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What Is Domain Authority Stack Strategy?

What Is Domain Authority Stack Strategy? 

When you are working on boosting a site’s rankings on Google’s searches you’ll be given all sorts of different ideas about what the best way to get the job done. Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a dynamic and ever changing field with so many people offering up many different options on what they think is the best way to get a higher ranking in the fight to get a site to the front page of Google’s searches. Getting to the front page is the goal of any business as 90% of all people that run a search for a business don’t bother going past the first page or click on any of the paid ads. Getting there organically will increase the visibility of a business immensely and can increase sales dramatically.
Domain Authority Stack
Domain Authority Stack

One of the biggest things Google uses to rank a site is called authority. Authority is determined by
many different data points including root domains and total links to the site. The higher your score is determines how highly you rank on a Google Search Engine Results Page (known as SERP). These scores are calculated from 1 to 100 and your goal shouldn’t be to try to get to 100, but rather to get ahead of your competitors in your field. Beating the people you are in competition with and getting better page visibility over them will give you a huge leg up over them in the hyper competitive marketplace that is the internet.

Domain Stack Strategy

What Domain stack strategy does is create a series of high domain authority sites that link from one to the next and finish at the site you’re trying to increase the ranking of (Also known as the money site). By using multiple sites with solid Domain Authority you’ll be able to push your money site even higher up the SERP and hopefully be able to make it to the front page of Google’s searches.

Some people think this process can be done through social media platforms. This doesn’t work out because the links from most social media sites are nofollow so they don’t get tracked by Google and even if you do find a dofollow link it’ll end up in the sideboard and not connected to the content of the page in question. You want to have the links being in context on the page itself. These are the strongest links between sites that help to grow the domain authority of the money site. Creating a stack of high domain authority sites that ends with your money site allows the money site to benefit from the other sites links and also minimizes the amount of links from sites to your money site. If you’re working on a Private Blog Network (known as a PBN) and are worried about Google punishing your money site for it this is a great way to increase the safety of your PBN. With only one link from the PBN connecting directly to your money site you make it harder for Google to track what is happening, where before people would have many different sites in a PBN all linking directly to the money site creating a digital paper trail of what they were doing and risking punishment for trying to game Google’s search algorithms.

While there are many different ways people seek to gain an advantage on Google’s SERP using the domain authority stack helps to build your money site’s authority right away. Once the stack is set up you should focus on what your competitor’s domain authority looks like and what you’ll need to do to build a gap between the two of you. Being able to see where your site ranks with theirs on important keyword searches is vital to being able to come out ahead for market share and visibility on-line. Your money site should be constructed using all the proper tactics for SEO with solid root domains, SEO friendly tags and keywords in the text and video content that engages customers and keeps them watching. Video is becoming a big part of how Google ranks sites and having good content on your money site will go a long way towards helping you move up the SERP charts.


Using the domain authority stack allows you to get a money site to grow its domain authority quickly without having to worry about having Google punish you for using tactics it deems unacceptable. You can follow any number of informative videos on YouTube that will show you the different ways SEO experts build their set-ups to allow a site to get a higher domain authority quickly. The SEO market place is ever changing and evolving and staying up to date on all the current tactics is the best way to make sure your company keeps moving forward.

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