Using IFTTT And Social Media To Improve SEO

Using IFTTT And Social Media To Improve SEO

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, and it's an incredible tool for automating a number of potentially tedious tasks. It can be used to allow for seamless communication between apps, websites, and other programs. Very little technical knowledge is required to take advantage of this free tool. And when used properly, it can be a useful business resource. Many companies are using it to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) results by making the campaign easier to manage.

IFTTT To Improve SEO
In addition to search engine optimization, IFTTT can also be used to automate various social media marketing(SMM) tasks. SEO and SMM often go hand-in-hand. This makes IFTTT an extremely capable tool to have at your disposal if you're a small business attempting to manage your own marketing efforts.

How IFTTT Affects SEO                                                                             

The basic building blocks of IFTTT are fairly simple when relating to social media and SEO. The program will search for certain triggers and then create a “recipe” if those triggers are found. The trigger is the “this” in IFTTT and the recipe is “that”. The majority of the work related to IFTTT involves setting these triggers and building the necessary recipes.

This simple process is used to automate certain tasks that could take up a considerable amount of time when accumulated. For example, if you post a picture to Instagram, then the same thing should be posted to Twitter. This is a simple example of an IFTTT SEO workload. Posting a picture to Instagram is the trigger and posting the picture to Twitter is the recipe. The recipe could call for additional steps, such as posting to Pinterest and Facebook as well. The content is now shared on multiple social media sites, which means it reaches more people, receives more views, earns more links, and eventually boosts your SEO efforts.

A second way that IFTTT SEO could be used to improve SEO is by assisting with generating content ideas. If a particular topic or story gains a lot of attention on social media, then save that story to Google Docs. You could also make the trigger more specific. Maybe you want all stories relating to a specific person, place, or tag to be saved. You then later review the saved information and publish content to your website relating to that information.

Whether you are using it to generate content or to make managing multiple profiles easier. IFTTT works exceptionally well with social media and SEO. Not only will it save you time, but it will attract more followers, more visitors, and more links. That equates to a better ranking on Google and a better future for your website.

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