Everything You Should Know About Web 2.0 Properties In SEO

Everything You Should Know About Web 2.0 Properties In SEO

Web 2.0 Properties In SEO
Web 2.0
Search engine optimization has evolved a lot over the years. These days, quality of content, user experience, time spent on website, website speed, mobile friendliness and various other factors matter a lot. One thing that has retained its importance among various other factors used by search engines for calculating rankings is the number and quality of links pointing to a domain.

Obtaining high quality links is not easy these days, especially from established websites.  Thankfully, there are other avenues available for online business owners to build numerous of web links.

These websites are popularly known as Web 2.0 properties. It is easy to get backlinks from such websites as these allow users to create their own personal website on a subdomain. Some of the most popular properties that are typically used as a Web 2.0 property for links include:


These are only some of the most popular options but there are hundreds of other sites that allow anyone to sign up and create their own personal website for free. These sites can be used for building backlinks to the main website which is typically known as the money site.

How to Create Web 2.0 Back Links

There was a time when one could get away with poor quality Web 2.0 properties that existed solely for the purpose of providing links to other domains. That is no longer the case as search engines such as Google have caught up with this practice. In many cases, these links are ignored for the purpose of rankings and in some cases, the money site that is linked to in these properties is penalized.

Therefore, you need to be careful while building Web 2.0 properties for search engine optimization. Here is what you need to do in order to create high quality Web 2.0 properties that not only offer value for back linking but will also pass any manual check by the search quality team.

Create a Complete Profile

The first step in building a high quality and long lasting Web 2.0 property is to create a persona and use that persona to create a profile on each Web 2.0 property. Make sure you have an about me page, contact page and other similar pages that are likely to be found on any real Web 2.0 profile.

Post-High-Quality Content

Many marketers do not take due care when posting content on these blogs. It is imperative to post high quality content on these Web 2.0 properties to ensure that they last. Most marketers are not too concerned with the quality of content posted on the websites and more often than not, they end up posting highly spun articles that make little to no sense and are pure garbage. If you want your Web 2.0 property to last, it is important that you post-high-quality content that not only makes sense for search engine spiders but also for real readers.

It is also important to keep posting regularly. Most of the platforms suspend a websites after a few months of no activity. So, keep track of the properties created by you in a spreadsheet and keep posting high-quality content every once in a while.

Be Smart with Links

Once you have created a high-quality property, it is important that you wait for some time before creating a link to your money site. Also, you shouldn't go crazy while creating links. It is recommended to use one property for at most 2 to 3 links to different pages of the same website. Do not use one single property to create links to all of your money sites as it looks spammy.

Never Interlink

It is important that you never interlink your Web 2.0 properties as it might be considered as an attempt to manipulate rankings by search engines.


Overall, Web 2.0 properties have an important role to play in today's search engine optimization landscape but you need to be smart about it. Don't go on every cheap freelancing platform and order thousands of Web 2.0 back links from low quality domains to your main website as it will do more harm than good.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind in order to create some high quality Web 2.0 properties and it is important for you to nurture these properties as carefully as you would nurture your main website to ensure their longevity.

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