The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Right Way To Use SEO Inside Etsy

The Etsy e-commerce platform was created to provide effective communication between sellers and buyers so that a seller can offer a quality product with a human touch, and the buyer can purchase a product or service that actually meets their expectations. The most striking thing about this platform is that it shows search results that really meet the prospects of the potential buyer. This is not a superficial result, nor is it influenced by the number of buyers who have selected the product, but it is really what the person is looking for.
 Etsy E-Commerce

When you are a seller you want to reach as many people as possible and, although it is a little more complicated with Etsy, the reality is that you can always use keywords for your advantage. As long as you're completely sure of what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to, you'll be able to get results in no time. Inside the world of virtual purchases, there is a lot of competition but a well-created profile can stand out from the rest. The security that both sellers and buyers receive is just one of the great benefits that this platform offers above the rest, and with the right knowledge can be only the beginning.  This is where Etsy optimization comes into play.


Analyze your product in depth

The seller knows his product in profundity, but to sell it you must spread this knowledge in a way that is not invasive and stimulate the curiosity of others. Etsy offers a perfect space for handicrafts and antiques, as well as rare or collectible products, and best of all; it has a perfect market for this. If you want others to buy your product, you should seriously think about who it's aimed at and, based on that, create a product description that responds to potential customer searches. The most significant thing is to go in and fill out the profile, after this, it takes a little research to get the best results.

Select keywords that really go with what you sell.

While you can't choose keywords that immediately appeal to customers, you can analyze search patterns for free thanks to the searching bar. You have to move forward to be more and more specific and go up in the stats. If you sell handmade products, you must know that thousands of people do it too, but only you sell products made with copper wire, for example. If you add this to the keywords you use, you'll probably go up in the search and you'll be closer to making sales. Although it was previously recommended to use words that attracted the most buyers, this can be a double-edged weapon if you fall back to the bottom of the search, and this will only depend on how consistent are the words you chose with the product you sold.

Stay tuned for changes in search patterns.

Even if you have chosen the perfect keyword, this does not mean that it will stay that way for the rest of your stay on the platform. This page was created to keep commercializing with human warmth, this means that there will be daily changes as people grow, evolve and look for different things according to the dates, the seasons, and even depending on aspects of the national economy. As long as you're willing to upgrade and maintain a close relationship with SEO, you can survive people's changes.

Make an investment for your business

If you consider that there has been too gradual growth and that you will be able to perform in a superior way with the help of better keywords, the platform offers you a paid SEO called Etsy Rank, which has a free option and a paid option, where you can analyze your statistics and receive the advice that is limiting you. The page shows you which keywords actually work because they relate searches to purchases and give you that secret. As we said before, not all minds think the same but it is worth trying because if luck accompanied you once can follow you in the trail.

Marmalead is a definitive solution

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO and market research tool that use machine learning to take the guesswork out of getting found on Etsy, its a great tool for serious sellers.  Here are all the answers to your doubts. It is a complete analysis of the pattern of behavior of buyers, where you can see what they are looking for and how they are looking for it, offering a confirmed data that only needs to be implemented. Since that you can track a specific word for several days, you can understand in depth what customers think. If you're a seller of weather-dependent products, you can be absolutely sure of the perfect time to sell winter clothes and take advantage of Etsy's favorable positioning for new products, although for a limited time.

Let others know you.

Your product may be the best in the world but this will not be enough for it to be sold. If you started out as a physical store and decided to expand to this platform for its security or protection to sellers you should understand that unless you do a previous market study, your sales are unlikely to explode from day one. Where you live it can be quite a rarity to find someone who sells handmade gift cards, but within the search engine, you will find dozens of people who can also do it so don't be discouraged and work harder to get higher results in the shortest time possible.

Here are few tips to grow your Etsy shop 

  •  Create social media profiles 
  •  Create a Facebook page
  •  Start a blog and write post about your products
  •  Create a Youtube videos about your products
  •  Seek Advice from other Etsy Sellers- There are numerous tutorials online from successful Etsy sellers who have build their shop from the ground up.  One place you can find some informative tutorials is Youtube. 

SEO Etsy conclusion

SEO and Etsy should not be considered as antonyms, even if they do not work as you are used to. Don't get overwhelmed or discourage keep on creating, learning, and striving to grow you Etsy Shop , and before you know it, you will see success.