KWFinder A Tool That Actually Works

KWFinder A Tool That Actually Works

If you’re serious about ranking your website in search engines, then you better know how to properly conduct keyword research.

For professional digital marketing experts, keyword research should be the first step in the process of any SEO campaign. Most of the time, using free tools will put you behind your competition.

Have you ever tried to rank for a specific keyword only to find out that it is more difficult than you think?

One of the major reasons why you should invest in a good keyword research tool is to avoid making costly mistakes. We’re talking about a tool called KwFinder.

Improper keyword research can lead to money down the drain and your precious time being sucked away like a vampire sucking blood from his victim.

The other reason why you’ll want to choose KwFinder is to start ranking faster than ever. If you don’t know what your customers or audience are searching for, it’s going to be a lot of trial and error.

That’s exactly why having this software can give you the edge you’re looking for.


KwFinder for Keyword Research  
Buy KWFinder
Buy KWFinder

If you value time, then you’re like any other internet marketer. Time is money, as they say, and that’s exactly what your return on investment will be.

Once you find this hidden gem of a tool, there will be no more time wasted and your money will be well invested in laser focused areas.

Good software tools are created to bring out the productivity in you. To be more creative with your time, and to use your energy more efficiently.


What can it actually do?

It’s one of the best tools on the market, and chances are your competitors are implementing this powerful tool.

Checking Keyword Research Difficulty Score

An incredibly accurate feature is the difficulty score. This is one of the main advantages that you need when planning your site out.

Provide Real Keyword Results

Most keyword research tools out there are very good in their own unique way. However, one of the main drawbacks to many of them is how accurate they actually are.

How bad would it be if you thought you had the right keywords, but you really didn’t? Wouldn’t it be worse if your competition already found what you were looking for?

Don’t worry, you are not alone when it comes to making mistakes. We’ve all been there before and that’s why we’re building awareness around this powerful tool. It literally changes the game.

Related Search Phrases and Monthly Volume

There’s nothing worse than creating content around your key words, then finding out that there are more related search phrases.

Learning that those related search phrases are profitable, and your competitors are already ranking for them can be a nightmare.

This tool can take care of that issue before it becomes a problem. The related search phrases and the amount of monthly searches are all there, right in front of you.

Now, you can plan almost any site before you decide to invest your time and money into the project.

If you do client SEO, you’ll be able to find the buyer-intent keywords. Their phones will be ringing off the hook.

Stop wasting time and unnecessary resources like we used to. Stay ahead of your competition. The solution is finally here. Choose KwFinder for keyword research along with the SEO service providers located on the SEO Service List page and see your rankings sky rocket.
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How To Use Medium For SEO

How To Use Medium For SEO

You have probably heard about Medium before, and if not, you will get the chance to know about this amazing platform shortly. Medium or is a online publishing content that hosts tons of amazing content created by users. It's a place where you can find technical, niche, long-form, thoughtful and promotional content from a wide variety of sources. Everyone from ordinary people to freelance journalists and even CEOs use Medium to share content with people from all over the world. As Medium has gained popularity in recent years, companies and businesses are increasingly using the platform for content marketing and SEO.

What Is Medium?

Medium For SEO
Recent analytics show that approximately 30 millions users visited every month. The platform was created by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams and was initially intended to be content marketing and sharing (CMS) community. Over the years, the website has undergone numerous changes and updates to make it work more seamlessly for both marketers and publishers. Today, many companies and businesses use Medium as their official company blogs. Also, many independent publishers use Medium to host and share their entire content library. Like any platform, Medium is not perfect. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as a digital marketing tool.

By getting to know more about the platform and examining the different features and capabilities that it has to offer, you can determine whether Medium can fit into your organic search engine optimization strategy.

Content Marketing

When it comes to using content for SEO purposes, it is important to really consider where you post your content in order to get maximum outreach. Coming up with the content is just part of the content marketing process. To get results from your content, you must make it discoverable by your target audience. Once your target audience finds your content, they can easily be directed to your website. Publishing platforms like Medium make this process easier for website owners and marketers.

When you publish content on Medium, your post will automatically rank high on organic search results due to their high domain authority. On top of this, platforms like Medium usually have millions of users that form a sort of pre-existing audience for the content you posts. There are robust search and tagging functions that make it easier for users to discover information and content on the website. Simply put, when you post your content on Medium, you get exposure to a larger audience that you would have if you posted on your website or company blog.

Medium has some pretty handy features that boost your overall SEO campaign and drive traffic to your website. Here's how you can use this platform to get more people to come to your website.

How To Use Medium For SEO

Medium is mostly used by website owners and marketers as a republishing platform. This means that the content posted on the site may already exist somewhere else. The intention of most publishers is simply to reach more readers.

1. Customize Your Profile and Interact With Users

From the onset, you need to position yourself as an expert in your niche. You can do this by editing your bio to introduce yourself to readers. You can include your website link in your bio as well.

The next step is to find content that's been posted by popular authors in your niche and post comments and interact with other users interested in the same content. Make sure you posts relevant and informative comments that will help you to get noticed by readers. If users like your comments, they will come to your profile and see what you have to offer.

2. Optimize Your Posts

As mentioned above, medium is a platform with millions of users. In order to stand out among such huge numbers, you need to use captivating headlines that attract readers' attention. Look at the headlines used on popular posts and adjust yours to suit your target audience.

You should insert links in your posts to drive traffic to your site for readers to get similar content or more information on a particular subject, product or service. If you wish, you can include a call-to-action that urges your readers to subscribe to mail list for more informative content and assistance from you.
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Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace Review

Legiit SEO Marketplace
Legiit SEO Marketplace is an SEO marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Like any marketplace, it can have good and bad sellers. However, there is an overwhelming majority of good sellers on the marketplace which makes it a very compelling platform for those that are either directly looking for SEO help or those looking to offer SEO services. Below, we will be going over some of the things that make one of the best SEO marketplaces on the market.

A Review Of

1. Community Driven

Unlike some of the other marketplaces where you will find SEO services being sold, you are really going to have a much more vetted and community-driven platform with A lot of the other platforms have SEO sellers so spread out and there is such a mix of sellers that it can be very difficult to see which sellers are trustworthy and which are not. Whereas, with, virtually anyone selling SEO services on the platform is directly involved with and apart of the SEO community itself. Therefore, you are getting a much deeper connection with someone that is visibly involved with the SEO industry.

2. Easy To Use And Navigate

Another great thing about the platform itself is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use and navigate. You are gaining access to a platform that has a very user-friendly design with plenty of features that will allow you to properly navigate and find what you are looking for no matter if you are a buyer or seller of SEO services.

3. Seller Incentives.

Another extremely beneficial aspect of is the fact that they are so generous to sellers. Because the platform is designed to only take 10% in seller fees, it attracts some of the best SEO sellers on the entire market. After all, no top-rated SEO seller is going to want to sell on marketplaces that take high percentages off the top. Rather, they would be incentivized to move a lot of their high-tier services to a platform with lower fees. That is likely why has been attracting a lot of the most respected SEO sellers within the industry because they allow sellers to keep 90% of what they bring in. A majority of freelance platforms are nowhere near this mark.

4. Featured Services

Another good thing has going for it is its featured services section. Every week, the people at Legiit scour through their top sellers and individually select one service to be featured on the platform. Because of this, any seller that provides outstanding service has a chance to be featured on the entire platform and given tremendous exposure on all of Legiit's social media networks, through an email blast, and through a direct YouTube review. As a result, this incentivizes each and every seller to provide the best possible service to each of their customers in the hope they will be able to gain such exposure for being featured. It's truly a win-win-win for Legiit's marketplace, the service provider, and the consumer.

5. Review System

As mentioned previously, the review system in place does a good job of allowing a customer to vet through their options when it comes to finding a particular service. Because it offers such a comprehensive overview of a particular service and because it has a user review and feedback system in place, you should be able to select a good service provider each and every time based on your budget. This can keep buyers coming back for more. Legiit, like any other marketplace, knows that the money comes from repeat business. Therefore, they make every attempt to ensure that you leave completely satisfied.

In the end, stands out as one of the most compelling SEO marketplaces on the market. They are constantly updating the design and service offerings to appeal to their end-consumer. They regularly take in customer feedback in an effort to optimize their offerings and to really provide the best possible customer experience for not only buyers but sellers as well. If you are looking for the highest quality SEO services available online or if you are looking to provide them yourself, you will want to check out It is truly the most comprehensive and best platform on the market that has a delicate balance between keeping both buyers and sellers as happy as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read, "Legiit SEO Marketplace ."

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Pointers For Ranking Affiliate Sites

Pointers For Ranking Affiliate Sites

Ranking Affiliate Sites
Ranking Affiliate Sites
Affiliate sites rarely seem to break through to the top Google search rankings. It's not because Google doesn't like affiliate websites, but rather because those site owners don't put in the effort required to reach the top. If you want to run a high ranking affiliate site, then you need to be prepared to put in the time, research, and work required to reach the top. Here are a few pointers to help you along the


1. Publish Helpful Content

What is one major difference between high ranking affiliate sites and the rest of them? The high ranking websites also make an effort to publish useful and helpful content. John Mueller, a senior Webmaster trends analyst at Google has specifically stated that Google recognizes the helpful nature of some affiliate websites and that Google will gladly give such websites the ranking they deserve.

The problem with many affiliate marketers is that the idea of investing time and effort into useful content goes against their strategy. Many affiliate websites post the same information in the same categories and race to bring in as much traffic as possible. This results in poor rankings and websites that fizzle out nearly as quickly as they started.

Are you invested in your affiliate website for the long term? Do you want to consistently rank high while other affiliate partners are forgotten? If so, then you need to focus on creating a website that is useful by publishing important information.

Long gone are the days when quantity was the biggest deciding factor in a website's ranking. There are nearly 500 unique metrics used by Google to rank a website. Flooding the internet with low-quality content at a fast rate isn't going to help any of them.

2. Get People Involved

Google is more about the user than they have ever been: and rightfully so. Whether it's improving the user experience with faster loading times or letting users voice their opinion on Google business websites; the point is that Google cares about the people and likes it when people have positive interactions with businesses.

In the past, affiliate websites were not particularly interested in the interactions between business and customer. But such strategies are no longer going to work if you want to improve your affiliate site ranking. You'll need to pull out all of the stops to improve the user experience and ensure the majority of people who view your site have a positive experience. This means implementing some of the necessary features like easy-to-use navigation, mobile responsive design, and fast loading times.

In this day and age, it also means letting people share their experience. Let users add their voice and their value to your content when they view your site. This can be accomplished through comments, forums, and reviews. This has the added bonus of generating unique content on your website that isn't present on any other affiliate site, which is always a good thing as far as Google is concerned.


3. Don't Skimp On The Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with any SEO campaign is skimping on the analysis. In particular, many affiliate websites ignore it entirely. Under no circumstances can your affiliate site reach its potential if you don't put the effort into learning what the competition is doing, learning how effective your content is, and learning what keywords you should be focusing on.

Competitive content analysis should be at the top of the priority list. There is so much that can be learned from the competition regardless of whether or not they are successful. Start by learning whether they use keywords int heir titles, headers, descriptions, and URLs. If so, what keywords are they using and how often do they appear throughout their pages.

One of the great things about SEO is that if it's working for your competition, then it will probably work for you too. There's nothing wrong with adopting a strategy very similar to that of your competition. As a matter of fact, it's one of the smartest moves that you can make.

Leaving The Past Behind

The problem with many modern affiliate sites is that they are using the same marketing strategy they used in 1999. What worked then is not going to work now. The emphasis is on user experience, high-quality content, and diligent research. Keep these pointers in mind and you can surpass even the toughest of competition.

Check out this SEO Service List it can help you be successful in ranking website's
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Cheap SEO Services To Rank

Cheap SEO Services To Rank

According to modern research, 93% of all online experiences begin with Google or Bing. This staggering figure illustrates the viability of search engines and the role they play in digital marketing.

SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies available to website owners. However, it's best to seek cheap SEO services to help push your site forward. A well-designed campaign can make all the difference and guarantee a barrage of new leads.

SEO Service Marketplace
SEO Service Marketplace
Here are some of the advantages of using affordable SEO services.

Benefits of Using Cheap SEO Services:

1) Cost-Efficient 

In general, SEO is regarded as a budget-friendly marketing option. By selecting a well-regarded SEO service, website owners can take advantage of a good deal while bringing in new leads.

This ability to save money is where a marketing campaign can flourish. Instead of splurging on inefficient marketing options, why not make the most of search engine optimization? It's proven to work and a specialized service could go a long way in helping out. Some of the world's largest corporations continue to use SEO as a way to leverage their marketing campaigns and churn out profits. The same mindset can be used by any website owner!

2) Diversification

SEO has an indirect benefit that has to be kept in mind.

In most cases, a marketing strategy can become rigid where it uses one platform (i.e. social media or email marketing). However, by using a cheap SEO service, clients can diversify and gain control of their approach to marketing. All of the additional funds can be spread out between other marketing options including online and offline solutions.

This level of diversity is beneficial while building a long-term setup that's going to bring in leads.

3) Helps Collect Data

Marketing is all about collecting data and learning more about your niche. This information goes a long way in understanding the target audience. Whether it has to do with the number of clicks to your website or how many sales are completed, all information is useful in the long-term. It can help pinpoint successful keywords and ensure the SEO campaign continues to bring in results.

A good SEO service will help set the foundation for this data collection and can make sure it's done the right way.

4) Builds Brand Awareness

Yes, brand awareness is just as important as anything else in the business world. If people don't trust your brand, they're not going to buy. This means SEO is the way to go as your website will continue to pop up during searches on Google/Bing. 

Over time, people get accustomed to seeing your name and recognize its clout in the niche. This is when they start converting into sales.


These are the advantages of using cheap SEO services and building a well-rounded marketing strategy. Too many websites get lost in the shuffle because they refuse to adapt. By bringing in high-quality, affordable SEO services, it's possible to regain control of the market while generating leads. Start with SEO and build a meaningful foundation for the long-term.

Check out it's a great SEO Marketplace that provides a variety of marketing services  to get your website ranking in the search engines.
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Quora For Ranking Websites

Quora For Ranking Websites

Quora For Ranking Websites?  Getting attention online takes a lot of work and effort - and it takes smart strategy. While many people talk about the importance of social media, and another camp of people talk about SEO, there is one place where these two camps can meet: Quora

An incredibly popular social media website, it's obvious that Google loves Quora. Based around

Quora Backlinks
Quora Backlinks
asking questions, giving answers to questions you have the expertise to answer,

Because of the way the website is set up and how it encourages up voting deep content from trustworthy readers, that meets everything that Google wants to see in a website. If you aren't harnessing Quora for its multiple SEO benefits (as well as the many benefits the site brings on its own) you're getting left behind.

Link from Answers

You don't want to spam Quora with short answers that have a link. Not only will those answers not provide value, but there's a chance you could be banned. However, if you deliver long answers with solid content, in-depth information, and multiple sources that answer the question thoroughly (and explain why you're the person to answer that question) you can not only link to your main site, but to individual pages/posts, as well.

Those links are "no-follow" however Google has shown that they like Quora, so even if the links don't directly pass juice you will still see a push in your pages ranking due to other SEO factors.

Quora Answers Can Be Ranked In Google

Quora answers are ideal to meet Google's algorithm, especially for question based searches. Quora is an authority site, and really good answers can rank not only on the first page of Google for some terms but even top three. If you have the top voted answer - that's a lot of traffic going to your answer, seeing your link, and possibly even following it.

Builds Authority & Trust Flow

How can "nofollow" links from Quora help boost your rankings? We know this happens because many SEO experts and online website owners have seen the results and shared them. The solution is simple: authority & trust flow.

These are SEO factors that Google has straight out said are extremely important, but they are grey nebulous terms that are hard to nail down. Quora is seen as a trusted authority website. Links from them tell Google your website is more trustworthy, and that maybe you're an authority on the types of topics you are answering questions on.

Don't forget to fully fill out your profile, include major links there, and don't be afraid to invest some time in creating your own blog on Quora (which users are allowed to do). This builds more authority both on Quora itself as well as allows Google to see you're not just spamming links and leaving - you're someone answering questions, providing content, and they like seeing that.

More trust, more authority, and therefore higher rankings in Google then follow.

Actual Quora Traffic

Quora enjoys massive amounts of traffic, and that can bring you another benefit that is great in and of itself, and adds to your SEO value. If your answer is voted #1 on a very popular question that 10,000 people visit, it's not out of the question that 500-1,000 of those may check out your profile or your website at some point.

That's direct traffic that you've already built trust with, and it shows Google traffic from other sources...which is another confirmed SEO factor!

Quora has incredible potential and if you want the most out of your SEO plan then you definitely need to check out what Quora has to offer you.

==> Get A Professional Guest Post For Quora Backlinks

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On-Page SEO Rank Tutorial For Beginners

On-Page SEO Rank Tutorial For Beginners

A simple on-page seo rank tutorial for beginners.  Businesses can become more popular in search engines with the help of search engine optimization. Businesses can get more visitors to their website if they use popular keywords of their targeted audience within their content. Search engine optimization can be a very arcane process, but this article will help make the procedure a little more clear.

On-Page SEO Rank Tutorial For Beginners
On-Page SEO Rank Tutorial For Beginners
When setting up site SEO, don't forget about your site's URL. Having a domain is better than a subdomain, if you can set one up. Also, any URL longer than about 10 words risks being classified as spam. You want about 3 to 4 words in the domain and no more than 6 or 7 in the page name.

Most websites can benefit from an internet marketing strategy that encourages customer loyalty and repeat business by fostering a sense of community among customers. By giving customers the opportunity to communicate with each other and staying in contact with them, well-organized websites can build a strong base of repeat business. Loyal customers should feel rewarded for sticking with a particular online business.

To optimize their websites' position on search index results pages, savvy webmasters will register plenty of articles at article database sites. An article on such a database will include a link back to the owner's website. This link will be noted by search engines and contribute to the site's position in the search index.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Make sure you use a relevant and unique meta description and title on every page of your website. The web page title is the most important on-page SEO element and it is almost impossible to rank highly in search engine results, without two or three keywords making up the web page title. Although the meta description tag will not help you to rank, it does appear as a text snippet under your listing in search results, so it has the power to influence whether or not searchers visit your website.


On-Page SEO Body Tags

Make sure you use body tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc)
When writing your article or post break up your content into smaller paragraphs and sections. Use keyword rich title starting with priority H1 tag (Main Title),  and use H2, H3, and H4 tags for following titles

One good on-page SEO technique is to use alt tags to describe all the images on your website. By doing this, search engines will be able to index the images and find your pages. This method also has the added benefit of helping website visitors who are using text-only browsers.

SEO Conclusion

When you are developing your SEO strategy, be sure to bucket your ideas so you get a clearer picture of your needs. A great way to think about your SEO buckets is on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO are the strategies you use when developing your page and writing content. 

Off-page SEO is the link building strategies you need to create to give your site legitimacy in the marketplace.

As previously mentioned, popular keywords that are utilized by search engines form the basis of the formula used in search engine optimization. If a webmaster uses certain words frequently in his site's copy, the search engines will show that site to people who search for those words. Reading this article is a sure-fire way to learn how to use keywords effectively.

Want to know why your website is not climbing in the search engines? Get an in depth Professional On-Page SEO Audit by an SEO expert with years of experience in ranking many websites in the top search engines.

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Does Video Improve SEO

 Does Video Improve SEO

Does Video Improve SEO
Does Video Improve SEO

Does Video Improve SEO? When you’re working on improving your SEO rankings you’re always looking for the best ways to get the job done. People know the standard things that help you have a website climb the Search Engine Rakings Page (Or SERP) in the ranking categories of popularity. People know that they have to work on the three standards of authority, relevance and trust. Building a website’s rankings up in these three areas will go a long way in improving your SERP. Finding people with the the skills and tactics to build up your website’s rankings in these areas can give you a huge leg on your competition. Now there is another big change coming to SEO that’s got to be taken into account. Video is the best way to engage a customer and Google is starting to take note of it. Having video on your website increases the time a person spends on your site and Google sees that as a huge plus for your site.

Having video on your site is one way to show Google that you have a dynamic and vibrant mix of media on your site and that the content is high quality. With this trend it’s expected that Google will start granting higher and higher rankings to sites that include videos. By the same token lacking video on your site could cause it to lag behind other sites even if your keyword optimization and other SEO tools are still being used as best as possible.

You’ll still want to use your SEO tactics inside the video to make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve your SERP. You’ll want to make sure the title of your video and the text about the video are using the keywords you’re working on getting your site ranked on. If you’re doing a video for a car dealership in Orlando you’re going to want make sure the title of the video is has Orlando dealership in it or words to that effect so that Google knows what the video is about.

Once you’ve made your video you’ll want to let Youtube host the site. This is good because you’ll keep your website running smoothly without having to deal with the hassle of hosting video content and Youtube is owned by Google and while this isn’t a proven benefit of using Youtube but it can’t hurt that you’re working with a media company that’s run by Google.

Customers are likely to give up on a video if it doesn’t load quickly enough. Making sure your videos load exactly when a prospective customer clicks on them is vital to make sure you’re keeping them on your site and looking at your content. Search around on-line to find the best tools that work for you to make your videos load smoothly.

Now when you’re faced with the question , does video improve SEO, you’ll have some solid information and be ready to ride the next big wave in the SEO field. Video isn’t the future, it’s already here.

Do you need help ranking your video on YouTube? Check out this: Complete Youtube Video Ranking Service

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Reasons You Need To Implement DIY SEO

Reasons You Need To Implement DIY SEO

Implement DIY SEO

Implement DIY SEO
Getting your website to rank well within the search engines is crucial to being able to achieve success in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. With increased competition for the top rankings for respective keywords, it can be very important to implement effective SEO strategies. However, hiring a company to handle the SEO implementation for your business is not only costly, but it can be dangerous. 
After all, if the company ends up utilizing "black hat" strategies and techniques, it could set your rankings back significantly to the point where it can be near impossible to recover.

This is why you should be implementing Do It Yourself (DIY) SEO within your marketing mix. This is going to enable you to effectively ensure that you are only using the proper strategies and techniques for your business that are not going to harm your long-term ranking potential. When you do this, you will be able to effectively propel your business to new heights in the rankings. While you might assume that it would be near impossible to implement on your own, we were able to do so successfully. While it does take a good amount of time and resources to accomplish, it is much more cost efficient and safer to handle it in-house or even out source it by purchasing small SEO services from reputable online ranking market place.

If you wondering where to buy seo services? is a great seo marketplace that was founded by SEO expert Chris Walker
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SEO For Affiliate Marketers

SEO For Affiliate Marketers

What is SEO for affiliate marketers?  SEO is undoubtedly a key driver for referral traffic when it comes to affiliate marketing. Attaining high ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain keywords can have a great impact on the volume and the quality of traffic getting in your website.

Here are a few affiliate SEO strategies for affiliate marketing to help you improve your search rankings and increase your organic traffic.

Find the Right Keywords to Optimize for

To get the top rankings, you need to find specific keywords to optimize your site for. Today, competition for the big keywords is as fierce as ever, especially among the big players, and new content are being written every day to join in the competition. It’s just ridiculous!

There’s a much better way to compete and get your content noticed by the search engines. One way of doing this is finding the “sweet spot”. This represents a keyword, or a set of related keywords, that receive between 100 and 1000 in total monthly unique visitors per month. Preferably, the existing SERPs for these keywords are less satisfying to the searcher.
SEO For Affiliate Marketers
SEO For Affiliate Marketers

Going for keywords in this “sweet spot” instead of the big, scarier keywords will make it much easier for you to succeed in your affiliate marketing endeavor.

Publish Quality Content

When you build quality content for your site and hit on a variety of “sweet spot” keywords, you’ll be able to increase your organic search traffic substantially. With affiliate marketing, there are two main ways of building strong page content: blog posts and landing pages.

For best results, it’s advisable to use a solution-based approach when presenting the landing pages of your products. Be sure to include the product’s name within the page’s title. Outline the key benefits of the product and include important details such as testimonials and reviews to help your visitors.

For the blog, put up posts aimed at addressing the questions and concerns that your customers are likely to be looking up in the search engines. A relevant, quality, and thorough blog post that specifically addresses a question or need is more likely to rank well in search compared to a general, vague, or less-targeted one. Don’t forget that freshness of content is a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, so, update old content and regularly add new content.

Earn Quality Links

Links are ideally a primary off-site ranking factor. When a link to your site is found within a high quality site, Google sees this as an endorsement. Overall, the higher the number of quality backlinks you earn from reputable sites, the higher you will rank in SERPs.

Creating quality content that people will naturally want to share is the first way of earning links. Add social sharing buttons to your content so that your users can easily share the piece with their friends. Guest posting is another effective way of building quality backlinks.

Optimize for Mobile

As the search traffic continues to rule on mobile devices, mobile factors increasingly becoming consideration for rankings. And given how Google is investing a lot in prioritizing the user-experience on mobile devices, affiliate marketers should follow suit.

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile, with a strong performance and fast load speeds. Be sure to assess its performance with the free Google Page Speeds Insight Tools. Moreover, consider adopting the Google-recommended AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol in your site for super-fast page load times. Implement optimization for mobile and make
your affiliate SEO successful for mobile devices.


Affiliate marketers looking to increase their referral traffic from search engines are surely going to benefit from these top affiliate SEO tips and practices. Implement  them with a long-term oriented approach and see your business grow significantly over time.  Take the time and invest in learning SEO For Affiliate Marketers
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KW Finder Keyword Tool Review


KW Finder Keyword Tool Review

For a long time, my to-go-to keyword research tool had been Google’s Keyword Planner. It is free and during my formative years in the realm of content creation and website optimization, it sufficed. However, over time this keyword research tool become inadequate as I started to be more analytical. Moreover, Google’s continuous updates that saw a continuous dilution of the information they provided with Keyword Planner meant that it became virtually useless for me to use,hence my journey with KW Finder keyword tool.
KW Finder
KW Finder
KW Finder is a keyword research tool designed and developed by the Mangools' founder and current CEO Peter Hrbacik. The KW research tool is designed to be a thoroughly insightful research tool. Importantly, unlike the Keyword Planner, KW Finder keyword tool has features optimized for organic keyword research as well as paid ads. For instance, I have found it to be very effective in helping me discover high-quality (profitable and less-competitive) long-tail keywords for search engine optimization.

As any SEO worth their salt will tell, Keyword Planner is specially designed for marketers interested in AdWords. As such, the data provided in Keyword Planner quite inaccurate or inappropriate for SEO. Therefore, it does not effective insights to SEOs.


KW Finder Features And Their Benefits:

#1. Long Tail Keywords Suggestion: The tool uses three effective mechanisms to find long tail keywords. It uses autocomplete, questions, and suggestions. These three mechanisms of finding keywords provide users a robust list of keywords to focus on or explore further.

#2. Search Volume: KW Finder provides highly reliable search volume data. Importantly, the tool provides search volume for any keyword you are interested in. Furthermore, you can break down the volume data to particular geographic locations such as the city, state, and county levels.

#3. SEO Difficulty To Rank Data: Another important metric to be concerned about is how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. Provided in the form of completion score, KW Finder gives you a sense of how easy or difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. One thing I have to say, this score has been very accurate for me. I have found keywords with lower difficulty score do actually rank faster and higher on Google.

#4. It Runs As Software-As-A-Service:  The research tools runs in the cloud and, therefore, you need not download and install any software. This has the effect of making it very easy to use this research tool.

Other features that KW Finder comes with include estimated visit per month depending on the SERP position, CPC, PPC, Page Authority, Domain authority, and much more.

What Makes KW Finder Keyword Tool A Leading SEO Tool

As a stand out keyword research tool, KW Finder ticks all the right boxes that an SEO tool should. For starters, the tool and its dashboard are intuitive and easy to come to grips with. It is also very fast, yielding a seamless experience. Finally, it is very effective at performing its function. Furthermore, the tool is competitively priced when compared to other keyword research tool. The combination of these KW Finder attributes sets it apart from the rest of the tools on the marketplace.

The Bottom Line

At the risk of sounding as if I’m bashing Keyword Planner, I found KW Finder is vastly more effective at helping find new long tail keywords in my various projects. Importantly, the process of finding these keywords is quite easy and straightforward. Furthermore, the accompanying data that comes with the keywords come in handy when it comes to choosing the keywords to focus on. All this means that it is easier for you to succeed in ranking.

Therefore, I think you should Buy KWFinder as your primary keyword research tool. You will be surprised as to how effective it is.
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Understanding What SEO Is For Beginners


Understanding What SEO Is For Beginners

Understanding SEO For Beginners
Understanding SEO For Beginners
Running a business is a lot of work and odds are you’re doing your best to find more customers to help increase your profits and improve your bottom line. You might not have a lot of money for an ad campaign that will expose your business to more people. Looking for the best investment to increase the visibility of your business could lead you down many paths. One of those paths might be trying to understand exactly what SEO is and how it could benefit your business. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to grow its market share, Understanding how SEO works and learning the tactics to allow yourself to use it will give you a huge advantage in the business world.

Search Engine Optimization is maximizing your website’s visibility on Google’s search engines. Getting on the front page of a Google search is the goal of any business with a website. Over 90% of all people conducting a search only check the front page and only 10% of those people bother to click on the links that are labeled as ads. Seeing sites that are ranked highly in a normal and natural way is what potential customers want. Understanding exactly how this is done and being able to do it yourself is a skill any business owner would love to have. Not having to outsource this work to others can save you money and insure that the work is done right.

First of all you need to understand what Google is looking for. Google wants highly rated, respected sites that are of a high quality. Your content needs to be engaging and different, you need to stand out to be able to get noticed. If you’re selling a product you can’t just repeat the same things everyone else says when they are selling that product. You need to create a brand and have people on social media talking about your product. You need to get people engaging with your site about the things you are selling. Having people endorse your product can really help in this process.

Second you’ll want popular websites that are highly ranked by Google to link to your site. Getting content on these sites to link back to your site is one of the best ways to improve your rankings in Google’s search engine. It is important to make sure that the site linking to your site is relevant what you’re trying to sell. Having a well-known sports website link to your dress design business won’t help you out at all. You have to make sure you’re getting links only from sites that are in the same business as yours.

Finally Google wants to highlight websites who have a quality product people like. Working hard to get good reviews from local newspapers, Yelp reviews, websites, and just about any other media platform can go a long way to establish that your website is one that Google can have faith in as a quality site worthy of a front page ranking.

As for working on your website you’ll need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your SEO potential. The first important thing is the title tag. This should be seventy characters or less and includes the name of your business and the keywords you’re trying to target. If you’re selling flowers in Boston you might write “Mary’s Flowers, Boston’s best flowers” as a title tag for your business. The meta tag that follows beneath this should have the keywords you want included and give a brief description of your business.

Getting high quality content for your site can be tricky and you might not have all day to sit around crafting blogposts or making podcasts. Looking for articles about your business in newspapers or website and add them to your own. Find trusted quality content makers to write articles or make slideshows for your site. While link building is important having a dynamic and engaging website benefits you both with helping your search engine ranking and also by making a great first impression on customers who click on your site. In the good old days a clean shop with prominently displayed products and friendly staff was how a business made a great first impression on a customer. Today in the internet age it’s all about having an intuitive and engaging website that keeps the customers attention and allows them to make the purchases they want. Digital storefronts allow you to reach a world-wide market and are key to growing your business.

Understanding what is SEO and how to do SEO yourself is one of the biggest parts of having a business. SEO is the advertising of the internet age and being able to understand and use it to its fullest potential is a great way to help your business. Time spent learning SEO and finding the best ways to make it work for you is time well spent.

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Everything You Should Know About Web 2.0 Properties In SEO

Everything You Should Know About Web 2.0 Properties In SEO

Web 2.0 Properties In SEO
Web 2.0
Search engine optimization has evolved a lot over the years. These days, quality of content, user experience, time spent on website, website speed, mobile friendliness and various other factors matter a lot. One thing that has retained its importance among various other factors used by search engines for calculating rankings is the number and quality of links pointing to a domain.

Obtaining high quality links is not easy these days, especially from established websites.  Thankfully, there are other avenues available for online business owners to build numerous of web links.

These websites are popularly known as Web 2.0 properties. It is easy to get backlinks from such websites as these allow users to create their own personal website on a subdomain. Some of the most popular properties that are typically used as a Web 2.0 property for links include:

These are only some of the most popular options but there are hundreds of other sites that allow anyone to sign up and create their own personal website for free. These sites can be used for building backlinks to the main website which is typically known as the money site.

How to Create Web 2.0 Back Links

There was a time when one could get away with poor quality Web 2.0 properties that existed solely for the purpose of providing links to other domains. That is no longer the case as search engines such as Google have caught up with this practice. In many cases, these links are ignored for the purpose of rankings and in some cases, the money site that is linked to in these properties is penalized.

Therefore, you need to be careful while building Web 2.0 properties for search engine optimization. Here is what you need to do in order to create high quality Web 2.0 properties that not only offer value for back linking but will also pass any manual check by the search quality team.

Create a Complete Profile

The first step in building a high quality and long lasting Web 2.0 property is to create a persona and use that persona to create a profile on each Web 2.0 property. Make sure you have an about me page, contact page and other similar pages that are likely to be found on any real Web 2.0 profile.

Post-High-Quality Content

Many marketers do not take due care when posting content on these blogs. It is imperative to post high quality content on these Web 2.0 properties to ensure that they last. Most marketers are not too concerned with the quality of content posted on the websites and more often than not, they end up posting highly spun articles that make little to no sense and are pure garbage. If you want your Web 2.0 property to last, it is important that you post-high-quality content that not only makes sense for search engine spiders but also for real readers.

It is also important to keep posting regularly. Most of the platforms suspend a websites after a few months of no activity. So, keep track of the properties created by you in a spreadsheet and keep posting high-quality content every once in a while.

Be Smart with Links

Once you have created a high-quality property, it is important that you wait for some time before creating a link to your money site. Also, you shouldn't go crazy while creating links. It is recommended to use one property for at most 2 to 3 links to different pages of the same website. Do not use one single property to create links to all of your money sites as it looks spammy.

Never Interlink

It is important that you never interlink your Web 2.0 properties as it might be considered as an attempt to manipulate rankings by search engines.


Overall, Web 2.0 properties have an important role to play in today's search engine optimization landscape but you need to be smart about it. Don't go on every cheap freelancing platform and order thousands of Web 2.0 back links from low quality domains to your main website as it will do more harm than good.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind in order to create some high quality Web 2.0 properties and it is important for you to nurture these properties as carefully as you would nurture your main website to ensure their longevity.

Get your new web site going strong with: Web 2.0 Properties In SEO
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An In-Depth Look At Guest Posting For SEO

An In-Depth Look At Guest Posting For SEO

Guest Posting For SEO
Guest Posting For SEO
Guest Posting For SEO has been considered as a black hat or grey hat SEO tactic since Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam announce to SEOs its death way back in 2014. It can be considered as a black hat SEO tactic when you article directories and spun articles that have no value to readers. Using such a method for purposes of SEO (either to get backlinks to improve your rankings or increase traffic to your website) is frowned upon by Google. And for the most part, updates to Google’s algorithms have killed off such methods of guest posting for SEO purposes.

That being said, you should note that guest posting is not dead entirely, you can still guest post. 
For SEO many SEO's still consider even this form guest posting as grey hat owing to the fact that Google does frown upon guest posting in the general sense, regardless of the quality of a website. With this in mind, you should appreciate this statement; “guest posting for SEO does work, but only when done the right way”.

Guest Posting Done The Right Way

#1. Guest Post On Relevant And Trustworthy Website ONLY ?" Remember the website you link to influence your overall reputation. As such, only guest post on high-quality websites that are relevant to your website’s niche. To ensure that the website is of quality to ensure that it is indeed and ranking on Google. Thereafter use Semrush to find out the amount of traffic a website receives ?" it should substantial. Finally, explore the domain profile and authority of the website using both Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

#2. Write Content For Your Audience ?" As Google continues to insist, write content that is valuable to their users. Do not write content with the intention of tricking Google’s search algorithm. This is to man do not keyword stuff or write poor quality skinny content that does not help readers.

#3. Balance Your Use Of Anchor Texts ?" Do not use exact keywords for every single link you get from the guest post. Build a natural anchor text ratio that meets your branding needs while at the same time isn’t of putting to the reader (and to Google).

#4. Write For Blogs/Website That Already Curate Content ?" In following this tip, you ensure that you guest post on websites that have an intricate understanding of high-quality guest blogging for the benefit of both parties. In fact, where possible shun away from posting your guest post with no vetting or no questions asked.

Other golden tips to follow include diversifying your backlink acquisition strategy and always using unique content (try not to re-purpose content often).

The SEO Benefits Of Guest Posting

When you follow the aforementioned golden tips of guest posting, you should expect some referral traffic. It is important to note that while guest posting does generate direct traffic, studies have revealed that the traffic is not as great as one might think. A study by Ahrefs where they sampled 500 bloggers, they found out that the average traffic from 239 guest articles was 50 visitors, which is not an encouraging statistic.

However, guest posting yields better results with regards to getting exposure. While not everyone who reads your article will click the anchor text, a well-written guest post will get your blog’s/website’s name into their minds.

Furthermore, the backlinks generated by guest post are well worth the effort. When an authority website links to your website, it improves your reputation and hence it improves your ranking on search engine results pages.

 If your in the market for quality guest post links to help in website rankings and sales, may I suggest Supestar SEO Chris Walker, he has years of experience in ranking websites. Click Here: Guest Posting For SEO.
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SAPE Links

SAPE Links

In the case of digital marketing, you would find that there would be several factors associated with its success. In addition, you would also have to make sure that all of them would be integrated properly so that your overall campaign would be a success. That being said, you could think about Sape SEO. It would be quite normal if you would not have heard anything about it. Even then, this would not be something which you should overlook under any circumstances. This is because since backlinks would be imperative for your success, you would need to make sure that you would be getting the best ones.

This is something which you would be assured about thanks to SAPE. Being a market for selling and buying backlinks, you would know that you would be getting something of good quality. In terms of finding it, do not think of it to be a challenge. This would be something that you would find to be located in the sidebar, top of the webpage, or the footer.

Buy SAPE Links
Buy SAPE Links
Currently, Sape links tend to have a whopping 696,000 of registered users. If that would not be enough to blow your mind, then hear the next part. They seem to have more than 680 million pages and more than 700,000 websites in their database. As such, they have been termed to be one of the biggest link networks that you would be able to find on the internet. That being said, there would be no denying the amount of power that they seem to exercise over the internet. If this is something which you would be able to make it work to your advantage, there would be nothing quite like it.

However, if you would really like to see the best results for yourself, there would be a couple of mistakes that you would have to be aware of. To know more, continue reading below.
  • If you would be under the impression that SAPE links should be your first go-to for backlinks, then it would be a major mistake. This is because these sorts of links are something which should be added in the end, not in the beginning. Simply put, you would have to make sure that your website would be properly established and would be getting sufficient amount of views. Once that would be done, you could then think about adding SAPE backlinks.
  • When thinking about combing PBN links with SAPE links, you would need to be extra careful since there seems to be a fine line between them. So, if you would like to go through this the right way, you would have to make sure that you would be purchasing the PBN links from private sellers, not public ones. In this way, you would be saved from the hassle of explaining to all your viewers about the message that you are trying to convey. Not only that, but you would also not have to worry about your rankings getting ruined.

Therefore, if you are thinking to buy Sape links, make sure that you would get them from a reliable source.
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How to set up a PBN


How to set up a PBN

PBN Links
PBN Links
Private Blog Networks or PBN’s are one of the best ways to get your websites, and the websites of your customers higher ranked on Google’s searches. Getting higher on the Search Engine Results Page or SERP is one of the biggest boons a business can have. Businesses on the front page of Google’s searches get 90% of the clicks from customers looking to make purchases. That is the kind of attention that’s worth more than just about any investment required to make it. PBN’s are a tool that a person skilled in Search Engine Optimization or SEO will use to be able to get websites to the Promised Land that is the front page of Google.

A PBN should be set up such that you have several smaller feeder sites that all work to boost the site you are trying to rank. The secondary sites should not have any connections to each other, so that the links connecting to your money site appear to be just your money site having a broad reach on the internet and being a hub for content. The money site will be the face of your business so it should be well designed with quality content for people to look at.

Now that you understand PBN meaning it’s time to understand PBN links and why they matter.

What are PBN Links and how to use then?

PBN links are links from your PBN to your money site. Having your site linked to lots of different sites is something that is seen as a positive in the Google Search Algorithm. The more different sites that link back to your main site the better. Setting up a PBN allows you to give your site a big boost on its rankings and improves its SERP.

How you make PBN links is a vital part of the process.  You want the links from each site to be topical and related to each other. If your money site is all about a major city like Chicago, you’ll want the PBN sites to each pick a related topic that can link back to that. One can talk about crime, another can talk about sports, while a third might talk about nightclubs, and all of them link back to the money site in an organic fashion. This is how you get everything running smoothly and get your money site more recognition. Just throwing around links from one site to the next without any rhyme or reason is a great way to get your PBN penalized by Google. You want the integration of the PBN and the money site to be as seamless as possible.

You’ll see all sorts of conflicting reports about if PBN’s are useful or not in today’s hyper competitive SEO field but the truth is that a solidly made PBN network will help you get the results you’re looking for. Pushing the sites that you and your customers want to the front page of Google is possible if you’re willing to put in the work and follow these instructions.

Buy PBN Links 

Where I  find the best pbn links to purchase would be, they have an array of pbn links for sale by many  SEO professionals, but if want to know my go to people when buying private blog network links (PBN) it would have to be: SuperstarSEO Chris M. Walker , Montucas , SEOAmber , LEDigital Marketing, and Drip Feed Nation.

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Social Signals In SEO

Social Signals In SEO: What You Need To Know

Content is king in the SEO world. Over the last few years, search engine algorithm updates have increased the value placed on content in the generation of relevant organic search results. The number of users looking up a specific piece of online content is seen as a measure of its relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Social Signals In SEO

Social signals on the other hand have become one of the most important instruments through which users share their feedback on just about any piece of content found online.

What Are Social Signals?

Social signals can be simply defined as measures of human interactions on social media sites as seen by online search engines. These measures help demonstrate the popularity of a specific piece of online content.

Common examples of social signals include votes, shares, likes, dislikes, views and pins. These signals are considered to be similar to backlinks in a way, and contribute to a website’s ranking in organic search results.

The Connection Between Social Signals And SEO

Search engines usually strive to generate the most relevant and useful search results, as per the search terms used by users. To do this effectively, search engines mostly consider how often a given website is visited by users from all over the internet. These visits are considered to be votes in favor of the relevance and value of the site’s content.

Today, a huge chunk of online activity and interaction occurs on social media platforms. This can be used to conclude that the best way for search engines to generate relevant and useful organic search results is by monitoring social signals.

Importance Of Social Signals In SEO

The relationship between social signals and SEO described above comes with a number of important SEO related advantages. The main aim of SEO is to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages, and with it, increase the level of organic traffic to the site.

First and foremost, social signals have a direct impact on a website’s ranking in organic search results. As stated above, the level of impact is demonstrated by the number of likes, tweets, retweets and shares etc. mentioning a website or brand in the ever growing social media universe.

Social signals are also linked with a number of indirect SEO benefits that include increased brand visibility, increased inbound links and improved customer service and brand loyalty.

When a website’s name/brand, or link, becomes popular in the social media universe, it results in increased awareness and visibility. This makes it easier for relevant online users to link to the website where possible; and as such, contribute to its link profile further.

Since online brands can use social media sites to connect with their customers, both existing and potential, they can use the opportunity to improve customer service. Any customer concerns can be responded to swiftly and comprehensively.

In conclusion

Search engines conclude that content is relevant and entertaining whenever it’s liked or shared by many users. Social media sites usually have the ability to pick up on the instantaneous changes in the relevance of online content through social media trends; search engines gain a lot of ground in this respect by integrating social signals in the generation of search results.

Brands that understand the relationship between social signals and SEO, and follow it up with direct steps to improve their social media presence and activity are definitely a step ahead of the competition when it comes to reaching and connecting with a wider online community.

If you like to purchase social signals from top-notch SEO Guru's check our SEO Service List page

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Press Release and Press Release Sites


Press Release and Press Release Sites

Press Release Sites
How to Create Your Own Press Release Who has time for a press release? Many business owners find themselves struggling in our current economy. Businesses are tightening their purse strings. One of the first budgets that tends to get cut is the advertising budget.  So what's a struggling business or online business to do?  Take advantage of FREE press! Yes, the good old-fashioned press release is still as good as gold in today's economy. Start building a rapport with local news agencies--print, television, radio, and online news agencies are all great places to start. 

All Press Release Components start with a keyword rich headline.

The headline should have keywords that illustrate your main point using action verbs. eliminate extraneous the's, that's, a's, an's, and prepositions. Make the headline really pop with tight language and even a cute/fun turn of a keyword phrase.  Hint: Don't always make your headline all about you. Look at the bigger picture. If you can tie you announcement into a local or national event or headline, go for it! It shows that you're community minded. Follow up with a great subheading. This is your chance to highlight important secondary information. Think of your subheading as a second way to solidify your headline and grab a news agency's attention.  Hint: Think cause and effect. What is happening as a result of your headline? Create a solid introductory paragraph. This includes your dateline (City, State, Date) and the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your story? Hint: Include the information that affects the most people first. Add a few relevant quotes. Quotes always add an underline to your main statement. Use industry experts, partners, or even yourself. Reporters love it when you do the work for them! Hint: Be sure the quotes are relevant to your business and your topic. Close with some final background information and a company bio. Finish with a closing paragraph with additional details--maybe dates, times, event info., etc.  Don't forget your website address if you have one.

This is your last chance to add any final tidbits. Close out by adding your bio below. Include basic boilerplate information and your contact information that can be placed at the bottom of any press release that you issue. Hint: Be sure to add a line with only (###) centered above your company bio and below the press release text. This is a standard separator between your article and bio. Extra Hint: Adding your logo to the top gives your press release a finished, professional look. A word about attachments. Please refrain from adding attachments to your emailed press release. Reporters are leery of opening such unrequested items, and most news agencies have policies against such practices as well.  Hint: If you have a head shot, product shot, etc. that you'd like to include, keep it on hand. If the news agency needs a photo, they'll call and request it.

Press Release Sites

If all this seems like a daunting task, there is an easier way to get a professional press release written and distribute to media sources like: Reuters, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc. for the fraction of the cost. Don't let your business or online business fail due to the lack media exposure get a PRESS RELEASE to boost your brand awareness.

Update: check out the latest in-depth post on How To Write Press Releases

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Using IFTTT And Social Media To Improve SEO

Using IFTTT And Social Media To Improve SEO

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, and it's an incredible tool for automating a number of potentially tedious tasks. It can be used to allow for seamless communication between apps, websites, and other programs. Very little technical knowledge is required to take advantage of this free tool. And when used properly, it can be a useful business resource. Many companies are using it to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) results by making the campaign easier to manage.

IFTTT To Improve SEO
In addition to search engine optimization, IFTTT can also be used to automate various social media marketing(SMM) tasks. SEO and SMM often go hand-in-hand. This makes IFTTT an extremely capable tool to have at your disposal if you're a small business attempting to manage your own marketing efforts.

How IFTTT Affects SEO                                                                             

The basic building blocks of IFTTT are fairly simple when relating to social media and SEO. The program will search for certain triggers and then create a “recipe” if those triggers are found. The trigger is the “this” in IFTTT and the recipe is “that”. The majority of the work related to IFTTT involves setting these triggers and building the necessary recipes.

This simple process is used to automate certain tasks that could take up a considerable amount of time when accumulated. For example, if you post a picture to Instagram, then the same thing should be posted to Twitter. This is a simple example of an IFTTT SEO workload. Posting a picture to Instagram is the trigger and posting the picture to Twitter is the recipe. The recipe could call for additional steps, such as posting to Pinterest and Facebook as well. The content is now shared on multiple social media sites, which means it reaches more people, receives more views, earns more links, and eventually boosts your SEO efforts.

A second way that IFTTT SEO could be used to improve SEO is by assisting with generating content ideas. If a particular topic or story gains a lot of attention on social media, then save that story to Google Docs. You could also make the trigger more specific. Maybe you want all stories relating to a specific person, place, or tag to be saved. You then later review the saved information and publish content to your website relating to that information.

Whether you are using it to generate content or to make managing multiple profiles easier. IFTTT works exceptionally well with social media and SEO. Not only will it save you time, but it will attract more followers, more visitors, and more links. That equates to a better ranking on Google and a better future for your website.

Fully optimize IFTTT Recipes To Improve SEO is a great way to get backlinks and social shares from High DA Sites, along with increase rankings and traffic.

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