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SERPed Review

Hello and welcome to our SERPed review. Without a proper investment in SEO tools for your online marketing campaign, you could be wasting money.

While there is a myriad of tools, some that work and some that don’t, there is only a handful, of software packages that can make the same amount of necessary noise online as the SERPed SEO tool.

In the following review, we will discuss in brief the features that are to like about the software and how to use and some demerits. After reading this, you should be in a position to make an informed choice to buy or not to buy the package.

Ours is to give you a highlight of the main SERPed features and leave the purchase decision up to you.

Why SERPed- Features of SERPed

You may be wondering why the hype surrounding this particular package. That could ow to the rich functionality of the tool incorporating some of the key features of premium SEO software like SEMrush, Moz and even Majestic.

A combination of these immensely powerful features on a single interface would be the holy grail of SEO tools. And that’s what makes SERPed such a great pick for beginner and pro SEO experts.
SERPed combines over 45 tools for Keyword Research, Backlinks, Lead Generation, Advanced Reporting and Ranking.

Keyword research

The golden words that customers use are perhaps the most important for any Search Engine marketing campaign.

  • Ultimate search-relevant keyword suggestions based on real-time research. Keywords returned are accompanied by useful numbers for CPC, traffic values, PPC competition, and search volumes.
  • What ranks where – useful for competitor keyword research? Enter a domain and get the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Long-tail keywords – do the work of google suggest. The feature delivers the same list of auto-complete keywords you get with Ubersuggest.
  • Keyword analyzer – pulls all relevant data on a keyword to aid analysis of its difficulty and competitiveness. This includes Alexa rank, social signals, MozRank, DA, PA, and referring domains.

The platform alone replaces many keyword and backlink research tools such as the Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz and many more.

Domain research

This feature will help the newbie and pro SEO enthusiast to know what mattes the most about each and every domain of interest. It is a great way to measure the value of any domain so as to save money that would otherwise waste worthless or harmful domain purchases. It pulls useful data from systems like Moz and Majestic and puts it side by side on a single screenshot for easier comparison.

Site explorer

This is the most useful feature of the domain research tools. It gives you the basic specs of each domain entered. You can use this on domains you own and also to assess the competition for your localized searches for instance. You can access data from both versions of each domain www and without ‘www’

Anchor text

The anchor text applet lets users acquire useful insights about the backlink information of any website. You get topical relevance, diversity, citation and trust flow. Visualizing these concepts makes it much easier for you to remain relevant around your backlinks and thus improve on rank.

Bulk URL analyzer

Bulk URL analyzer is a godsend when you have tons of URLs to draw your data from. It minimizes blunders when checking out metrics of several to many sites. This means you can get all your insights about your group of URLs of interest without having to burn the midnight oil and break the bank in the time-sucking exercise. Surely there are better ways to spend your time.

Domain finder

What this module of Serped does is getting you a detailed list of expired and expiring domains worth buying for your PBN. With billions of domains out there and a couple of hundred thousand that might relate to your niche, only premium filters can help you get the best ranking domains. auction master

Aged domain finder

The aged domain finder is the tool that can get you domains that expired recently. This interface now gets you all the stats you need such as domain age, DA, CF, TF MozRank, Price and the number of backlinks.

Expired scrapper

You can now easily find domains that have quality backlinks from certain authority sites with the amazing expired scrapper. This saves you the pain and hassle of having to search through each candidate expired domain for its backlink structure.

Auction master

The domain finder module would not be complete without a link to join the major auctions for top competitive domains. You can bid for all your domains on a single platform and review your various bids periodically.

Top expiring domains

Another category of search for useful domains is to look through the domains that are being expired. Domains for this search are returned according to their value based on age and DA.

Site management

Site monitoring tools are not inexpensive too and SERPed replaces them all with its neat and feature rich site management module. Here are some of its features:

Site manager

You can now add and monitor your sites and even those of your competition with all important metrics on the same platform. From social media shares to Moz and Majestic SEO data, there is no important detail about your monitored sites that is likely to pass you by. This should help you track your client’s progress and show value for money in the earlier stages of your SEO campaign.

Site statistics

With site statistics, you can keep track of all the measurable changes in the websites’ essential metrics. When sourcing your data from multiple tools, you will have a harder time interpreting and storing the information. With this single platform, you can easily see the correlation between the various streams of data for your measured site parameters.

SEO review

This is a useful revision tools that will go through your sites and find any harmful errors that may be dragging you behind. The SEO review tool encompasses error reporting relating to URL analysis, Meta tags, image analysis, headings and tags, mobile friendliness, social analysis and content review.

Other SERPed tools

Backlink management

You want to know when your backlink is removed so you can mediate the situation and avert a catastrophic rank deterioration event. The backlinks manager also embedded in the SERPed engine will track backlinks to your site from the other sites just so you won’t be struggling to check them manually.

Uptime monitoring

incidentally, your site may go offline for all sorts of weird reasons and you want to know. You will also get notifications when you site is taking too long to respond as this too impacts customer experience negatively.

The cash flow manager

Since your websites are your cash-cows why not throw in a spreadsheet like program that can help you keep track of your expenses and income from your online business? Financial reports can be exported to file and printed for clients if that is what you want to do.

Site backup

Site backup plugins are great but there is no reason to use them anymore when you have the same if not better capability for automated site backups on the SERPed interface. Again, having to manage several sites’ individual backups separately is hectic and a task we wouldn’t wish on anyone. With this module, you get all your eggs in one basket.

Rank tracking

SERPed supports local, global, amazon, YouTube and instant check rank trackers. With the local tracker you can forget about Whitespark and other local keyword rank trackers. The additional features maps tracker is a kickass solution to local SEO problems.

Client acquisition

This makes the last feature we will discuss here for the seemingly infinite capabilities of the SERPed platform. It is also arguably the most unique feature that the software package has to offer which delivers timely analysis of any site for clients in real time. My site auditor offers this same service but we have tested and proved this to be a more accurate version. Clients enter their email and credentials before getting their stats. A big plus as building an email list is very important for any online marketing campaign.

SERPed costs

A tool this good could be sold for top dollar one time or monthly subscription and everyone would be comfortable with it. Thankfully, the SERPed package is now available for only a fraction of what you would normally pay for only a single tool like Moz.

Our verdict

Since this is our candid review, it wouldn’t be complete without our opinion having checked out the software package in action. The main selling point of the application is the multitude of functional features that are neatly tucked into its interface. To find all these powerful features on the same platform means a lot in savings and ease of use.

As such, is the ultimate all-in-one SEO tool to replace traditional SEO tools; replacing them effectively. It’s like buying only one tool, say majestic or My Site Auditor and getting all other tools for free!