What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder?

What No One Tell's You About Email Autoresponder?

Studies show that a potential visitor takes seven up to nine messages before becoming comfortable with you. Eventually, he will contact or buy your services and products.

If you have only a single marketing tool, what will you retain? Many marketers will say either autoresponder or email list. It shows you the seriousness you should have when handling your autoresponder tool or your email marketing effort.

What is an e-mail autoresponder?
email autoresponder
Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder is a marketing tool that will allow you to follow up on your potential customers through emails automatically at a predefined time frame. You can acquire the system by installing a script on either your web hosting or through third-party service providers for autoresponder.

You should consider the below three criteria before investing in this crucial marketing tool.


The most important feature of an email autoresponder is excellent deliver-ability. Any internet user will receive several spam mails in their mail-box each day.

If you are using a poor autoresponder service, your emails are being streamed automatically into spam folders.

Third party or Self-hosted autoresponder service provider

Every business person, marketer, or even promoting SEO marketing services has a mission of reducing his/ her cost of doing business. You should use a third-party email autoresponder service and not a self-hosted. A third party autoresponder service providers’ mission is to deliver emails.


You will find many free autoresponder services in the market. It would be best if you did not waste your time to find one. Why? Because you will end up promoting someone else’s products and services.

Those free services send out your emails with their embedded advertising. Your subscribers will read their ads before reading your messages.

Here are a couple of free sequential autoresponder

Send Free is a free service. It carries partner ads that will form part of every email it sends on your behalf. It does have an upgrade, of course, so that you can try it, and if you like it, you can upgrade.

Constant Contact is free...from 0 to 50 emails. After that, you’ll pay.

Mailerlite  send 12,000 emails/month for Free along with publishing five landing pages for the amazing low price of FREE

There are other free autoresponder, and indeed the list has grown in the last few years. If you want to try out the use of autoresponder or you have a limited budget, this is an excellent way to start.
If you’re ready, however, to get serious about your email marketing campaign, here are a few sequential email autoresponder that are affordable and have demonstrated their reliability.

Aweber  This autoresponder has been around for over ten years and advertises 99.34% email delivered. That’s pretty impressive. It’s the autoresponder I’m currently using, and I’m certainly a satisfied customer. They charge a monthly fee, have templates, unlimited autoresponders, and tracking services.

GetResponse  A newer entry into the autoresponder service and GetResponse, in addition to unlimited autoresponders, also make follow-ups, messages, broadcasts, broadcasts lists, and email campaigns. They also have a large number of templates.

Omnistar Mailer. Rather than a monthly fee, this PHP-based software is available for a one-time purchase price of $287 for a single license to sell unlimited emails. Their customer testimonials describe a large and well-satisfied base, who finds the software and programs easy to install and easy to use.

How Does It Work?

Everyone keeps talking about autoresponders, but how do they work? As soon as you start building a list, you want to create an autoresponder sequence. It allows interaction with your list and will enable you to gain their confidence by providing quality content. An autoresponder sequence is a term used to refer to a series of emails you send to your list over a predefined time frame. You will set the emails are set to be automatically sent, so once you set it up, you will have no more work. Your autoresponder will be taking care of the rest.

Let’s assume you have ten emails you want to send to your list of prospects. Remember, a visitor becomes a prospect when they sign up to your list. Upon joining, they will receive an email to thank them for joining and may also require they confirm their email address by clicking a link in the welcome email. When a visitor signs up, joins your list, and becomes a prospect, this will be known as day zero. It allows you to create the autoresponder sequence so that emails go out on a particular day for each prospect.

Suppose you have ten emails to send out over ten weeks. You might decide the first email in your series should go out on day seven and then one email each week after that. You would set up your autoresponder to send one email each week for ten weeks so that 1st email would be sent day 7, 2nd email day 14, 3rd email day 21, and so on. Each prospect receives precisely the same emails at the same time, depending on their joining date. This way, everyone on your list gets the same customer experience.

When creating the emails within your autoresponder, it’s a good idea to make sure the number of characters across the page is no more than 50. It will ensure the email is easy to read and is more likely to be read by a more significant majority of prospects. That is why newspaper articles are always written in columns because it’s easier to read. If you notice how all the top internet marketers format their emails, they never go far across the page.

Having an autoresponder sequence in place is vital to communicating with your list. However, there are sometimes you will need to mail to your list all at once. In such a case, you will have to send a broadcast. You prepare A broadcast in the same way as your other emails, but once you have finished, click send, and the broadcast will instantly go out to everyone on your list. Be careful to test the broadcast before mailing to your list to check the links in the email are working. Once you have tried the email and are satisfied with it, click send, and that’s it. You have just sent an email to your entire list at the push of a button.

The Benefits of Autoresponders:

These are several benefits of autoresponders—the reasons why the system is useful today in most businesses. You should use an autoresponder system if you are an entrepreneur. It is of great assistance to several business people already. So why don’t you try and use an autoresponder system now?

You will be able to convert anonymous website visitors to subscribers.

There are thousands of anonymous people who visit your website. Using an autoresponder system, you will be able to convert such anonymous visitors into your subscribers. You will attract the visitors to subscribe to your autoresponder by providing them something of perceived value. You will offer them something of a high-quality in exchange for their email address. After subscribing, you will send auto messages to them about your products as well as services. It will become your promotional tool.

You will have a Long-lasting Relationships with your Customers without investing so much time and effort. Your responder will be doing most of the work. In this emailing tool system, you will set time for sending your messages to your subscribers and clients. You will have to specify the day, time, and date it is to be sent. You can also send greetings messages to your clients on special days. Thus, you will make your subscribers feel very special.

You will save money since this system will help to automate your business. You will not need to employ more of marketing staff since the autoresponder will perform all the marketing tasks for you. You will be capable of sending your clients anything concerning your product at any time and day. For instance, if you are having something new in your company, then this auto-response system will send the messages to your subscribers and customers about the latest developments and happenings within your company. Instead of hiring a person to market your product or service, this system will do it all for you.

Excellent follow-ups. Using an autoresponder, you will have to include your contact details to all your subscribers. When you do a follow-up email, you will send emails to every client as well as prospective customers automatically. You will not miss anyone. There will have an efficient way to reminders of your list about special offers and future promotions. Autoresponder will ensure that your messages are received by all your subscribed.

You will be able to monitor your performance

with an autoresponder service, you will be able to store statistics on your site’s performance. Autoresponders have measuring devices that record your statistics about the performance of your website. It can compile statistics such as the number of new subscribers gained each day, the number of emails your recipient opened, the time of the day when they open your emails, etc. With this data, you will learn from your mistakes and improve on all these grounds. You will modify your messages in the future to have the additional information from other emails that showed the most interest. You can also change the time at which you should send out the maximum number of emails to your subscriber base.

You will get more sales on your website

It is not only efficient at regularly communicating with all your subscribers, but you can also use it to obtain more clicks for your website and increase repeat sales to bring in more profits. All you will are required to do is to paste a link to your website (or blog in the automated emails you send out. A simple sentence such as “Please visit our official website for more information” will compel all recipients to do precisely that, automatically generating more traffic for your website.

You can use autoresponders to remind your users of any expiring promotions or sales or shopping carts that were after you fill them in and later neglected or only new products and deals on your website. Any such reminder will get the customers thinking again, and may result in them making a purchase.

It can increase your sales

Due to constant communication made to your subscribers, autoresponders will help in doubling your sales. This system can remind your customers always the type of products they can buy on either daily or a weekly basis. You will help in meeting their needs more often by reminding them every day about this. Therefore you will get more sales.

No need for more employees

Autoresponders will replace the need or actual employees who will add more cost to your expenses. This marketing tool will do all forms of marketing, along with promotions. It will also send reminders and follow-ups to all your subscribers.

Brand your emails

With this system in place, you can brand your emails. You can add a tagline, add your logo and your contact details as well. You will add anything you want to emphasize.

You will have efficiency in mail deliveries

The system can send messages efficiently to every subscriber in your mail list. Autoresponder will never fail you, and it can never miss a contact. Thus, you will be sure that your messages are well delivered.


An autoresponder service can open your world of opportunities that will fine-tune and also enhance your business correspondence. It has many benefits over your marketing team that are overwhelming and multi-faceted. It will not only improve your marketing strategy but also give you enough room to concentrate your efforts on the growth of your business rather than worrying about staying in touch with existing customers.

One of the best strategies for making money for your business is to build an enormous email list. How extensive is your email list? If you try to manage this list manually, you will encounter deliverability problems and spam complaints. An email autoresponder is the best way to manage an email list.

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