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SEO For Affiliate Marketers

SEO For Affiliate Marketers

What is SEO for affiliate marketers?  SEO is undoubtedly a key driver for referral traffic when it comes to affiliate marketing. Attaining high ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain keywords can have a great impact on the volume and the quality of traffic getting in your website.

Here are a few affiliate SEO strategies for affiliate marketing to help you improve your search rankings and increase your organic traffic.

Find the Right Keywords to Optimize for

To get the top rankings, you need to find specific keywords to optimize your site for. Today, competition for the big keywords is as fierce as ever, especially among the big players, and new content are being written every day to join in the competition. It’s just ridiculous!

There’s a much better way to compete and get your content noticed by the search engines. One way of doing this is finding the “sweet spot”. This represents a keyword, or a set of related keywords, that receive between 100 and 1000 in total monthly unique visitors per month. Preferably, the existing SERPs for these keywords are less satisfying to the searcher.
SEO For Affiliate Marketers
SEO For Affiliate Marketers

Going for keywords in this “sweet spot” instead of the big, scarier keywords will make it much easier for you to succeed in your affiliate marketing endeavor.

Publish Quality Content

When you build quality content for your site and hit on a variety of “sweet spot” keywords, you’ll be able to increase your organic search traffic substantially. With affiliate marketing, there are two main ways of building strong page content: blog posts and landing pages.

For best results, it’s advisable to use a solution-based approach when presenting the landing pages of your products. Be sure to include the product’s name within the page’s title. Outline the key benefits of the product and include important details such as testimonials and reviews to help your visitors.

For the blog, put up posts aimed at addressing the questions and concerns that your customers are likely to be looking up in the search engines. A relevant, quality, and thorough blog post that specifically addresses a question or need is more likely to rank well in search compared to a general, vague, or less-targeted one. Don’t forget that freshness of content is a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, so, update old content and regularly add new content.

Earn Quality Links

Links are ideally a primary off-site ranking factor. When a link to your site is found within a high quality site, Google sees this as an endorsement. Overall, the higher the number of quality backlinks you earn from reputable sites, the higher you will rank in SERPs.

Creating quality content that people will naturally want to share is the first way of earning links. Add social sharing buttons to your content so that your users can easily share the piece with their friends. Guest posting is another effective way of building quality backlinks.

Optimize for Mobile

As the search traffic continues to rule on mobile devices, mobile factors increasingly becoming consideration for rankings. And given how Google is investing a lot in prioritizing the user-experience on mobile devices, affiliate marketers should follow suit.

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile, with a strong performance and fast load speeds. Be sure to assess its performance with the free Google Page Speeds Insight Tools. Moreover, consider adopting the Google-recommended AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol in your site for super-fast page load times. Implement optimization for mobile and make
your affiliate SEO successful for mobile devices.


Affiliate marketers looking to increase their referral traffic from search engines are surely going to benefit from these top affiliate SEO tips and practices. Implement  them with a long-term oriented approach and see your business grow significantly over time.  Take the time and invest in learning SEO For Affiliate Marketers

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