How to Stay Passionate For SEO In 2021 And Beyond

How to Stay Passionate For SEO In 2021 And Beyond

Working in the SEO field is very exciting; however, it is not all fun and games. There are many challenges that an SEO expert faces daily. Sometimes it gets tiring, sometimes it gets troublesome, but some techniques can keep the SEO expert enthused and passionate their craft.

If you are an SEO expert or aspiring to be one, then, you might be wondering what are the challenges that are faced by a professional. SEO rules and regulations change every day, and in the world of SEO, new rules mean new challenges.

Whether you are a search newbie or an industry veteran there is no denying that this is a thrilling place. Changes are a frequent part of this field; new strategies come into practice almost every day. But do you know what the most satisfying part of this field is? The answer is, seeing the client rocket to the moon from the ground. Nothing can be as satisfactory as this.

passionate for SEO
Passionate For SEO 
SEO requires patience, drive, and a lot of dedication to learn and work consistently. But, before all these, the thing that you need the most is the passion for it. It can be a slow game, you might need years to learn the true meaning of SEO, and so without passion, it is futile to work. What to do if start to lose passion? Are you wondering how to stay passionate about SEO in 2021? Well, let’s first discover the challenges that are faced by the professionals.

Here are the challenges faced by the SEO professionals. Along with the challenges, our top experts will give you tips on how to stay passionate about SEO in 2021.

Lack of Education

As an expert in this field, our company receives calls from prospective clients that they do not want to engage in any formal or professional SEO service; rather they want us to build links for their business content. This company asked us for 10+ links per content because this is what will help them to rank on Google.

Again, we received an email from another client who asked us to do keyword research for them. Rather than optimizing their entire website, they only asked for keywords.

This is one of the most challenging parts of SEO. As most people do not have proper knowledge of SEO and the lack of education that supports the use of it in business, most business owners struggle to understand its benefits. How can we do our jobs smoothly if the prospective clients do not know what we do? Here comes another woe. Most SEO experts are not appreciated or valued as clients think SEO is very easy and anyone can do it.

All we need is proper education to make people understand its benefits, as well as the effort experts, give to rank a website on a popular search engine. So, how to overcome this frustration?

a) Embracing the opportunity to impart education

Well, the trick here is to make your clients aware of the work you are doing. Even though SEO is in practice for a long time, most people do not understand its value. They tend to think it is just arranging the website in the right way. There are many reasons for which this happening.

They never received service from quality SEO experts.

They worked with unprofessional SEO experts.

They have not received any benefit from SEO service.

As a result, they do not understand SEO properly. So, this gives you as the expert to make them aware of the quality and teach them how the process works. Well, of course, you are not going to confuse them with technical words but yes, you can explain the gradual process of starting from the ground and making the way up to the moon.

SEO experts spend countless hours on the internet looking for code, content, and SERPs and then process the information into something that the business owners and clients can understand. It can be frustrating to continuously explain what to do, how to do but it is the scope for the SEO expert to swoop in and embrace the opportunity to teach the prospect about the right SEO technique.

Setting the right expectation:

Yes, this is another mistake that most of the experts make. They introduce unrealistic outcomes to their clients. The clients are not stupid, they know what to expect when they are knocking at your door. If you tell them that you can double their seed money in a year then, it’s possible. But, if you say that you can double their seed money in a week then that’s impossible and this will lead to losing the client.

So, as an expert in this field, we believe that, while working with upper management or clients it is very important to set the right expectations as early as possible. By setting the right expectations, you have a 100% chance to provide quality work in the promised time. Also, you are educating the team as well as the client. That is two birds with one stone. This will make life a lot easier for you.

Celebrate the achievements

Most of the SEO experts tend to be very hard on them. They constantly push themselves and weigh the failures than the accomplishments. This is why, after a certain time they become frustrated and keep looking for how to stay passionate about SEO in 2021. I will give you some situations below and ask yourself if it sounds familiar to you. 

Organic traffic is more than 200 percent but the top keyword of my website is not on the first page.

Organic is driving 50 percent more leads than the past year. How come it is not higher?

Sales from the organic clients are highest than ever but our team is concerned that they are not getting enough volume.

Constant pressure on the team, as well as yourself, can be draining and you will end up feeling exhausted and this will take away your passion for SEO. Here are the things that you can do to keep yourself motivated even at a time of constraint.

Focus on all the good things

SEO is a long game, it cannot be achieved overnight. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need to work on the website to keep it optimized. Sometimes it can take up to 6 to 12 months to show the actual result, even if you have ranked #1. We are telling this from true experience. So, do not get tired of your work. Rather, start to value small things, the small achievements. Once you will start to do this, you will get back the passion you thought you lost.

Did the keywords you have been working toward jump on the first page of the search engine?

Did the blogs get noticed? Is it getting month-over-month organic growth?

Did the publisher accept the proposed byline?

Did the client thank you for the work you have done for them?

Every success matters when it comes to SEO. These are all great stuff. Yes, SEO experts are paid to become successful. But, this does not mean that they cannot celebrate their small successes.

Speak up:

The rule here is the same as other works as well. We are human, not a machine. We work, we get frustrated, and we get tired. It is all fine. Things get worse if you keep it to yourself. So, you got to communicate about the difficulties you are facing in your work life. If something is draining your passion then, it is better to share it with someone from a similar background, maybe a coworker or a teammate. If you are with the right people, then they will support you.

Keeping up with the rules

Google changes every day. And, to be honest, this is true for every other search engine result page. SEO is changing frequently and new rules are being added on regular basis. So, it is important to know the rules, if you want to do it right.

Why knowing all the updates are necessary? Well, if you fail to meet the rules and regulations of SEO then, you will fail. It is as simple as that.

We are working in this field since 2005, and while we are learning constantly, yet we feel that we are not learning enough. SEO is not new, there are freakishly talented and smart people in this field and it is easy to get intimidated by them. They are not just good at it they know SEO like the back of their hands. So, what to do in this case?

You need to stop comparing yourself to them and rather focus on learning new techniques that will get the rank higher. Suppose, you are an SEO expert, not a content writer but you need to know the role of effective keyword placing for your clients. Again, you are not a coder but you have to learn HTML to identify any technical issue that can impact the search. These are a huge part of your work.

Trying to keep up with these updates and techniques can make you frustrated easily. So, focus on your skill and try to develop it. You cannot do everything, you need a team. If you are a content writer, know everything about effective content writing. From keyword placement to optimizing it to ranking it, pick your niche and excel on it. Slowly, you can develop your knowledge and skills.

Surviving in the field

SEO seems very simple from the outside but if you want to make a fortune out of it you got to work your butt off. Keep in mind that clients are very demanding and they want everything to work in their favor. Sometimes even working for longer hours does not work. With the pressure of keeping up with the trend, the employees are becoming disengaged, exhausted, and sick. As a result, even established companies are losing their best warriors. Decide what you are giving or promising to your client, make an appointment, tell them about the work you are doing and give them an overview of the result they are going to receive from you. One of the greatest minds of the digital agency once said that putting in fewer hours and more effort can actually result in greater productivity.

Here are some rules that you can follow:

More sleep and greater clarity:

Do not exhaust yourself or the team you are working with. Take breaks and give an achievable timeline to your client. SEO is very in-depth work and you cannot achieve it overnight. So, get a goodnight's sleep and work on the working hours. This will not just soothe your mind but also make your work enjoyable.

Change the environment:

This is a great way to make the workplace more innovative. You can add colors and some greens to make the workplace lively. You can also arrange for a pets’ day at the office or a daycare center just below the office to nurture the mind of your employees. Go beyond the monitor in front of you, live a little. These all might sound very clich├ęd but these actually work.

Lesser but productive work hour:

Just because you have 12 hours of work period does not mean that your employees are giving their best. When people have a longer time period, they rather spend it doing unproductive things. So, change the work time, make a 6 hours office period. This will increase the productivity among your employees.


Lastly, the field of SEO is filled with many challenges, and with the introduction of new SEO agencies, it is becoming more and more competitive. It is easy to get frustrated and exhausted. But, if you want to shine and showcase the best of you then, you need to learn that frustration is a part of life. No work is different to it. You got to work to reach the peak.