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What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder?

  What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder? Studies show that a potential visitor takes seven up to nine messages before becoming comfortable with you. Eventually, he will contact or buy your services and products. If you have only a single marketing tool, what will you retain? Many marketers will say either autoresponder or email list. It shows you the seriousness you should have when handling your autoresponder tool or your email marketing effort. What is an e-mail autoresponder? Email Autoresponder An email autoresponder is a marketing tool that will allow you to follow up on your potential customers through emails automatically at a predefined time frame. You can acquire the system by installing a script on either your web hosting or through third-party service providers for autoresponder. You should consider the below three criteria before investing in this crucial marketing tool. Deliver-ability The most important feature of an email autoresponder is excellent delive