How to Write Press Releases

How to Write Press Releases

 How to Write Press Releases?  When you are running a business, you want to be the first to get media attention whenever an opportunity arises. Writing good Press releases is a critical tool to use in getting the word out about your existence, purpose and your amazing line of products and services.

However, many professionals lack the skills to write a good PR with the proper hook that makes a newsworthy article. In this post, we will train you on the importance and qualities of a good press release to grab the attention of peers, journalists and eventually customers.

Posting A Press Release
Posting A Press Release

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Every online and offline business needs the extra attention that a press release can draw to its amazing line of products and services as well as the milestones along the way to success. This puts pressure on every marketer to understand the inner workings of a press release. Press releases are often mistaken for fake news but they are not that at all.

On the contrary, good press releases are awesome media to make the public and media digest your latest news. Writing a good press release gets you more coverage and readership and is the first step to making a cost-effective and successful online marketing campaign.

Press releases are great but only when you do them right. 

They only cost the time spent writing them but the can cost your business dearly when poorly done. Mainstream media and the best bloggers receive so many of these but only respond to the best formatted and engaging pitches.

 Read through the following and be well on your way to writing something for front pages and avoid the delete button. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get your press release right. Here are a few tips you can make use of to turn things your way.

Let’s see if you can get all the tips and tools you need to get your company and business the attention it deserves by writing a press release that drives results.

How to identify a newsworthy topic for your press release

Hours spent downloading press release templates can go to waste if the article cannot be tied to a news item and a current development. It is true that sometimes it just easier to replicate successful press releases with examples to follow but when you cannot make the press release your own then it will not be an effective part of your campaign.

It is obvious that every good news and the newsworthy story has a hook to it. Readability only complements the content of a press release. Getting your first line read is the ultimate goal of writing any copy of a kind.

Simplicity is the universal key to getting your content read each and every time including your very first try. A press release would be useless if it is not read and digested and therefore you should channel all your energy into making it newsworthy and readable.

So, what is a press release anyway?

A press release is a two-page document sharing some breaking news with the public. Well, sometimes the general public will encounter a press release but they are meant to disperse information to journalists and media houses for publishing. 

Press releases take after the news article on a regular daily newspaper. The reverse pyramid writing techniques ensures that the most important information is presented first.

Why do we need press releases?

Companies and businesses around the world whether large or medium-sized will write press releases for a range of benefits. Common objectives include the primary one discussed above of getting media coverage. Apart from media attention which is always for driving profits and captivating goodwill, here are some common benefits of writing good press releases.

  • Popularize new products and services
  • Building an authoritative brand image
  • Crises management and mitigation
  • Building backlinks to authority media sites
  • Cost-effective marketing
So whether you are looking to relaunch your brand image or you simply want more people in your sphere of influence to learn about your amazing line of products, an old fashioned PR will do the trick.

When is the best time to send a PR?

Any time you have something newsworthy to share about your company and brand then its PR time. It could be breaking news announcements, the official position of your company on a matter or you are launching this revolutionary new range of products.

Upcoming events, new partnerships or going public, or winning awards and pretty much all achievements that you think your customers need to know. For larger entities, hiring new executives makes the news. Media outlets want to be the first to cover new developments and welcome the favor of making their reporting work a lot easier.

When something that could potentially harm your reputation happens, it’s best to get your story out before someone else does.

Better yet, find a good excuse to write an amazing press release piece and go ahead and write a fantastic one.

What to include in a press release

The standard format for writing a press release includes the following features:

Heading: you can go for a catchy heading that pretty says clearly why your story is news worth reading.

Press contact: provide a means for the press to get in touch with you.

City-state, location: every good news story has a setting with location and date

Body copy: Your amazing story goes here with the important details put first.

Boilerplate: This section describes what your organization is all about. Good public relations wouldn’t hurt.

7 Tips to Writing an Amazing Press Release

  1. Understand the format

The structure of press releases is what makes it a unique and effective tool to spread the word about your achievements. Adherence to the correct format and readability will earn you more media opportunities. As a rule of thumbs, your opening should answer the five W questions namely;

ü  Who
ü  What
ü  Where
ü  When
ü  Why

  1. Keep it brief

People hardly have the time to follow through a novel in the form of a news column. Think of the press release as an announcement that must communicate all the important information within a limited word count. If the media want to know more about your copy then they will contact you.

  1. Use a professional tone

The press release is a professional document and the tone you use must reflect the same. The press release is read by journalists and colleagues and therefore needs to sound professional and intelligent.

  1. Write for press

When writing your press release, think like a reporter too. You need to have a hook to the story and the must-have facts. Only when you can appeal to the journalist and editor that you will be awarded a greater audience.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

Today, it’s important to make sure your article is not only neatly written but also readable with large fonts for optimal reader experience on all screen sizes and types. When you are posting your press releases on your blog then the buttons should also be clickable in addition to responsive web design. Contact information should be easily reachable and you can make it easier for your readers to reach your social media handles as well.

  1. SEO optimization for press releases

Like any other copy, good PR requires proper keyword research and optimization to be found on search engines. Search engines' news searches should effectively broaden your reach and impact of your press release.

  1. Use quotes

Quotes are a powerful ingredient to use in your press releases. They not only draw out the important points but also make your writing stand out as authoritative. The media requires these to publish and they will reward you for making their work easier.

Where to send press releases?

If you are just starting out, you might be wondering where to submit your first PR in order to get the much-needed media attention. For this, you will need to make a list of your local outlets and their contacts which you can get online. These include industry publications, local newspapers, general news sites, industry partners and bloggers. It is best to start small and build your list of media contacts from scratch. Soon enough, you can have major publications highlighting your achievements.

Write an amazing Press release

Now, you are all set. Go and write an amazing press release that journalists will find irresistible to use in their next big story. We believe that the above summarizes the most important points to bear in mind when writing a press release that will eventually get published and enjoyed by your readers.

Remember to answer the great W questions and include some must-have facts while avoiding fluff, its one of most important features of a press release