How Foundational Backlinks Work

How Foundational Backlinks Work

SEO Foundational Backlinks
SEO Foundational Backlinks
How Foundational Backlinks Work.

How SEO foundational backlinks work?  When you’re working on an SEO project one of the biggest things that needs to be done is to establish backlinks to important high traffic websites to help funnel traffic to your site and boost its SEO rating with Google’s search engine. The basic idea of a backlink two websites that share some sort of common ground end up posting a link from one of them to the other. A popular food critic publishes a review of a new restaurant and links to the restaurant’s homepage on his blog, or a dog breeder writes an article about their dog winning first place in a dog show and links to the dog show’s website. If the restaurant or dog show get a lot of traffic this will boost the critic or the breeder.

This is the nature of how links work and finding seamless natural links between two sites is one of the best ways make your SEO rating grow. Of course given the highly competitive nature of SEO there will be people that do underhanded things to try to get ahead such as buying or selling backlinks, or having websites set up that do little but link to each other. You do not want your SEO Company doing these things for you since Google can remove companies from their searches completely if they see such practices in action.

Foundation backlinks are the beginning of your SEO campaign. They are the backbone to the whole process of getting yourself moved to the top off the Google search page. You’re going to want to find websites that Google treats as high authority sites to publish links towards your website. Getting high quality content written and posted on these sites will do wonders for your company. The biggest part of this is to make sure that the links are coming from websites that focus on the business you’re involved in. ESPN linking to a flower shop or TMZ linking to a dog walking service won’t be very helpful to your company. You need to make sure your content is in the right places with links leading back to your site. Keeping google happy makes you happy and drives customers to your site.

Google has created an algorithm known as Panda that measures the authority level of websites. Older and more popular websites carry more cache when it comes to Panda’s rankings. Before Panda you could throw links all around from sites all willy-nilly and work your way to the front of the search pages, but now it’s a whole different story. Panda makes it important to make sure you’re getting your backlinks from the big sites.

The next thing to be concerned about is what keywords you are using when you’re setting up your backlinks. So many different keywords are seen as important traffic drivers that Google has designed an algorithm to try to monitor people that load up too many such keywords into their links. Penguin as it’s called is a sort of hall monitor of the internet tracking people’s keyword usage and punishing those who go too far with over the top usage of works designed to push people towards their site. Consult with experts who know what the penguin is looking for and seek out those who promise you penguin proof set ups for your backlinks. Staying on Google’s good side is the best way to make sure you’ll be getting the rankings you’re looking for.

One of the best tools to help you find your footing in the SEO world is the MozBar. The MozBar will let you know exactly what the Page Authority and Domain Authority of a site is and allow you see how tricky it will be to rank the keywords you are trying to use. You’re getting real time information about what you need to do and where you need to do it to optimize your backlinks and your anchor text for your content.

High quality content will go a long way towards helping your site. Finding something that can draw the attention of many different websites is a powerful marketing tool for any site and worth more than its weight in gold. Getting a hundred backlinks from one site is worth far less than getting one link from a hundred websites. Finding something that will attract attention from all corners of the internet can give you a massive leg up on the competition. Having something go viral could leave a lasting impression on Google for a long time. This is why working on good content is so important. Getting a couple of articles posted on major sites is far more important than getting hundreds of links on poorly rated sites.

Foundational backlinks are the foundation of your on-line marketing campaign, finding the right places to place your foundation can go a long way in making your ad campaign and your company a success.

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