many different search terms that feature or refer to local terms, such as:

• Dentists near me

• Plumbers near me

• Doctors in [local city/neighborhood]

• Plumbers in [city/neighborhood]

Local SEO is basically a strategic process that optimizes the digital marketing efforts to cater to the needs of both local brick-and-mortar or online businesses. On-page optimizations, content, as well as link building that has a focused, localized intent are some examples of these efforts.

It also focuses on ensuring that all of the potential local signals in the entire Google’s local search landscape are correct and consistent. If they are not, for instance when there’s different information about your business online, you could potentially hurt your rankings, and have situations where the local results display somethings different from your intention.

Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is perfect for nearly all businesses providing services or selling products within a given range. It’s an opportunity for both Google (to provide relevant results to users) and the small and medium businesses (to showcase products to more local people).

Lawyers and law firms, medical practices and doctors, restaurants, plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, cable connection, internet service, etc. are some examples of local businesses that can benefit from local SEO. Here’s why local SEO is important:

• If you choose to use Google Ads, local targeting ensures that your money is spent for the right searches.

Local SEO is much easier to master than SEO in general. You’ll be able to rank higher for local search faster than you would the regular searches for specific keywords

• With the ever increasing number of mobile devices, local search helps you get hold of the local mobile searches, which are essential to the growth of businesses today. Keep in mind that 50% of people who perform a local search on their mobile device visit a physical store within a day [from Google]

• Local search will help to get your business exposure in the areas you want


How to Get Started with Local SEO

Here are the tips and trick to get started with your local SEO optimization:

1. Optimize your Google My Business Page

Although Google+ has fizzled out, claiming your Google My Business page remains to be a cornerstone element in Local SEO. So, if you haven’t claimed your yet, do it right away. Having a correctly filled out and well optimized Google My Business page increases your chances of featuring in the first page of local search results by a few times.

Ensure that you post your correct address, name, phone number, and have these be an exact match with the ones you’ve posted in other online platforms like Yelp. Be sure to also include details such as your business hours, types of payment you accept, etc.

2. Optimize your Keywords

Today, more people have access to devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and smartphones, which pave way for voice search to be a key resource for local search execution. For instance, it’s easier for most people to say “find a plumber near me” or “give me a list of dentists near me” to the voice assistants than it is for them to type the same. As such, local queries are now increasingly becoming conversational based.

So, if you’re in the service industry, try using keyword variations that include questions. You can make use of Keyword research tools such as AnswerThePublic and KWFinder to find out about the different phrases that people are searching for in your industry, along with the search volumes.

3. Localize your Content

Aside from keyword optimization, there’s still a lot you can do to help the search engines understand the local appeal of your business by optimizing your content for the same. Publishing local-optimized content helps search engines to contextualize the niche of your site to its local service. You can also include an interactive map widget to enhance the SEO appeal of your site.

Consider creating a separate blog for your site where you could post locally relevant content such as news, and content about local events related to your niche. This will do you good when matched with keywords relevant to your locality.


4. Secure Relevant Online Directory Listings

Along with the Google my Business Listings, other high authority business directories can help to strengthen your online presence in local search. Some of the directories you should consider getting listed on include:

• Facebook

• Better Business Bureau

• LinkedIn

• Yellow Pages

• Bing Places for Business

• Yahoo Local

As mentioned earlier, ensure your details are consistent across all the platforms you choose to use.


5. Encourage Reviews

Of course, you don’t want to force your customers to leave positive reviews online, since this is considered manipulating the terms of service on these platforms. Instead, have your customers know that you appreciate their feedback. You can send your happy clients customer service emails with links to your profiles on Yelp, Google my Business, or other platforms.

Simply letting them know that you appreciate their feedback will have a good percentage of them taking their time to leave natural, authentic reviews (perhaps positive ones) without you having to ask them directly. Keep in mind that modern customers can spot paid or fabricated reviews from a mile away.
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